Winnie-The-Pooh Birthday Party Ideas

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I’m beyond excited that the new Christopher Robin movie is out in theaters. It seems like an excellent birthday present for me, since I’ve loved Winnie-the-pooh since I was little. I decided to throw together a Winnie-the-pooh birthday party. I never had one as a child, but it was fun to put this one together. With classic activities like pin the tail on the donkey and adorable cake toppers, this is the perfect all-in-one party for any other Pooh bear lovers out there.

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Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party

Let’s start with invitations and decor. I love classic pooh just a bit more than Disney’s version. It’s also WAY easier to find modern pooh party supplies since Disney has saturated the market.


100 Acre Wood Sign is the perfect way to great your guests. Plus it’s totally customizable and you keep it well after the party is over!

Celebrating a first birthday? This Letter sign is decorated in the images of everyone’s favorite characters.

Hunny balloons add instant pop with these oversized Hunny Balloons!

This Winnie-the-pooh Banner is gorgeously subtle with its ghosted pooh illustrations. I adore the balloon image the most.


Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party 2

Eeyore Punch is perfectly gloomy and delicious. Don’t want to make something complicated? Just grab some blue kool-aid.

Rabbit’s Garden Veggies easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Who doesn’t appreciate a veggie tray?

Tigger Tail Bouncy Pasta Salad is a twisty side dish perfect for your favorite pouncing pal.

Kanga & Roos Pita Pocket Sandwiches are a perfect main course. We’ve included a link for a delicious apple and turkey sandwich, but you can specialize these with your sandwich flavor of choice.

Piglets in a Blanket might be an obvious choice, but they are always a crowd pleaser. We love this recipe from Plain Chicken.


Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party 1

This Bee Hive Pinata is the perfect entertainment. It doubles as decor and a fun activity!

Pin the Tail on Eeyore is a twist on the well-loved classic. Poor Eeyore’s tail is always missing so any guests will love helping him reattach it.

Honeycomb necklace making is both snack and hand-eye coordination activity in one. Honeycombs cereal is delicious and pretty safe for most food allergies.

Singing Happy Birthday is most definitely top of the activities list at any birthday. An adorable Birthday Cake Topper gives any homemade cake a little flair.

Hunny Party Favors are the bee’s knees. These mini flowerpots would make a great holder for cupcakes too if that is your idea of an ideal to-go treat.

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