Bookish Things for a Sick Kid

Bookish Things for Sick Kids

We’ve all been there- you have a sick kid at home and he/she is miserable.  They can’t do their normal activities and after a while even watching television is too boring. This summer, one of my sons had surgery and it put him out of commission for a few weeks.  For a normally very active kid, this was potentially a game changer.  However, with some great friends to help and a lot of planning before hand, what could have been a disaster ended up being a minor bump in the road.  The upside? We read some great books, played some great games and got very creative. I wanted to share some of my great finds. A lot of these are available with free 2 days shipping if you can’t plan ahead. 

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Gifts for Sick KidsThe first thing we did was a get a subscription to Audible (Amazon’s Audible books).  I knew  it was really easy to listen to the books.  We are partial to Harry Potter, narrated by Jim Dale.  We had all of these except Prizoner of Azkaban.  Listening to this definitely helped the hours pass more quickly.  There are a ton of other great books  available.  Everything from like Matilda by Roald Dahl to Wonder by R.J Palacio.

My son was old enough to understand the he needed an operation but, for younger kids who are not as sure, there are so many good books.  From Curious George Goes to the Hospital by H.A. Rey to Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans or  Franklin Goes to the Hospital by Paulette Bourgeois  .  And Nothing says get well soon better than a cozy Stuffy like this sweet bear.

We also found a bunch of great games that did not require a lot of talking. A few were given to us by friends who knew exactly what a sick kid needs.  First, handheld Pac-Man. Do you remember playing this when you were young? Kids still love it now even with the crazy graphics available on video games.  It is also portable which is a huge bonus.  Tenzi has quickly become a favorite in the house.  Anyone who can roll a side can play.  Animalogic is another great game that has been a staple in our house for years.  Perfect for ages 3 through adult, this game is so addictive!!!

Creatively speaking, the Boogie Board is amazing.  Perfect for drawing, writing, playing tic tac toe, this cute and very durable little device is the modern white board.  All the convenience with none of the mess. If you have some time at home, the 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing Pen is so much fun.  Be warned that nothing you make will look remotely like the pictures but, it is a blast! Last but not least is the Osmo genius kit.  This is so cool.  These award winning games turn your IPad into a  learning tool.  There is problem solving, drawing and visual thinking in addition to math and reading.  This is hours of fun and its educational too!!!