18 Logic Games for Kids Interested in Learning Fun

logic games for kids

Kids and parents love logic games. Why? Because the best logic games for kids can be fun AND engage little minds in new ways of thinking.

Children’s logic games are often solitary, making them perfect for independent play, though many of the ones below can be played with others too. They are each wonderful for brain development as well!

Whether the games require teamwork, teams, or solo play, these activities keep our kids entertained for a lot longer than the typical game. So take a look at the games our 5 kids have enjoyed over the years. You might even find something you would enjoy.

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Logic Games for Kids Ages 3+

Three Little Piggies - a great first logic game for your little ones!

Three Little Piggies

There are two ways to play with this preschool logic game.  The first is to get all the piggies inside their houses and away from the wolf and the second is to place the house on the game board so all the piggies can play inside.  The solution to every problem is directly on the back of the card.

SmartCar logic game for kids 4+

Smart Car

Here is another problem-solving game perfect for preschoolers.  The object is to try and place all the pieces in the car. It’s perfect for kids who adore vehicles – a popular fixation at this age.

Animalogic -


This is a really fun game that requires you to help the animals cross the river,  The catch? They have to follow specific rules.  It ranges from easy to challenging and is designed for more than one person. Jackie’s kids think this is one of the best logical thinking games.

Goblet Gobblers- Logic Game for Little ones

Goblet Gobblers

This is a really fun game that resembles tic tac toe.  Three in a row and you win.  But in this game the pieces stack.  Beware of your opponent covering up your piece with their own.

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Rush Hour Junior

This was my favorite logic game of my childhood, so I knew I had to get it for my children. The goal is to get the ice cream truck out of the traffic jam. To be honest, when they were sleeping, I would often try to free the ice cream truck from the harder levels!

Logic Games for Kids Ages 6+

genius square

Genius Square

When it comes to logic games for kids, this one is great for solo or dual play. You roll the dice, fill the numbers with buttons, and race to fit the square pieces in before your opponent.

It takes a moment to learn but with thousands of combos, it will never get boring!

Squirrels go Nuts

Squirrel’s Go Nuts

I bought this toy for my sons to play in a hotel room on a trip. But when they went to bed, I played it all by myself!

The goal is to slide the squirrels around the board helping them hide their nuts for winter. It’s way harder than it looks, but it’s so fun!



This kids’s logic game asks you to put wooden blocks together to complete a square – keeping certain blocks unmovable.

It’s great for solo play, but there is a two-person version as well!

Logic Land 2

Logic Land

These two logic games come in tins and are perfect for traveling.  In Logic Land, the game takes place in an enchanted castle. The goal is to find out where everyone is within the castle walls. 

rubiks race

Rubik’s Race

Race against an opponent in this quirky take on the Rubik’s cube. Slide pieces around the board and be the first one to match the design to win. My son also plays this alone when he’s bored!

Logic Games for Kids Aged 8+



If you only buy one logic game on this list, let it be this. It’s sudoku with colors instead of numbers!

I can’t stand the numbers part of sudoku, but solving these puzzles brings me such joy. I have it permanently on my game table where friends of all ages sit down and play all the time.

gravity maze

Gravity Maze

Whenever my boys rediscover this logic game, I find them happily working together for a solid 30 minutes trying to solve the puzzles. We’ve had it for years, but this a game they just keep coming back to.

Kanoodle - Logic Game


Three-dimensional building game is perfect for kids to adults.  Place the pieces on the board the way they are shown and then you have to figure out where the rest of the pieces go. It fits in a small case making it the perfect purse or backpack entertainment.

Laser Maze

Laser Maze

There are 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert.  The object of the game is to direct the laser through the maze.   This is a perfect STEM activity.

Abalone - Logic game for Kids


The board is set up with each person’s marbles on one side.  You can move one, two, or three marbles at a time while trying to knock your opponent’s marbles off the board.  When you push 6 marbles off, you win.  This is the game board equivalent of Sumo wrestling!

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Quoridor Classic

Move your pawn from one side of the board to the other.  on each turn, you can either move your piece or put up a wall to block your opponent from advancing.

cat crimes

Cat Crimes

Set up the tokens and cats around this table and use the clues on each card to figure out which cat committed the crime!

This game is like those logic puzzle grids brought to life. It’s perfect for visual learns and the fun tokens and cats make this a more tactical game.

Logic Dots

Logic Dots

Using the clues you have been given, you must determine which is the correct dot. This fun logical thinking game is perfect to bring to a restaurant to keep your kids occupied while waiting for food.

Which of these kids’ logic games are you most interested in playing?

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