42 Cozy British Reads

Cozy British Reads

Well, this category just seems so perfect for this particular August. Many of us are contemplating going back to work, sending our kids back into school, or facing another year of virtual teaching. It’s a far cry from soaking in the last days of summer because around here is more like a 5 alarm fire. I’ve personally been in a reading slump for the past two weeks (and I never even read the July reading challenge prompt book!) Enter August’s reading challenge prompt: Read a Cozy British Read. YAAAAS. I swear I was British in another life, so this prompt was totally all me. Jackie intervened on everyone’s behalf, however, and insisted that instead of making you all read a Royal Read again, we expand our anglophile horizons with any book based in the UK. So check out the list of cozy British reads and how to host a book club for a British read below.

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Jane Austen

How to Host a British-themed Bookclub

Discussion Questions

What is different about life in the states and life in Britain?

Do the British people in the books react in the same way as an American might?

What cultural difference did you spot?

Do you think there are stereotypes that Britains associate with Americans and vice-versa? Did the book enhance those stereotypes or combat them?

If you could travel anywhere in the UK, where would you go?


It’s warm, so take advantage of the great outdoors and dress for a garden party. Dig through your wardrobe and come up with a lovely floral dress. Bonus points if you add a fascinator and a mask!


We love the idea of throwing a garden party. In the middle of a global pandemic, a little garden party might be just the trick, but you need to be safe! 6 feet apart is a must, but you can still each enjoy a little British cheer. Locally, we have a lovely tea shop that does a take-out version of a full British tea. My boys and I ordered their take-out for Mother’s Day this year and it was wonderful. If you don’t live near A Taste of Britain, you should check to see if a  local bakery or teashop near you can provide scones, muffins, or mini tea sandwiches to your group.


To play up the cozy english tea party theme, we needed to find a playlist with classical favorites, but I love that this one includes piano compositions of famous theme songs too. Cozy British Reads Playlist.

Romance British

Cozy British Reads We Recommend




British Books on our TBR

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