9 New Sibling Books for Becoming a Big Sister or Brother

New Sibling Books for young kids
9 New Sibling Books for Becoming a Big Sister or Brother 16

Are you looking for new sibling books for kids becoming big brothers or sisters? We’ve got you covered!

As parents, we know that one of the most exciting and difficult times in any parent’s life is welcoming a new child to their existing family. As a new baby comes on the scene, it can be hard for older children to adjust.

Both Jackie and I turned to books about becoming big brother for each of our older kids (who happen to all be boys). It was helpful to introduce them to the idea of being a big sibling before they actually met the baby.

I started reading the books at normal story time when my belly started to grow and it was easier to have a visual to go along with the big brother book.

Hopefully, the new sibling books below will help your child adjust to their new sibling. Congrats on growing your family! Enjoy this special time for your family.

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The Best Big Sister Books

Im a big sister

I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole

We used the big brother version of this story for my son. It’s a sweet book about becoming a big sister which lays out what to expect with a new baby in the house.

This story covers how the baby will act, how a new sibling should act, and most importantly, that the older child will always be loved!

noelle the best big sister

Noelle The Best Big Sister by Mikaela Wilson

I love when big sister books have a big brother version. This story is a sweet tale about a young girl named Noelle who embraces her role as a big sister with kindness and love, guiding her little brother through various adventures while developing a sibling bond.

Through delightful storytelling and vibrant illustrations, this book celebrates the joys of sibling relationships.

little miss big sis

Little Miss, Big Sis by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

When it comes to books about becoming a big sister, this one is top of the list! It’s a delightful children’s book that tells the story of a little girl who becomes a big sister for the first time.

Through bright illustrations and gentle words, the book explores the joys and challenges of sibling relationships and the special bond between siblings.

Big Brother Peanut Butter and more books about becoming a big brother.
9 New Sibling Books for Becoming a Big Sister or Brother 17

The Best Big Brother Books

I am a big brother

I Am a Big Brother by Caroline Jayne Church

This big brother book has a big sister companion! This story is designed for toddlers. With rhyming words and cute illustrations, it highlights how the toddler has grown compared to the new baby.

It also references all the kind things a big brother can do for a new baby.

Big Brother Peanut Butter

Big Brother Peanut Butter by Terry Border

When it comes to books about becoming a big brother or sister, this adorable story is top of the bunch! I am a huge fan of Terry Border’s clever pictures of peanut butter asking his food friends for help with being a sibling. It’s a fun rhyming story with Peanut Butter gaining the confidence to be a great sibling.

big brothers are the best

Big Brothers Are the Best by Fran Manshkin

This big brother book has a big sister book version too! This story is designed for toddlers, as it points out the differences between babies and big kids. From the food they eat to the way they can move their bodies, this book does a good job of preparing a young older sibling.

More New Sibling Books

youre the biggest

You’re The Biggest by Lucy Tapper

If you are looking for a keepsake book to give to your eldest child, this one is made specifically for new siblings.

It’s the perfect story to help prepare kids for a new baby while also reminding them that they are still so loved. The foxes in the story are so cutely illustrated that I could look at the pages all night!

the new baby

The New Baby by Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer’s little critter has been entertaining generations of children. In this story, Little Critter is having a hard time learning that his baby sister is too little to play with him as a friend would.

Soon his mom teaches him how to interact with a new baby and he becomes a proud older sibling.

how to welcome a new baby

How to Welcome a New Baby by Jean Reagan

I love the idea behind this book about becoming a big brother or sister. It’s laid out as a list of suggestions to help welcome the new baby to the family.

It gives ideas about helping to pick a name, how to help mom and dad when the baby just comes home, and then how to teach the new sibling to play. I love how it empowers siblings to be the big kid – a fun perk of being older!

Did we help you find new sibling books for your family?

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