9 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

Valentine's Day Gifts for b
ook lovers

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day and we’ve rounded up our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers! Maybe the fact that I share a half-birthday with Valentine’s day adds to my affinity for the holiday, but all those pink hearts just speak to me.

I don’t usually swap major gifts with my sweetie, but I do like to get little love tokens.  I’d be happy to have (and I actually own) any of these items. Which would you pick for yourself?

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Perfect valentine's day gifts for book lovers. These non-book gifts for the literary obsessed. Book matches, bath salts, and board games all with a bookish twist.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Linen Bookshelf Games

I own a few of these and I’m OBSESSED. They look so stylish on my bookshelves but are useful for our frequent game nights. These games are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers, but are perfect for any time of year.

2. Bookish Tea and Mugs

A cute cup of literary tea will have your sweetheart feeling like a heroine in a Jane Austen novel. Bonus point if you pair it with a book-related mug! We love this pairing as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for book lovers.

3. Book Sleeve

Protecting books is a key priority for most book lovers. A nice book sleeve is a perfect solution for protecting your reading material while transporting it around in your purse. And you can check out our Ultimate List of Romance Books: 50+ You Need to Read Now if you need some more inspiration. We have seen first hand the emotional havoc that can be caused by a stray cup of coffee. A few book sleeves make a perfect gift for any book lover.

4. Book Matches & Bookish Candle

Set the vibe for reading time with a yummy book-themed candle and these hysterical matches. I had no idea matches could be so cute! This is my favorite from this entire list of Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers. And don’t even get me started on these AMAZING candles. How cute are they? I personally have candles lit all the time in my house and these fantastic bookish scents are perfect.

5. Bookish Bath Salts and Tub Caddy

Does your Hunny love to relax in the tub with a book? Do you love to relax in the tub? My bath has become my go-to destination for some quality reading time and this tub caddy is a must. As someone who has dropped a book in the tub, I personally file this caddy in the need category. Pair it with some cute bookish bath salts and your love will be mighty pleased. Together, these make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers.

6. Library Kit

Book pushers like me are constantly lending out our own beloved tomes – the problem is…I can never remember to who I lent my books! A few years back I snagged this library kit and it’s still used in my home. I just love to gift it to my book friends. This way, not only does my book look adorable, but no more lost books.

7. Tequilla Mockingbird and Cocktail Napkins

I gifted this book to Jackie early in our friendship because it’s just too funny! There are a few others in this collection and they are all completely hilarious. The recipes are pretty good as well. Add some cocktail napkins with your monogram and any drink will be a hit. A Valentine’s Day gift that is both thoughtful and useful is a win, win!

8. Library Embossers

What book lover doesn’t want the luxe feel of a home library? I’ve been dreaming about my own library since viewing Beauty & The Beast for the first time. These embossers let you feel like a true book collector even if you only have room for a shelf’s worth of favorites.

9. Libro.FM subscription with Headphones

We’ve talked about our love for Libro.FM before, but it is a really great service for audiobook lovers, who want to support their local independent bookstores. They have the latest books, a subscription plan with great prices, and you are supporting your favorite local bookstore! Throw in some great headphones while you are at it and you have the perfect Vantine’s Day gifts for book lovers. Actually, these are the perfect gift for any time!

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