The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore

best gifts for book lovers
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 15

If you are looking for the best gifts for book lovers, you’ve come to the right place!

As book lovers ourselves, we are the perfect people to help round up a list of gifts for bookworms. We only recommended items we would want ourselves!

We’ve got game ideas, luxury gifts, and even Christmas gifts for book lovers below. Whether you are shopping for Father’s Day or a birthday, these gifts are perfect for anyone on your list.

You may like our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for bookworms too!

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The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 16

Table of Contents

Gifts for Book Lovers

Best Gifts for Book Lovers
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 17

1. Book of the Month Club

Jackie and I have been very happy members of The Book of the Month Club for more than 6 years. This club allows you to choose a new, hardback book each month often before the release date. If no books interest you, you can skip a month.  Or you can buy multiple books with each additional book for only $10.99. 

2. Libro.FM subscription

We’ve talked about our love for Libro.FM before, but it is a really great service for audiobook lovers, who want to support their local independent bookstores. They have the latest books, a subscription plan with great prices, and you are supporting your favorite local bookstore!

3. Library Kit

Book pushers like me are constantly lending out our own beloved tomes – the problem is…I can never remember to who I lent my books! A few years back I snagged this library kit and it’s still used in my home. I just love to gift it to my book friends. This way, not only does my book look adorable, but no more lost books.

4. Library Embossers

What book lover doesn’t want the luxe feel of a home library? I’ve been dreaming about my own library since viewing Beauty & The Beast for the first time. These embossers let you feel like a true book collector even if you only have room for a shelf’s worth of favorites.

5. Personalized Bookmark

These acrylic bookmarks are gorgeous and functional. With a variety of designs available, there is something aesthetically pleasing for everyone on your list!

6. Kindle Paperwhite

I use my Kindle every single day. It fits easily in my purse making it my preferred method for reading in public. The Paperwhite has an adjustable backlight which means that you can read at night without waking up anyone around you.

7. Book Sleeve

Protecting books is a key priority for most book lovers. A nice book sleeve is a perfect solution for protecting your reading material while transporting it around in your purse. We have seen firsthand the emotional havoc that can be caused by a stray cup of coffee. A few book sleeves make a perfect gift for any book lover.

Male Book Lover Gifts

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers that are male
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 18

1. Tequilla Mockingbird and Cocktail Napkins

I gifted this book to Jackie early in our friendship because it’s just too funny! There are a few others in this collection and they are all completely hilarious. The recipes are pretty good as well. Add some cocktail napkins with your monogram and any drink will be a hit.

2. Book Neck Light

Traditional book lights clip onto the pages of your book, often getting in the way of reading. This light goes conveniently around your neck so for a hands-free, hassle-free reading experience.

3. 100 Books Scratch-off Poster

Any book lover will love the challenge this scratch-off poster presents. It’s such a fun way to track reading progress while creating a keepsake in the process.

4. Book Tie

Every bookworm corporate hotshot needs a nice book tie in his suit arsenal. The delicate print of this one is subtle while allowing the wearer to showcase his passion for books.

5. Apple AirPods

Know an audiobook lover? They simply must have a good pair of headphones. We love these AirPods because they allow us to be mobile when listening to our favorite books.

6. Book Rocks Glass

How fabulous are these glasses? They come in a variety of options, so you can create your own set based on your favorite classics.

7. Book Puzzle

If you know someone who loves a good audiobook, then a puzzle is the perfect entertainment to keep them occupied while listening.

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The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 19

Presents for Book Lovers That are Female

Presents for book lovers
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 20

1. Book Tote

Every good reader knows that when visiting a bookstore, a good canvas tote is imperative. Books are heavy things and since we bookworms are known to not walk away with just one, this cute book tote is perfect for freeing our hands to read more books!

2. Book Journal

If you are looking for a keepsake gift for a book lover, why not give this book journal from Jane Mount? It allows plenty of room for them to track their reads and opinions.

3. Book Necklace

Jackie and I each have one of these book necklaces. We got them as a gift to one another after our first year of blogging. We get compliments anytime we wear them, so we know they are the perfect presents for book lovers! It’s on our Jane Austen gift guide too!

4. Book Cookie Cutter

If you are looking for gift ideas for book lovers who enjoy baking too, this cookie cutter is the perfect combo.

5. Stack Pillow

Rifle Paper Co. makes a book pillow? File that under NEED. This is one of the book-lover gifts I intend to buy for myself!

6. Bookish Tea

A cute cup of literary tea will have your sweetheart feeling like a heroine in a Jane Austen novel. Bonus point if you pair it with a book-related mug!

7. Book Vase

This book vase has taken TikTok and Instagram by storm! It’s clever and cute and actually looks adorable nestled between books on a bookshelf.

Book lover gifts
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 21

Best Gifts for Book Lovers: Apparel

1. Book Sweatshirt

This bubble letter sweatshirt is as comfortable as it is cute. It’s cozy enough to snuggle up with but cute enough to wear out of the house without looking like a slob.

2. Book Pajamas

When it comes to the best gifts for book lovers, pajamas on at the top of the list. Every reader knows that comfort is key when binging a good book.

3. Book Purse

If you can think of a favorite classic, this company probably makes it in book form! Let your loved one wear their love for books in a useful way with these book purses.

4. Bookworm T-shirt

Let your bookworm friends be their most authentic selves with a t-shirt that proclaims exactly who they are!

5. Cool Book Club Sweatshirt

I love this groovy sweatshirt. It makes the cutest gift for anyone in a book club or who just generally loves to read.

6. Book Socks

These book socks are just so comfy. I know because at one point I had them until my eldest child decided to steal them for his own feet.

