11 YA Christmas Books – The Best Christmas Books for Teens

YA Christmas books
11 YA Christmas Books - The Best Christmas Books for Teens 16

Looking for the best YA Christmas books to read this holiday season? We’ve got charming favorites for everyone to enjoy!

Each of these Christmas books for teens are perfect for the holiday season and while many are romantic in nature, they are all appropriate for teens.

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The Best YA Christmas Books

Blame it on the Mistletoe

Blame It on the Mistletoe by Beth Garrod

This is such a cute YA Christmas book. It’s a teenage version of The Holiday. In this story Holly and Noelle swap homes for a week around Christmas.

Holly wants to escape her ex-boyfriend (who is also her neighbor) and Noelle is out to win a social media challenge and prove herself as a teen influencer.

But as they get to know each other’s friends and family, their connection to each other grows too. And they learn a few Christmas lessons in the process. It’s one of our favorite Christmas romance books for teens.

A Castle in the Clouds

A Castle in the Clouds by Kerstin Geir

What a cute story. Taking place at a dated luxury hotel at Christmas time and culminating with a Year Year’s Eve ball, there is an abundance of antics afoot. Jewel thieves, ghosts, kid-nappers, back-door dealings, and teenage drama fill this wonderful holiday book. 

This young adult Christmas book is an adorable read for the holiday season and a perfect feel-good book as well. If you are looking for books about New Year’s Eve, this is an adorable pick.

dash and Lily

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular ya Christmas books – it’s now a Netflix movie! It’s also the first of a 3 book series featuring Dash and Lily, two teenagers who find themselves connected through a red notebook they found in a bookstore.

While they trade secrets and dares, their challenges to one another morph into a heartwarming Christmas romance. It’s a charming young adult Christmas book about teen love.

Fun Christmas Books for Teens

Talk Santa to Me and more books from October 2022 Novel Ideas

Talk Santa to Me by Linda Urban

Francie’s whole family works at the Hollydale Holiday Shop that her grandpa opened, but recently she’s been frustrated by all the changes her Aunt Carole has been making around the store. She’s recently become “Santa’s Intern” and her workload is piling up.

Add to that, the boys are her high school have been teasing her about the rumor that she’s a bad kisser. Soon, she’s plotting to save her family store from Aunt Carole, rehabilitate her reputation with her peers, and try to decipher her feelings for the classmate who works that Christmas tree lot across the street.

The story was sweet and heartwarming – a perfect Christmas romance novel for any teens in your life!

So, This is Christmas and more YA christmas romance books.

So, This is Christmas is by Tracy Andreen

A cute YA Christmas romance novel about Finley, who is home from boarding school and her classmate, Arthur, who shows up at her grandmother’s inn for Winter break.

Why is there? Because Finley told everyone all about the quaint town of Christmas, Oklahoma where she is from… but she exaggerated and now Arthur wants her to create a Christmas he and his aunt will remember.

Looking for more Christmas Books for kids and adults? Check out our Christmas Books Hub for book club guides, book lists, book-related present ideas, and more!

Romance Christmas Books for Teens

eight dates and nights

Eight Dates and Nights by Betsy Aldredge

Hannah Levin is upset that she is being forced to spend part of her winter vacation with her grandmother in small-town Texas. There is nothing she dislikes more than the tinsel of Christmas and wants to spend her Hanukkah with her friends and family in NYC.

When there is a snowstorm and her return flight home to New York is delayed, she is forced to spend Hanukkah in Texas. She meets Noah, who is annoyingly adorable and is determined to not only bring Hanukkah to his small town but teach Hannah that there are different ways to celebrate. This is a YA holiday romance at its best. If you are looking for the best holiday books, this Young adult pick is a gem.

The holiday switch and more Christmas romance books

The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

In this YA Christmas book, two teenagers work at an inn where a famous holiday movie was filmed. Each is hiding secrets from their families but confiding in each other.

This enemies-to-lovers romance is a charming and innocent, PG-appropriate story for teenagers. I loved all the cute Christmas scenes these two experience together.

It’s the perfect pick for our Christmas romance book round-up.

Youre a mean one matthew prince

You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince by Timothy Janovsky

Matthew Prince is young, rich, and selfish. After buying an island, his parents cut him off and banished him to his grandparents for the holidays. The problem is Hector, a grumpy local is living there too and getting under Matthew’s skin.

Soon these enemies need to put their differences aside while they work to host the town’s Christmas fundraiser. I loved the holiday seasons and the way the boys went from enemies to friends to more. This is one of the most charming Christmas books for teens.

Unique Young Adult Christmas Books

The Christmas Clash

The Christmas Clash by Suzanne Park

This YA Christmas book is about 2 enemies-turned-friends trying to save their respective parent’s restaurants from being evicted from the local mall during the holiday season.

As the duo team up to save their parents and the other mall residents, sparks fly and they begin to fall in love. But can their budding relationship survive their parent’s feud and the impending closures?


Whiteout by Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany B. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon

You know a book is going to be fire when this many heavy-hitting authors are involved.

This Young adult Christmas book, written by Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon, is the perfect ya romance to read on a snowy winter day.

It’s set in Atlanta during a rare snowstorm and features multiple love stories set on the same night and interconnected when a group of friends is trying to help their besties get back together.

Each of these love stories swept me up and I loved the warm and fuzzy feelings this book gave me. Save this book set in winter to read in front of the fire when it snows and you won’t regret it! It’s such a charming Christmas romance book.

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The Afterlife of Holly Chase

The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

This YA book was quite clever as a modern retelling of Dicken’s classic. 17-year-old Holly was visited by the ghosts of Christmas because she was a total scrooge.

But she woke up unaffected by the visit and died shortly thereafter. Now she has to work for Operation Scrooge as she tries to help other poor scrooges like herself.

She’s been the ghost of Christmas past for 5 years now but this year is different…this year something changes…and it might just be her! This paranormal book is such a great read and a perfect YA book for Christmas.

Looking for the perfect gift for a book lover?

Which of these Christmas books for young adults are you planning to read?

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