The 2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge

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Our ever-popular reading challenge is back for the fourth year. The 2021 reading challenge features 12 categories that will inspire your reading journey for the road ahead. As in past years, at the beginning of every month we will release a list of book suggestions to go with each challenge prompt, but this year, we will be pairing up with guest writers each month! We will be working with a group of writers, influencers, and bloggers to give you a fresh take on each prompt. Hopefully you will enjoy these content creators as much as we do.

Looking for a sample of last year’s reading challenge prompts? Check out our posts about women in politics, books set at the beach, and books about immigration. Truly, this reading challenge will have you reading all over the literary landscape.

We are also bringing back the quarterly magazine, but with a twist. Last year’s magazine featured recommendations on how to turn the reading challenge into a lively experience for your book club. Since Covid-19 is still raging through most of the US and social gatherings aren’t happening in the same way, we’ve switched gears.

2021 Reading Challenge Picks

The newest iteration will still feature previews of the coming reading challenge prompts, but it will also feature highlights for the upcoming book releases. You’ll get our person
al takes on which books we are most excited about broken down by month. Think of it as an easier to read, more personal version of our quarterly book releases posts.

Interested? If you want your fun, FREE Reading Challenge Guide, sign up for our emails and you will get a downloadable version sent directly to your email when it goes live on December 19th! 

Each quarterly magazine will only be available for three months. Be sure to sign up early to get the first issue! We promise these book choices will make you want to dive right into reading.

Are you already participating in the 2024 reading challenge? For more reading challenges, check out the complete list of reading challenges here.

Beyond the Bookends 2021 Reading Challenge

So now, without further ado, here is our 2021 reading challenge.  We hope you will join us again this year.  If you are interested in monthly giveaways, reading challenge chats, and daily bookish content, head over to our Instagram accountHappy reading!

2021 Reading Challenge

Blank 2021 Reading Challenge Tracker

Keep track of the books you read with this handy blank 2021 reading challenge tracker. Share your monthly picks with us over on Instagram. Instagram is where we do most of our book giveaways too, so if you aren’t following us there already, now’s the perfect time to do so.

2021 Reading Challenge Blank

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