20 of the Best New Christmas Books of 2023

New christmas books of 2023

It’s time for our annual list of the best new Christmas books of 2023! This list is always filled to the brim with stories to get you in the holiday mood.

Below you will find 2023 Christmas books to make you cry, warm your heart, start you in a fit of giggles, or put your sleuthing skills to good use. Some may do more than one of those!

Whichever kind of new Christmas books you are looking for, you’ll find below. Be sure to let us know which are your favorite!

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The Best New Christmas Books of 2023

A December to Remember - Christmas Books 2023

A December to Remember by Jenny Bayliss

Jenny Bayliss is back with an exciting holiday book about the Winter Solstice. When Simone, Maggie, and Star, half-sisters with different moms, find out their father has died they also learn that in order to receive their inheritance, they must first solve a scavenger hunt and then relaunch the town’s Winter Solstice celebration.

The sisters don’t have a relationship outside of the one month each summer they all spend together with their father. Now, they are forced to work together and rebuild their sisterly bond.

Each sister is also working through something. One is a single-mom facing eviction. One is struggling with infertility. And one is a bit adrift and trying to start over and settle down.

I adored this holiday book about love and reconnection during the holiday season. It’s probably my favorite Christmas book for 2023. #gifted

Three Holidays and A Wedding

Three Holidays and a Wedding by Uzma Jalaluddin and Marissa Stapley

Maryam and Anna find themselves on a plane from Denver to Toronto in the middle of the storm of the century, they have no idea that they will spark an unexpected friendship.

When the plane is diverted to a small town outside of Ottawa with no end to the snow, they all must change their plans. Anna is not able to make it to Toronto to spend Christmas with her boyfriend, and Maryam’s sister’s wedding is in jeopardy.

This is an enchanting Hanukkah, Ramadan, romance Christmas book for 2023 with a charming small town, a snowbound inn, and a touch of fate that brings everyone together. This is a holiday book at its very best. #gifted

The Christmas Orphan's Club

The Christmas Orphan’s Club by Becca Freeman

I adore a found family story, which is why this Christmas book for 2023 made my best of list! On her first Christmas after the death of her parents, Hannah meets Finn, another orphan and together they decided to celebrate Christmas together.

It sparks a lifelong friendship, folding in two other friends into their annual holiday gatherings. But a dozen years into their tradition, life is about to change. Hannah is engaged, Finn is about to move across the country, and they have some quarrels they need to fix.

Will this be their best Christmas yet or the end of their friendship? I loved the deep look at friendship in this story. So often Christmas books revolve around romantic love and not platonic love – which is just as important!

If you are looking for a new Christmas book for 2023, grab this one immediately! #gifted

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Romance Christmas Books 2023

Along Came Holly

Along Came Holly by Codi Hall

This rom-com story had me laughing and swooning in equal measure. It’s all about Holly Winters, a lover of all things Christmas, and Declan, the man who owns the hardware store next door and can’t stand the holiday.

They start a prank war which eventually leads to friendship and then well…love. It’s one of my favorite romance Christmas books of 2023. I just fell hard for both of them. *Gifted by Sourcebooks

Starting over Scottish

Starting Over Scottish by Tricia O’Malley

This is a STEAMY new Christmas book that’s perfect for the grumpy sunshine lovers out there. Harper wants to start over, so she books a stay in a Scottish town that includes getting to run a local pub.

Unbeknownst to her, the owner of the flat has died leaving his surly, though handsome, grandson with the deed to her lease. She refuses to go home, he is convinced to let her stay and reopen his grandpa’s pub.. and well… I think we know where this one ends.

It’s filled with charming descriptions of Christmas in Scotland and a few sexy scenes. It’s more a novella than a book, so it’s a perfect one-sitting read! #gifted

Christmas Wager

The Christmas Wager by Holly Cassidy

In this delightful enemies-to-lovers romance, Bella is a real-estate developer who has her eye on a Christmas shop. Jesse, the owner’s grandson wants nothing to do with her.

To settle the deal, they agree to compete in the Maple Falls Holiday games where the winner takes all, but when they start to feel a spark, will they be able to admit their feelings?