7. Reading Rainbow T-Shirt

Every 90s bookworm got their start from Reading Rainbow. Why not honor their origin story by getting a book t-shirt inspired by the theme song?

Gifts for bookworms
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 22

Beauty Gifts for Bookworms

1. Bookish Bath Salts and Tub Caddy

Does your Hunny love to relax in the tub with a book? Then this tub caddy is a must. As someone who has dropped a book in the tub, I personally file this caddy in the need category. Pair it with some cute bookish bath salts and your love will be mighty pleased.

2. Ice Roller

Every bookworm has been in a situation where a book is just too good to put down. It can lead to staying up WAY too late. The result? Puffy, tired eyes like you wouldn’t believe. On those mornings, or any morning my face feels bloated from too much salt or too-little sleep, I wipe out the ice roller for instant relief. It shocks my system, drains my lymphatic system, and instantly de-puff. Bonus – It’s under $10!

3. Face Mask

This hobby is more reading adjacent, but one of my favorite things to do is lay in bed reading with a candle burning and a facemask on. It feels like a little luxurious moment when I can bask in my self-care.

4. Book Matches & Bookish Candle

Set the vibe for reading time with a yummy book-themed candle and these hysterical matches. I had no idea matches could be so cute! And don’t even get me started on these AMAZING candles. I personally have candles lit all the time in my house and these fantastic bookish scents are perfection.

5. Olive & June Quick Dry

Listen, we readers need to be able to get back to turning pages very quickly, which is why this Quick Dry polish is the best. When my mani needs a refresh but I know I’m planning to get right into reading, I immediately pick this polish. It drys so quickly and comes in some of my favorite long-wear shades too.

6. Book Soap

Looking for fun gift ideas for book lovers? We think this set of book soap is charming and fun for any occasion.

7. Book Perfume

Inspired by books, this perfume has a soft, woodsy scent designed to remind readers of their favorite thing. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and clean too.

Luxury Gifts for Book Lovers
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 23

Luxury Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Bose Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are one of the best luxury gifts for book lovers – especially audiobook lovers! They make it so much easier to hear the book while blocking out outside noise. Jackie owns these and adores them.

2. Juniper Books

Turn a bookcase into a work of art with these fantastic book jackets. They come in a variety of options. You can choose between the book and dust jackets or just the dust jackets. These works of art are pricey but gorgeous.

3. Book Towel

Enjoy the best beach reads on a towel that matches! This towel by Rifle Paper Co. is pure perfection.

4. Ember Mug

This is a one-size-fits-all gift to be sure. New mom? Ember mug. Reader who gets lost in a book? Ember mug. Zoom meeting savant? Ember mug. It keeps your coffee (or tea) at the ideal tempature for housrs. It’s a total life saver.

5. Ideal Bookshelf Art

Jackie and I both have one of these art pieces hanging in our offices. We gifted them to one another because we know each other’s favorite books. The art is beautiful and makes me smile.

6. Heated Blanket

A heated blanket is such a luxury for any bookworm. We do love our comfort when reading and on chilly nights this is the perfect cozy accessory.

7. Neck Massager

It’s no secret that bookworms can suffer from neck pain. Our heads are constantly looking down into a book and it can cause muscle tension. A good neck massager is one of the perfect luxury gifts for book lovers.

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The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 24
book-lover gifts
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 25

Game Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

1. Linen Bookshelf Games

I own a few of these and I’m OBSESSED. They look so stylish on my bookshelves but are useful for our frequent game nights. These games are perfect for book lovers any time of year.

2. Wordle Game

Most readers we know play Wordle. In fact, most people we know play Wordle! That’s what makes this party game one of the best gift ideas for book lovers!

3. Jane Austen Tarot Cards

Jane Austen lovers will adore this tarot card game set. It can be used as both a playing card deck and a divination deck. Can someone please read my fortune with these?

4. Literary Puzzle Book

Word games are a reader’s love, so this collection of literary puzzles is perfect! It’s filled with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and other literary references.

5. Lit Chat

This is such a cute stocking stuffer of a gift. It’s 100 conversation starters to prompt in-depth discussions about books! Any bookworm would be delighted with this gift.

6. Cards Against Prythian

If you have a Sarah J. Maas fan on your gift-giving list, this is the gift for you! It’s one f the most popular purchases from our list of books like ACOTAR. It’s basically Cards Against Humanity with a literary twist for fans of the hit book series.

7. Literary Scattegories

If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas for book lovers, this printable might be just what you need! It’s a fun game that you can have ready to gift in 5 minutes.

Christmas gifts for book lovers
The 56 Best Gifts For Book Lovers to Adore 26

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Snowmen

The scarf! The buttons! These snowmen are the most charming Christmas decor, aren’t they? I think any reading would love them.

2. Tree Topper

This tree topper is such a lovely hand-made present to give around the holidays. It will look great on any Christmas tree.

3. Book Ornament

What a clever book ornament! It’s such a fun one with the bookshelves in the shape of the recipient’s first initial.

4. Book Stack Decor

This Christmas book stack is festive and bookish! It’s a lovely home decoration to break out seasonally. I love the idea of decorating for the holidays but still showcasing something you love.

5. Book Trees

I love these book trees for a winter mantle or bookshop decor. They are so cute you can display them all year long.

6. Custom Book Ornament

This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts for book lovers because of its keepsake value. It’s an ornament that is filled with all the books read in a given year. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind gift.

7. Book-Mas T-shirt

Cute t-shirts make the best Christmas gifts for book lovers. I love this shirt inspired by the book trees we see during the holidays.

Did we help you with gift ideas for book lovers? Let us know if you get anything for your loved one!

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