The Best of the Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Deals and Steals!

It’s Black Friday, Y’all! I love to shop, but I really don’t like this particular day. I don’t like to shop in crowds, so I do must of my shopping online for Black Friday. Luckily, most retailers have caught on and let people like me shop deals online. Yay!! So, this Friday I’ll be snuggling up with my computer in bed and ordering the following items (or at least contemplating them!) Jackie weighed in on her picks too – so don’t think I’m going nuts here!

Some of these are book related and some are just for fun. Hopefully, you will like our round-up of Black Friday Sales!**Note- This post contains affiliate links. At no cost to you, we get a small commission of any purchase.

Looking for the best of the black friday sales? We've got the down and dirty, best of the best from Target for Kids, Men, Women and Electronics!Target

First Up is Target where you can get a 20% off code for a future shopping trip if you spend $50 or more. Let’s be honest – has anyone ever walked out of a target spending less than that? I sure haven’t. You can access the code here.


Glittering Garden Hatchimals: $59.99 Black Friday – $54.99 plus $20 gift card

Not a huge saving on this, but my kids won’t stop talking about them! If I can get them the toy they want most and score myself a $20 gift card for a future purchase, I’ll take it!

$4 and $6 movies!

Family fun for soooo cheap! I can’t wait to score Trolls, Lego Batman, Sing, Home Alone and Fantastic Beasts! All of them are on our list to own and I can get them all for the price of one!

50% off games

UM…YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Did you see our post last week on Game and Book pairings?  Well some of them are going to be on sale like Operation Escape Room  (29.99 now 14.99.) I’ll be getting Ship of Treasures, No Stress Chess, and Yeti in Spaghetti.

$3 Kids Books

This one is kind of a crap shoot since they don’t disclose which books will be $3. But I love a good bargain hunt! Hopefully, I can find a few for our library.


Ninja Professional Kitchen System: $199.99 Black Friday – $99

We have this and use it EVERY day. My husband uses it for his protein shakes, I use it to make soups and smoothies. My sister just moved into her first condo and is looking to upgrade her blender. Good thing I’m her Secret Santa this year! I put this in the hubby section because he uses it the most and would be the first to purchase a new one if ours broke.

Giant Jumpling Tower: $79.99  Black Friday – $39.99

I’m so getting this for my husband. He loves Jenga and would totally be down to play this during our next BBQ! At 50% off, I’m tempted to buy two!

Beats Solo3 Wireless headphone: $299.99 Black Friday – $239.99
Black Friday Sales for Women and Tech Junkies

iRobot Roomba 690 Wi-Fi connected robotic vacuum: $374.99 Black Friday – $274.99

I’ve been eying this for quite some time now but I couldn’t swallow a $400 vacuum. At this price, I think I might just have to grab one!

Taylor Swift CD: $19.99 Black Friday $16.99

I can’t believe I haven’t purchased Tay-Tay’s newest album already! I’ll be sure to snatch it up on Black Friday!

50% of Publisher Book Prices

Much like the kid’s sale, this two is a wild card in this line-up, but once again, I’m happy to hunt for deals!

Bodum French Press for Two$19.99 Black Friday – $10

My brother is a coffee snob and he introduced me to the French Press. Not thinking I would love it, I purchased a $12 10 oz container. Welp, turns out I LOVE it! My husband can tell the difference too and so we decided its time to upgrade ours to a 34 oz version so we can make both our cups at the same time!


Apple Watch: $249.99 Black Friday – $179.99

Jackie has an Apple Watch and she adores it. I have jealously watched her answer calls and see texts right on her wrist. Now, I’m hoping to get one too!

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi:  $329  Black Friday Price -$249.99

Remember how our kids will be getting Osmo this year? Well, we need a new iPad so we can give them our old one. This deal is the best on Black Friday that we could find.

Nikon D3400 DSLR Bundle: $899.99 Black Friday – $499.99

$499, $400 off.  looks awesome and a lot smaller than mine 24MP. If I had a camera that was this small I might have brought it to Israel with me.

Kindle deals


Amazon’s Black Friday deals aren’t released in advance. You pretty much have to shop all day. EEK! Their devices are usually on sale though – so I recommend focusing on those items first before searching for other items popping up!

The best Amazon items available for Black Friday!
Amazon Devices

Kindle Paperwhite: $119.99 Black Friday – $89.99

If you are a reader, you probably own a Kindle. Mine broke recently, however,  (it was the first generation) and I recently upgraded to the Paperweight and I adore it!

Kids Kindle Fire 32GB: $129.99 Black Friday- $89.99

Both of my kids will be getting one of these for the Holiday. One is reading and one is learning his letters and this fire is perfect for either task.

Echo Plus: $164.99 Black Friday – $149.99

Gals, this is the best tool in my house bar-none. Seriously. We got it last year for the holiday and use it every day, multiple times a day. My kids can use Alexa to tell jokes or put on their favorite songs. I use it in so many practical ways – all Audible books can be read over the speaker and your phone can be connected too if you check out audiobooks from the library like I do! I also use it to set a timer when I’m cooking or setting limits on screen time for the kids. Plus, love the weather feature, movie searching ability, math skills, spelling feature, list making….do you want me to go on? Get Alexa. Seriously you won’t regret it!

PSST- Did you know you can get 2 free audiobooks by signing up for a 30-day free trial of Audible? I did it thinking I would take the 2 books and quit, but I love it so much, I’ve stayed on as a customer.

Echo Dot: $49.99 Black Friday – $29.99

Ok, ok. The Echo plus is expensive, but the dot packs the same punch for less! Just know the speakers aren’t as good. While I need the Plus for my open-concept den/breakfast room/kitchen, most people can probably make do with a dot in the kitchen.

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