This reminds me of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Big-time developer falls in love with a small town and the person who lives there. It’s everything I look for in a new romance Christmas book for 2023. #gifted

Wrapped with a Beau

Wrapped With a Beau by Lillie Vale

Elisha, a film liaison, is determined to revive her town. So when she has a chance to film a sequel to Sleighbells, she finds herself tangled in a charming predicament when she clashes with the handsome Ves over the historic Christmas house.

With frosty attitudes and warm hearts, they embark on a journey that proves love and the magic of the season can melt even the chilliest of hearts. This is one of our favorite romance Christmas books of 2023. #gifted

The Ex-Mas Holiday

The Ex-Mas Holidays by Zoe Allison

When Maya bumps into her ex, Sam, at a holiday party, she never imagined she would see him again and certainly not naked and serving drinks. Maya is moving home after a breakup with her live-in boyfriend and the timing could not be more awkward.

She also never expected that they would end up working together in the Scottish Highlands as ski instructors. As they begin to spend more time together, they realize some things about their past- was their breakup a huge misunderstanding?

Will Maya work up the courage to tell her father that his dreams are not her dreams? This is one of the new Christmas books for 2023 you will not want to miss this season. This adorable pick from book set in Scotland will make you want to hop on a plane. #gifted

Wreck The Halls

Wreck the Halls by Tessa Bailey

This is a perfect holiday romance. Melody and Beat’s mothers were in a band together – one that fell apart before each of them was born. They’ve only met once when they were teens, but now they are teaming up to reunite their mothers in time to perform on Christmas Eve.

Except they decide to do it via a live stream because Beat needs the money and Melody needs to break out of her sheltered life. I ADORED both of these characters and fell hard for their love story – crazy antics and all. #gifted

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Mystery Christmas Books 2023

The Christmas Appeal

The Christmas Appeal by Janice Hallett

The Fairway Players theater group is back and preparing for their Christmas play. They find themselves once again in the middle of a murder that threatens to halt their production.

Hallett puts you in the detective seat as you unravel clues, sift through Christmas letters, and dig into police transcripts to unmask the culprit before the final curtain falls.

I was crying laughing reading this story. It’s equal parts hysterical and cunning and one of the best mysteries of 2023. I can never figure out the mystery before the end of Hallett’s books. #gifted

Murder on the Christmas Express

Murder on the Christmas Express by Alexandra Benedict

This book is so many things in one! It’s a mystery isolation novel set on Christmas Eve about a train full of people who get snowbound – and then someone gets murdered! Luckily there is a former detective named Roz who will work the case and try to keep everyone safe.

It’s more than just a murder mystery though. This 2023 Christmas book also addresses domestic violence and rape – so please go in prepared if those are triggers for you. It’s kind of odd to put all those things in one book, but it works! #gifted

The Takedown

The Takedown and Carlie Walker

Sydney Swift is a CIA agent who has not been home for Christmas in three years. Now, Syney’s sister is engaged to Johnny Jones who happens to be part of an organized crime family and Sydney is the perfect choice to go undercover. Only this time, she is going to work with the FBI!

Now Sydney has to brave family and the holidays while taking Johnny down before her sister is lost forever into a crime family. The fact that his bodyguard and best friend is an insanely good-looking guy is just a complication to the situation. This is a hilarious new Christmas book for 2023 that is sure to make you laugh out loud.

2023 Christmas Books for Book Clubs

A Winter in New York

A Winter in New York by Josie Silver

In this sweet holiday romance book, Iris uncovers a hidden family recipe, falls in love, and learns the power of mouthwatering gelato. Set against the backdrop of New York City from Halloween to NYE, this romance book covers more than just love.

It’s a story that includes uncovering new layers of a deceased parent, recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship, single parenthood, and family ties.

With secrets, romance, and a dash of culinary magic, this charming tale will leave you craving for more. My only complaint is that Iris kept the secret for a little too long. #gifted

Bright LIghts, Big Christmas

Bright Lights, Big Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews

In this holiday tale, Kerry finds herself selling Christmas trees in Greenwich Village, living in a vintage camper with her brother and his dog. As she embraces the charm of the city and falls for a single dad and his adorable son, Kerry’s Christmas takes an unexpected turn when she becomes entangled in the search for a missing neighbor.

