The Best Baby Books for Baby Showers or Home Libraries for 2023

The Best Baby Books for Baby Showers

If you are looking for the best baby books for a baby shower, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put our years of being parents to good use in choosing these books.

We’ve rounded up our favorite books for baby showers below. Our own home libraries are filled with these picks – they are fan favorites with our kids.

If you are looking for unique books to give to the parents-to-be then you’ll love the ones below. Let us know which ones you choose to gift.

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The Best Baby Books for a Baby Shower

the wonderful things you will be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

This is one of the newer books for a baby shower on this list, but it’s become a runaway success in recent years. Told in rhyme, it’s all about a child’s potential and uniqueness.

In terms of the best baby books, this one is really for new parents. Its message of love and wonder will have any soon-to-be parent in tears. We promise!

If I had a little Dream

If I Had a Little Dream by Nina Laden

I discovered this jewel of a book last year I cried like a baby the first time I read it and it has become my go-to book selection for any newborn regardless of gender. But it’s a great one for older kids too.

The story is a wonderful look at the world and how it nurtures us. It’s a pick for the best baby books because it is a keepsake you’ll cherish forever.

I Wish you more

I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This sweet story is a top choice for books for a baby shower because of its sweet message. It’s all about a parent’s wish for their new child.

More bubbles than bath, more treasures than pockets, and more stories than stars are just a few of the wishes held within this sweet story for kids.

Unique Books for a Baby Shower

eyes that kiss the corners

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho

I love this sweet story about a little girl who sees that her eyes are different from her peers. She doesn’t feel bad about this however, she loves that each of her family members also has the same eyes.

She loves that her eyes connect her to her family and her history. It’s such a wonderful story about celebrating yourself.

I am enough

I Am Enough by Grace Byers

This rhyming story is about loving who you are and loving others for who they are too. With gorgeous illustrations and a sweet message, this has become one of the most popular books for baby showers.

What do you do with an Idea

What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada

When an idea is personified, you must nurture it to help it grow.  That’s what this book does.  Some children do not know what to do with ideas and inspiration.  I love how this book offers encouragement to express yourself.

This wonderful book is perfect to inspire imagination in your child.

Big Words for Little Geniuses

Big Words for Little Geniuses by Susan and James Patterson

This book is so cute for early readers like my 6-year-old. The animated pictures pair nicely with simple explanations of difficult, but funny words. Juxtaposition, gobbledygook, and catawampus are just a few of the words featured.

Must-Have Baby Shower Books

little blye truck

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

Little Blue Truck is one of the best baby books around! It’s perfect for kids that love farm animals or vehicles because it has both!

Little Blue Truck is looked down on by the big trucks until he helps a dump truck get out of the mud – with the help of his barnyard friends.


Jamberry by Bruce Degen

This was Kirsten’s favorite book to read to her kids and as soon as you look at the pictures and start reading it, you will understand why. The rhythm of the story and the non-sensical rhymes make the book completely captivating. 

A boy and a bear head out on an adventure to pick berries in this delightful classic kids book. Marshmallow Cattails? Waffle and butter lily pads? Yes, please!

As a bonus, there is counting in this alliteration picture book as well. No list of first books for baby would be complete without this adorable read.

Why We Love This Book: It has rhythm and rhyme, counting, and alliteration, and it is adorable.
Appropriate for ages 0-5
Find this book in Alliteration Books / Counting Books / Rhyming Books / Best Board Books / Kids Food Books

Peanut Butter and Cupcake

Peanut Butter and Cupcake by Terry Border

Poor peanut butter is looking for someone to play with. Does peanut butter go with cupcakes?

Not only is this beginning picture book silly, but it also allows your three-year-old to learn about making friends! It’s a great rhyming book too.

Why We Love This Book: We love the theme of this book as well as the fantastic pictures. The hamburger walking two hotdogs is hilarious.
Appropriate for Ages: 3-5
Find this book in Books for a 3-Year-Old / Books for a Baby Shower / Preschool Books About Food

Which of these baby shower books did you choose to order?

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