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The Christmas season is upon us and it’s time to bring the cheer into all the aspects of life! So let’s talk about how to host a Christmas Book Club and which Christmas books lend themselves best to book club discussions.

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Hosting A Christmas Book Club

When it comes to hosting a book club around Christmas time, it’s fun to add in some festive excitement with seasonal music, festive foods, ugly Christmas sweaters, and maybe even a gift exchange!

But you’ll still want a book to anchor your evening. Many Christmas books are fun and festive, but not worthy of a long discussion. But more and more Christmas books are coming out that are thought-provoking, dealing with heavy-hitting subjects perfect for book club. 

We will get to the perfect Christmas book club books in a second, but if you want to jump ahead, CLICK HERE.

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Discussion Questions

After you have chosen your book from the list below, you will want to come up with discussion questions to get the conversation flowing in your Christmas book club. But the questions don’t need to be specific to the book, throw in some of these festive questions too.

What’s your Christmas wish this year?

Why do you think authors choose to set books during the holiday season?

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Was there a Holiday tradition, foods, or event in the book that you want to try? 

Christmas Book Club Attire

Do I even need to point you in the correct direction here? UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS or t-shirts if you wish to make your own! I’ve rounded up some favorites below, but I always think homemade versions take the cake.

Festive Food for Christmas Book Club

Christmas Cookies and Hot Cocoa for the win on this one. Considering asking everyone to participate in a Christmas Cookie swap by bringing their favorite Christmas Treats to the book club for everyone to enjoy.

Set-up a Hot Cocoa station with different types of cocoa, fancy marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon, candy canes, and sprinkles for everyone to craft their perfect cup of hot chocolate.

Looking for some adult beverage suggestions? Yes Egg Nog is traditional, but who can drink a whole glass of that? Instead, make some mulled wine! It’s easy. 

My recipe for mulled wine is pouring equal cups of wine to grape or cranberry juice in a pot on the stove. Throw in some cinnamon sticks, oranges cut in half with cloves stuck into the skins, and some anise if you like the flavor (I SKIP IT.)

Warm it up but don’t boil it, ladle it into mugs and you are good to go! Bonus- the house will smell DIVINE and if you are hosting Christmas book club outside, it will keep hands nice and toasty.

Christmas Book Club Activities

Why not have a Secret Santa? Wrap up a favorite book and gift it to one of the members of your book club. It can be an old or new book or even a book-related goodie. Just a little something for everyone to open. 

Playlist for Christmas Book Club

Christmas Tunes are a no-brainer! Personally, I love Johnny Mathis, but you’ll find Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Dean Martin, John Lennon and the Jonas Brothers on this list too. Just follow this link.

2023 Christmas Book Club Books

A December to Remember - Christmas Books 2023

A December to Remember by Jenny Bayliss

Jenny Bayliss is back with an exciting holiday book about the Winter Solstice. When Simone, Maggie, and Star, half-sisters with different moms, find out their father has died they also learn that in order to receive their inheritance, they must first solve a scavenger hunt and then relaunch the town’s Winter Solstice celebration.

The sisters don’t have a relationship outside of the one month each summer they all spend together with their father. Now, they are forced to work together and rebuild their sisterly bond.

Each sister is also working through something. One is a single-mom facing eviction. One is struggling with infertility. And one is a bit adrift and trying to start over and settle down.

I adored this holiday book about love and reconnection during the holiday season. It’s probably my favorite Christmas book for 2023. #gifted

The Christmas Orphan's Club

The Christmas Orphan’s Club by Becca Freeman

I adore a found family story, which is why this Christmas book for 2023 made my best of list! On her first Christmas after the death of her parents, Hannah meets Finn, another orphan and together they decided to celebrate Christmas together.

It sparks a lifelong friendship, folding in two other friends into their annual holiday gatherings. But a dozen years into their tradition, life is about to change. Hannah is engaged, Finn is about to move across the country, and they have some quarrels they need to fix.

Will this be their best Christmas yet or the end of their friendship? I loved the deep look at friendship in this story. So often Christmas books revolve around romantic love and not platonic love – which is just as important!

