Popular Adult Coloring Books Based on Books for 2024

Adult Coloring Books

It is always crazy around here and if I’m honest, I haven’t recovered from the holidays. So today’s post of adult coloring books is just fluffy and fun. Nothing deep here, but still lots of entertainment to be had in the form of my favorite childhood activity – coloring!

I know that adult coloring books have been all the rage for a while now, but the trend never really caught my attention until now. Why now you ask? Because I just learned that one of my favorite books (Outlander) has been made into a coloring book! WHAT! I had no idea this was a thing but once I learned about it I saw just how many books have dipped a toe in this trend.

When we did a deeper search, we realized that most of our favorite books have been made into adult coloring books. So without further ado, I submit to you our round-up of adult coloring books based on your favorite stories. Maybe you’ll find one to color and enjoy this summer!

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An Adult Coloring Book of Outlander!

Adult Coloring Books Based on Classic Literature

Adult Coloring Books Based on Books - Classic Literature Edition.

Edgar Allen Poe Coloring Book // Dracula Coloring Book // Sherlock Holmes Coloring Book // 100 Dual Tip Pens // William Shakespeare Coloring Book // Jane Austen Coloring Book // A Christmas Carol Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Books Classic Fairytales


Snow Queen Coloring Book // Peter Pan Coloring Book // Hansel and Gretel Coloring Book // 50 Fine Liners // Snow White Coloring Book // The Little Mermaid Coloring Book //Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Books: Romantic Classics


Romeo & Juliet Coloring Book // Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book // Outlander Coloring Book // 50 Colored Pencils // Beauty and the Beast Coloring Book // The Princess Bride Coloring Book // The World of Debbie Macomber

Adult Coloring Books Based on Childhood Favorites

Adult Coloring Books Childhood Favorites!

Little House Coloring Book // Velveteen Rabbit Coloring Book // Winnie the Pooh Coloring Book // Beatrix Potter Coloring Book // The Wizard of Oz Coloring Book // The Dr. Suess Coloring Book // Anne of Green Gables Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Books Based on YA Fantasy


Red Queen Coloring Book // The Selection Coloring Book // The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book // A Court of Thorns and Roses Coloring Book // The Mortal Instruments Coloring Book // The Throne of Glass Coloring Book // The Percy Jackson Coloring Book

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24 Best Fantasy Books for Teens to Read Now

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Adult Coloring Books Based on Fantasy Series


Lord of the Rings Coloring Book // The Hobbit Coloring Book // Game of Thrones Coloring Book // The Eragon Coloring Book // The Magnus Chase Coloring Book // Harry Potter Coloring Book // The Chronicles of Narnia

What are your favorite adult coloring books?

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