I fell in love with the little street Kerry finds herself on at Christmas, as well as her love interest, the rivalry with the tree yard across the street, and her cute little camper van. I was swept away by this magical Christmas book for 2023. #gifted

The Wake-up Call

The Wake-Up Call by Beth O’Leary

In this delightful romantic comedy, rival hotel receptionists Izzy and Lucas must set aside their differences and work together when they stumble upon a collection of lost wedding rings.

As they compete to return the rings and save their struggling hotel, their rivalry transforms into a love story that might mend more than just the business.

While set over the busy holiday season, this hotel book isn’t too heavy on the Christmas backdrop. This is one of the new Christmas books of 2023 that could be read any time of year! #gifted

Love, Holly

Love, Holly by Emily Stone

Holly joins a letter-writing program for people alone at Christmas. When she meets elderly Emma through the letter, she goes on a mission to connect Emma with her family.

Along the way, she meets Jack whom she had a connection with the year she separated from her family. As their lives intercept, Holly needs to decide how truthful to be and how soon into their budding relationship.

Like every Emily Stone book, her newest Christmas book will have you crying as well! #gifted

Wonderful Christmas Book CLub Books

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Sweet Christmas Books 2023

THe CHristmas Cafe

The Christmas Cafe by Eliza Evans

Join Sylvie, the clumsy baker with a heart of gold, as she fights to save her beloved Christmas Café with the help of her mischievous pup, Crumpet. Her plan? To get the new Christmas movie to film in the café!

But she didn’t count on the insane demand after the movie’s star posts about the bakery. And she certainly didn’t expect to be caught in a love triangle! With romance, festive shenanigans, and delicious treats, this whimsical tale is a wonderful Christmas romance. #gifted

The Holiday Mix-Up

The Holiday Mix-Up by Ginny Baird

This charmingly romantic Christmas book for 2023 reminds me of While You Were Sleeping. Katie has been smitten with Juan since she started serving him at the cafe months ago – so when he asks her to be his fake girlfriend for Christmas, she’s thrilled.

Until he gets hit by a van and is put into a coma – after he’s announced he’s got a girlfriend to his family. Reluctant to tell Juan’s secret, Katie is welcomed by the Martinez family. As she keeps up the rouse, she learns about their struggling winery and begins to develop feelings for Juan’s brother, Mateo. #gifted

Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop

Midnight at the Christmas Bookstore by Jenny Colgan

This Christmas book is the sequel to The Christmas Book Shop, a New York Times bestseller from Jenny Cogan. If you know us, you know that we love anything she has written, and you can find a complete list of all of her books in our post The Best Jenny Colgan Books Ranked.

This particular sequel wasn’t my favorite though. It had all the same characters as the first story, but while the setting was still just as enchanting, I didn’t love the characters as much this time around. Oke was barely in it, Carmen was infantile, but the new “stacks” of the bookstore and Carmen’s new living situation were wonderfully described. Plus I loved the quest to save the bookstore once again. #gifted

Fantasy Christmas Books 2023

Through the Snow Globe

Through the Snowglobe by Annie Rains

This new Christmas book for 2023 is basically Groundhog Day set at Christmas time! After Diana’s fiance has a car accident he’s in a coma. That same day, she lost out on a job opportunity she wanted.

Now, she’s gifted a magical snow globe that will allow her to repeat that fateful day over again. And she does, over and over and over. Can she figure out how to save the man she loves and get her life back on track?

This was such a sweet Christmas book for 2023. It’s a great one for those who love It’s a Wonderful Life! #gifted

The Kingdom of Sweets

The Kingdom of Sweets by Erika Johansen

This new Christmas book for 2023 is a retelling of the Nutcracker. It’s told from Clara’s sister Natasha’s perspective. Set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution, this story pulls back layers of the story far beyond the known ballet.

This fantasy story is unlike any other Christmas tale, but beware that it’s no romance. It’s a dark story that does not give off sweet Christmas vibes.

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Which of the new Christmas books of 2023 do you want to read the most?

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