If you are looking for a new Christmas book for 2023, grab this one immediately! #gifted

2022 Christmas Book Club Books

One Last Gift and more Christmas Books for 2022

One Last Gift by Emily Stone

Emily Stone’s last book was my favorite Christmas book of 2021, so I knew I would love her newest book. This story is heartbreaking as well, but not in the same way.

Cassie has relied on her brother, Tom, since they were orphaned when she was 5. Each year, Tom creates a Christmas scavenger hunt for her, but after a sudden accident kills Tom, Cassie is left bereaved and celebrating Christmas without him.

Until she finds his final scavenger hunt. As she begins to solve the clues, her heart begins to heal, and love forms as well. This book is like the Christmas version of P.S. I Love You in the best possible way. I adored this Christmas romance novel about grief.

Just Like magic and more Christmas romance books

Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle

If you only read one Christmas book this holiday season, let it be Just Like Magic. I adored this funny paranormal romance book and it is one of the best holiday books ever! The premise is amazing. Down-on-her-luck Bettie Hughes accidentally summons the magical Holiday Spirit, who can’t leave her until he raises her spirit level.

So going by the name of Hal, he poses as her boyfriend for her week-long family Christmas vacation. His use of magic throughout the week is hysterical. It also helps that the chemistry between Hal and Bettie crackles. It’s unlike any other Christmas story I’ve read in the best way possible! If you are looking for reverse grumpy sunshine books, this should be at the top of your list. Gifted by Putnam

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe and more Christmas Books for 2022

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe by Jenny Bayliss

Nory, a used bookstore owner, is back in her hometown staying in a castle for her posh friend’s wedding. Reunited after years apart, this group of high school friends have lots of secrets and shared memories.

But during the week-long festivities, Nory is drawn to her former childhood nemesis, Isaac, who now runs the castle grounds and gardens.

I thought this would just be a charming Christmas romance, but it deals with the fallout from one of the friends in their group who had committed suicide a few years prior. Mental health, adultery, and classism are just a few of the heavier topics discussed in this book.

For more books like these, check out our list of 2022 Christmas Books

2021 Christmas Book Club Books

Always in December and more christmas book club books

Always, in December by Emily Stone

I was blow away by this tear-jerking story. It was a romance story for the first 30% of the book, but then it becomes something much more deep.

Josie mails a letter to her deceased parents every Christmas, but this Christmas she accidentally hits a stranger named Max with her bike on the way to the post box.

As she explored the holiday season with Max her feelings start to grow, but when he leaves unexpectedly, she’s left to deal with the aftermath of the impact he had on her heart. But fate isn’t done their story yet as they bump into each other through-out the year.

Probably my favorite Christmas book of 2021, this one is tear-jerker for sure. I sobbed for the entire last 10% of the book. This book is a testament to the healing power of love and the kind of impact each of us can make on each other.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you are looking for a Christmas book that ends with a bow and smile, you may want to look elsewhere.

Christmas by the coast and more christmas book club books

Christmas by the Coast by Mandy Baggot

I had tears rolling down my face numerous times while reading this story. Harriet has flown into the Hamptons for Christmas to help arrange her beloved grandma’s funeral.

There, she bumps into Mack, a veteran amputee who used to correspond with Harriet during his time in Afganistan. As they begin to reconnect over various Christmas festivities, they deal with the heaviness of grief and ptsd.

The Christmas Bookshop

The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan is back with a stand-alone Christmas story about a failing bookshop and the woman that saves it. Carmen is stuck with no boyfriend, no job, and living at home, while her sister Sophie seems to have it all – beautiful house, great husband, a killer job, and 3 kids with one-more on the way.

When she realizes her client is going to lose his bookshop and home, she overs Carmen up for the job of turning the shop around, offering her a room at her house to boot.

But the long standing rivalry between the sisters is out in full force, Carmen seems to sabotage her own happiness in the romance department, and her bookstore boss might be hiding some family secrets that need uncovering.

A charming Christmas tale in true Jenny Colgan fashion, this heartwarming story also has some appearances from beloved characters from previous books.

All of Jenny Colgan’s Books are ranked here, and you’ll see more of her Christmas books in that list too.

The Christmas House and more christmas book club books

The Christmas House by Victoria James

This heartwarming Christmas story deals with a few heavy topics, including childhood abuse and abandonment. Charlotte comes to her grandmother Ruby’s B&B with her sister and her mother for the Holiday Season.

