Reading Life: Poll – What Kind of Reader are You?

What kind of reader are you

We want to learn a bit more about you! Reading is a very personal activity and different people prefer different methods of reading. Are you a hardcore e-reader? Or do you exclusively prefer paper backs? We will tell you our reading habits if you tell us yours! What kind of reader are you?


I prefer to listen to audiobooks so that I can multi-task. Hearing the narrator’s voice bring a character to life is something that will never grow old for me. Often times, the use of multiple narrators  (as mentioned in our Lilac Girls review) or different voices (Jim Dale’s EPIC Harry Potter narrations are truly spectacular) can bring a book to life more vividly that just reading it. If I truly love a book I have read in another version, I will often purchase the audible version as well.

That being said, the feel of a paperback in my hands when I am on a beach or snuggled in bed is still pretty special. I rarely use my kindle, unless I am reading a particularly long book (Hello, Outlander) or traveling. Hardbacks are my favorite editions to own, but they are too cumbersome to cart around from place to place. I try to be environmentally friendly, so if I am buying a book, I prefer for it to be used. My husband loves this because it is usually cheaper too!


My reading habits have changed a lot over the last few years.  When I was younger, BK (Before Kids), I only read paper backs.  Hard backs were too heavy and kindles weren’t around.  This was always a problem because I would have to wait forever for books to come out in paperback so I never read new releases. Then came Harry Potter…..waiting in line to get the books the day they came out became the norm and thus, broke me of my no hard back rule!!

Then came the kindle.  I love my kindle.  It is definitely my favorite way to read.  No more shlepping multiple books in my bags for vacations, no more keeping my husband awake at night with the light while I read.  The kindle changed the way I could read. Baby feedings at 2:00 am are not nearly as bad when you have a great book to read and don’t have to worry about waking a baby. I have recently discovered the joy of multi-tasking with a good audiobook and I will always need to feel a book in my hand but, the kindle has changed the way I read.

What Kind of a Reader are you? Choose your preferred method of reading below.

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What Kind of Reader are You?