Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review: 19 Gorgeous Colors!

A Quick and Honest Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review
Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review: 19 Gorgeous Colors! 7

The Olive & June Quick Dry Polish is here and we are ready to give you all the details about this new product line! We were lucky enough to get a sample of the Olive & June Quick Dry Polish before it was launched so our review is below!

Spoiler alert – you can get a finished mani in under 5 minutes! WHAT! It’s true. I tested it, timed it, and made a time-stamped Instagram reel to prove it!

For the full details on Olive and June Quick Dry Polish and a 20% off discount code, read on below!

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Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review

Traditional Olive & June nail polish is a long-wear formula that lasts up to 10 days but requires about 5 minutes between coats of paint to really work properly.

The new quick dry formula is done in the amount of time it takes for one coat of the traditional polish to dry! The new formula also features lots of one-coat wonders that offer complete coverage in just one coat.

The new quick-dry top coat helps to lock in shine and seal your nails. The colors and fun and vibrant, but Olive & June quick dry polish is not designed to last for 10 days. You’ll be looking at closer to 4 or 5 days.

Take a look at the polish in action below!

Is Quick Dry Polish Good for Beginners?

I’ve found that the new formula is easy to paint because it’s thinner than the original, making it the perfect starting ground for beginners!

We also find that because the polish drys so quickly, it’s perfect for painting on kids too!

Since the price is only $7.50 instead of $9 like the regular polish, it’s a great starting price point too!

You can also now shop the collection at Target. I love grabbing one or two colors there to test before buying at O&J’s website.

What are the Downsides of Quick Dry Polish?

The only downside is the new line is limited in colors – but hopefully, that will change in the future! There are currently 19 colors that span lots of color families, but I’m greedy and want more!

I’d also add that like all quick dry polishes, these don’t last as long as a regular mani. If you paint the regular top coat on top, however, it will extend the manicure by a few extra days.

Do you have an Olive & June Discount Code?

Yep! Use code KirstenB20 for 20% off your first Olive & June kit order!

Olive and June Quick Dry Mani Kit
Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review: 19 Gorgeous Colors! 8

What’s in the Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Manicure Kit?

The Manicure System contains the following tools:

  1. Straight-edge clippers
  2. A dual-sided nail file
  3. Nail buffer
  4. Polish remover pot
  5. Clean-up brush
  6. Poppy
  7. Cuticle serum
  8. Super Glossy Top Coat
  9. Matte Top Coat
  10. Plus the Olive & June quick dry polish of your choice (1 or 6)

Now you can mix and match your formulas all you will get both top coats! Get our full take on the manicure system in our Olive and June review post.

Olive and June Quick Dry Nail Polish Shades

What are the Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Colors?

The new O&J quick dry nail polish collection features 19 brand-new colors.

  • Pointe – a ballet blush pink
  • Poodle – a rosy pink neutral
  • Nuance – a soft bubblegum pink
  • Prom – a magenta pink
  • Rink – an icy pastel blue
  • Vintage – a washed denim blue
  • Minty – a mint
  • Prairie – a soft muted lavender
  • Enchanted -a deep violet shimmer
  • Lippy – a ruby red shimmer
  • Smooch – a rich scarlet red
  • Picante – a spicy orange red
  • Sagey – a mid-tone green
  • Howdy – a caramel tan neutral
  • Koala – a soft neutral gray
  • Southwest – a terracotta orange
  • Crystal – a shiny clear
  • Cateye – an inky black
  • Swan – a crisp white
Fall 2022 Olive and June Press-Ons
Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review: 19 Gorgeous Colors! 9

Does O&J Quick Dry Polish Work On Press-Ons?

Yes! You can paint any quick dry polish (or regular formula polish) on the press-ons! To remove the polish, simply dip your press-on in the polish pot and it will reveal the original press-on underneath! Click for more information about the Fall 2022 press-ons.

What Olive & June Quick Dry polish colors are you planning to buy?

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