Logic Games for Your Little Sherlock

Logic Games for Your Little Sherlock

Kirsten and I both love mysteries.  Trying to figure out “who dun it” is so much fun- even if we rarely come to the correct conclusion.  Mysteries are also fun for the kids.  We realized that a lot of the games that we play with our children do require logic and problem-solving just like our favorite mystery stories.  The kids seem to love games all the more when it requires strategy in order to win.  Whether the games require teamwork, teams or are even solitary, these activities definitely keep our kids entertained a lot longer than the typical game.

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Logic Games for Little Kids

Three Little Piggies - a great first logic game for your little ones!Three Little Piggies

There are two ways to play with this preschool logic game.  The first is to get all the piggies inside their houses and away from the wolf and the second is to place the house on the game board so all the piggies can play inside.  The solution to every problem is directly on the back of the card.


SmartCar logic game for kids 4+Smart Car

Here is another problem-solving game perfect for preschoolers.  The object is to try and place all the pieces in the car.



Animalogic - Animalogic

This is a really fun game that requires you to help the animals cross the river,  The catch? They have to follow specific rules.  It ranges from easy to really challenging.



Goblet Gobblers- Logic Game for Little onesGoblet Gobblers

This is a really fun game that resembles tic tac toe.  Three in a row and you win.  But, in this game, the pieces stack.  Beware of your opponent covering up your piece with their own.


Rush Hour Junior

Get the cars out of their spaces but moving the pieces that are on the board to make space.




My First Carcassone

I adore this game. It’s a logic and strategy game that is quick to pick up. My four year old beat me the first time we played, but it’s not really a baby game. My older son and my parents love it too!


Logic Land and Witchy Kitty travel logic puzzlesLogic Land and Witchy Kitty

These two logic games come in tins and are perfect for travelling.  In logic land, enchanted castle, you must find out where everyone is within the castle walls.  In Witchy Kitty, the cat has been magically transformed and you must determine how to get her back.


Logic Games for Older Kids

Kanoodle - Logic GameKanoodle

Three-dimensional building game is perfect for kids to adults.  Place the pieces on the board the way they are shown and then you have to figure out where the rest of the pieces go.


81yj77nuivL. SL1500Jenga

“Take a block from the bottom and you put it on top, Take a block from the middle and you put it on top”.  Which block you choose will determine who wins this block-toppling tower game.



Laser MazeLaser Maze

There are 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert.  The object of the game is to direct the laser through the maze.   This is a perfect STEM activity.


Abalone - Logic game for KidsAbalone

The board is set up with each person’s marbles on one side.  You can move one, two or three marbles at a time while trying to knock your opponent’s marbles off the board.  When you push 6 marbles off, you win.  This is the game board equivalent of Sumo wrestling

91FMaq485TL. SX679Stratego

You need to eliminate all enemy targets to win.  Use Strategy to place your pieces and find your opponent’s commander to destroy the army.


7138aqOEoXL. SL1278Spy Alley

Everyone in this game is a spy must collect the codebook, key, disguise, and password for their country and get their respective embassy before your true identity is revealed.  The concept is simple to learn and fun to play but, this game requires a plan!!!


71kiy4vqAuL. SL1500Quoridor Classic

Move your pawn from one side of the board to the other.  on each turn, you can either move your piece or put up a wall to block your opponent from advancing.


Logic Dots Logic Dots

Using the clues you have been given, you must determine which is the correct dot.


Ticket to Ride - Logic GameTicket to Ride

In this game of strategy, you must build a railway while simultaneously thwarting your opponent’s attempts to build their railroad.  This is a fun game for the entire family. There is also a junior version for younger players.


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