She is shocked to see her old friend, Wyatt, has moved in next door with his daughter. But as her romance with Wyatt begins to bloom, dark feelings and sad memories stir for both of them.

This is not so much a Christmas romance, as a story about forgiveness and overcoming childhood trauma.

Christmas by the book

Christmas by the Book by Anne Marie Ryan

This is kinda like Love Actually in a bookshop. Nora and Simon’s bookshop is failing, but that doesn’t stop them from anonymously sending out 6 Christmas books to locals who need cheering up.

We see how their gifted books inspire changes in the lives of the recipients, how much their bookshop means to the community, and how all the of their lives intertwine.

I cried a few times while reading this heartwarming tale, but it deals with some pretty heavy subjects like death of a child and suicidal thoughts/depression. It’s really a wonderful book for the holiday season. Any true book lover will adore this Christmas tale.

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Christmas Book Club Picks from Years Past

25 days 'til christmas and more christmas book club books

25 Days ‘Til Christmas by Poppy Alexander

I read 25 Days ‘til Christmas because I wanted a lovely little romantic Christmas story. The story is about a single mother who decides to do an advent calendar of activities in the hopes of bringing life back to her home. 

A cute guy befriends them and I thought I was getting the romance I was looking for.⁣ In actuality, the book takes a dark turn and deals with loneliness, depression, childhood disabilities, and grieving. 

It was so much deeper than I thought when looking at the peppy cover. ⁣I loved it. Truly. I wanted to personally walk into the pages of the book and lift her up when life knocked her down. 

I got the happy Christmas ending I wanted, but in a more meaningful way than I initially expected.⁣ I can’t recommend this one enough. 

seven days of us by francesca hornak

Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak

This is a hilarious look at what happens when a family is quarantined together over the holidays. The entire time I was reading this book, I kept thinking to myself that it should be a movie.

Hornak takes series topics and makes them funny. This book is about crazy coincidences and epic drama in one completely dysfunctional British family. 

What starts out as a family spending a quarantine quietly in the family country home, turns into something from a soap opera.  Every member of the family has their secrets and lies exposed.

The last christmas in paris and more christmas book club books

Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

Written entirely in letter form between two friends during WWI, you will fall in love with the characters as they fall for each other.

Evie is struggling to find a way to help out during WWI, while Thomas, her brother’s best friend, is struggling with the realities of battle.

one day in december

One Day in December by Josie Silver

Another book I absolutely adored. This second chance love story takes place over 10 years and you’ll be rooting for this couple the entire time. 

The perfect winter romance – this one is a bit steamy – that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear. I listened to this one from my local library, but it would be just as good in print.

Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guilloryir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=bcefc84a9301bc8b83103c4e56beaebb& cb=1577585495622

Looking for a last-minute Christmas Read or the perfect getaway read? Royal Holiday was the perfect first read for winter break.

When Maddie gets Kirsten’s dream gig (styling a Royal or let’s face it, hanging out with a Royal), she brings her mom, Vivian, with her to England. ⁣Vivian meets a very handsome gentleman who happens to be the Queen’s private secretary.

Sparks fly but will this be more than just a holiday romance? This adorable read is a perfect holiday/vacation read especially for those who love anything Royal. 

winter street and more christmas book club books

Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand

Winter Street was my first Christmas book by Hilderbrand, but I’ll be continuing this series for sure.  I fell hard for the Quinn family as they navigate their complicated family dynamic, their personal crises, and running an inn during the holiday season.

I’m shocked this hasn’t been made into a movie yet! If you are looking for a heartwarming holiday story, this is for you

Mr. Dickens and His Carol

Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva

Charles Dickens’s latest book is a flop and he needs money. Christmas is around the corner and he’s become someone of a grump when thinking of all the expenses coming his way.

He decides to take his publishers up on their offer to finance and Christmas novel but he can’t seem to get inspired. A chance meeting with a young woman helps give him the inspiration he requires to write his classic tale.

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Christmas Book Club Books We Want to Read

Here are the books about Christmas we’ve rounded-up that we are interested in reading.

Holidaze, Christmas Shopaholic, 25 Days of Christmas, Royal Holiday and more Christmas Books for 2020.

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