October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers to Enjoy Now

The Best Celebrity Book Clubs
October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers to Enjoy Now 6

Looking for the October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers? You’ve come to the right place!

(We’ve got November 2022 celebrity book club spoilers now too!)

We’ve rounded up the books that will be chosen by Reese Witherspoon, Read with Jenna, and the GMA Book Club for September 2022. These have NOT yet been officially released (as of now, they are all being announced on September 6th) but we are fairly confident in our intel.

Still, we reserve the right to be wrong! Check back on September 6 to see if we got it correct!

In the meantime, we suggest using the intel to put in your library holds early and get to the front of the list.

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October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers

Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club – October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoiler

Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club was really the first of the modern celebrity book clubs to catch on in recent years. Started in 2017, her list features thrillers, romances, historical fiction, YA, non-fiction, and modern fiction.

our missing hearts

Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng

Twelve-year-old Bird Gardner lives a quiet existence with his loving but broken father, a former linguist who now shelves books in a university library. Bird knows to not ask too many questions, stand out too much, or stray too far. For a decade, their lives have been governed by laws written to preserve “American culture” in the wake of years of economic instability and violence. To keep the peace and restore prosperity, the authorities are now allowed to relocate children of dissidents, especially those of Asian origin, and libraries have been forced to remove books seen as unpatriotic—including the work of Bird’s mother, Margaret, a Chinese American poet who left the family when he was nine years old….. MORE

You can see the whole book list, ranked, here.

Read With Jenna Book Club – October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoiler

Jenna Bush Hager started her book club on the Today show back in the spring of 2019. They are often more literary than Reese’s picks and cover a variety of thought-provoking topics.

The Whalebone Theatre and more October 2022 celebrity book club spoilers

The Whalebone Theatre by Joanna Quinn

October 2022 Read with Jenna Book List Pick

This family saga tells the story of Christobel and her siblings as they grow up from children playing at the Whalebone Theatre to young adults navigating WWII.

I found Christobel to be an enchanting protagonist as I watched her develop into a strong woman. From theatre director to a spy on the front lines of war, her journey was one that I eagerly devoured.

You can see all of Jenna’s Book Club picks here, where we ranked them.

The Good Morning America Book Club – October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoiler

GMA’s answer to Read with Jenna was to host their own celebrity book club. This one launched in the Fall of 2019 and it’s probably the best one of the bunch.

Mad Honey and more October 2022 celebrity book club spoilers

Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan

October 2022 GMA Book Club List Pick

Picoult’s books are always so readable and this one is no exception. Olivia McAfee has had to start over and raise her son alone after leaving her abusive cardiothoracic surgeon husband.

She is raising her son Asher alone and always hoping that she left in time- before her son would remember the abuse. Now, Asher’s girlfriend, Lily, is dead and Asher is the prime suspect.

There were so many things about this book that made it so readable, I can see why it was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award for 2022 and is an Audie Awards 2023 finalist. There is a lot to discuss which makes this a perfect pick for books for book clubs.

For the whole list of GMA books, ranked, check out this post.

Oprah’s Book Club – October 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoiler

Oprah doesn’t release her book club picks in the same way as the rest of the celebrity book clubs. Her current pick is below.

The Bird Has my Wings and more October 2022 celebrity book club spoilers

That Bird Has My Wings by Jarvis Jay Masters

The moving memoir of a Death Row inmate who discovers Buddhism and becomes an inspirational role model for fellow inmates, guards, and a growing public

In 1990, while serving a sentence in San Quentin for armed robbery, Jarvis Jay Masters was implicated as an accessory in the murder of a prison guard. A 23-year-old Black man, Jarvis was sentenced to death in the gas chamber. While in the maximum security section of Death Row, using the only instrument available to him—a ball-point pen filler—Masters’s astounding memoir is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and the talent of a fine writer.

Offering us scenes from his life that are at times poignant, revelatory, frightening, soul-stirring, painful, funny and uplifting, That Bird Has My Wings tells the story of the author’s childhood with parents addicted to heroin…MORE

With over 88 book picks under her belt, we have her full ranked list in this post, but our favorites are below.

So which October 2022 celebrity book club picks will you be reading this month?

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