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The 2022 Reading Challenge is here and we are SO EXCITED to be launched our 5th reading challenge since we started the blog.

Last year’s reading challenge was so popular we knew we needed to do it again. We took your feedback and created an amazing list of prompts for 2022.

The 2023 Reading Challenge is now live!

We think we have the perfect combination of fun and thought-provoking reads. As always, there are so many books in each category, we are sure you can find one that you love.

Are you already participating in the 2024 reading challenge? For more reading challenges, check out the complete list of reading challenges here.

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2022 Reading Challenge 1

2022 Reading Challenge by Month

We have actually been thinking about the 2022 reading challenge for a few years. I know that it sounds crazy but, when we come up with ideas, they don’t always work in a given year so we save them to use in future years.

We never want too many of one genre and like to have a mix of heavy and light books. We also did some polls on Instagram to find out what you guys wanted to read.

The final line-up of prompts is below where you can also find a few trackers to mark off your progress. We will update this post with links of book lists at the beginning of each month.

Reading Challenge Book Lists

January- Read a book adapted to the screen
February- Read a feel-good book
March- Read a historical fiction
April- Read a book set in a bookstore
May –Read a carnival or circus
June- Read a young adult romance
July- Listen to a family-friendly audiobook
August- Read a thriller
September- Read a banned book
October – Read an adult fantasy
November – Read a WWI
December- Read a family drama or family saga

Want to check out the 2021 reading challenge? You can have a look to get some ideas for more great books.

Fall Reading Challenge Guide 2021 5

Quarterly Magazine

We are also bringing back the quarterly magazine. Like last year, the magazine will feature previews of the coming reading challenge prompts and it will also feature highlights for the upcoming book releases.

You’ll get our personal takes on which books we are most excited about broken down by month. Think of it as an easier-to-read, more personal version of our quarterly book release posts.

Instagram 2022 Reading Challenge Tracker

Share your monthly picks with us over on Instagram. Instagram is where we do most of our book giveaways too, so if you aren’t following us there already, now’s the perfect time to do so.

Copy of 2018 Reading Challenge Instagram Story 4

We have a video tutorial of how to add book covers to the Instagram reading challenge tracker available in our highlights. If you don’t want to track your reads digitally, check out the blank tracker farther down in the post.

2022 Reading Challenge

Here’s an interactive example of what your reading challenge will look like at the end of the year.

Copy of 2018 Reading Challenge 2Copy of 2018 Reading Challenge 2

Blank 2022 Reading Challenge Tracker

Keep track of the books you read with this handy blank 2022 reading challenge tracker.

Beyond the Bookends Blank Reading Challenge Tracker 2022

Is there something that you would like us to add into our next reading challenge? Send us email suggestions.

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