Bookish Things: Book Lover’s Birthday

“The greatest gift is a passion for reading.” – Elizabeth Hardwick

The perfect gifts for a Book Lover's Birthday!

Its crazy how when you are young it feels like your birthday can’t come fast enough. Somehow, when you get older, it seems that as soon as you are done celebrating one birthday, the next birthday is already here. That being said, it just means less time between birthdays to plan a celebration and presents. No matter how old I get, I love my birthday. Now that I am a mother, I feel like my birthday is the one day of the year that does not revolve around my kids.

So, I thought about what I would like as a birthday gift. I spend most of my free time reading and all things related to books but what girl doesn’t like a little bling? Here is a list of a few things that I would be happy to find wrapped.

Bookish Things Book Lover's Birthday

David’s Tea iced tea mug and “Caribbean crush” iced tea– I went into David’s Teas and saw this fantastic mug. For someone obsessed with tea, like I am, nothing could be better. One container, on the go with delicious summery tea!

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist – Specialty cocktails are always fun for an occasion so a book themed drink must be that much better!

Personal Library kit– This will finally help me remember where all my books go when I lend them out!

Pure Barre (gift card)– the one form of exercise that I do consistently, I love this class. Pure Barre in Wynnewood (technically the Ardmore location) has amazing teachers. They have techniques and adaptations for every type of injury or ailment. They are so supportive and encouraging. I love this place!

Book of the Month Club– what could be better for an avid book reader than to get a brand new hard cover book every month? The answer: not much!!!!

Amazon Eco/ Echo dotI didn’t think that this device would be as helpful as it is but, I love it.  I bought one of these for each of my sons for Hanukkah and I am jealous.  It gives the weather, plays music, gives the news, and about a hundred other fun things. It even reads your audible books!

Maya Brenner Necklace– This necklace is so pretty and the best part? It can be personalized however you want.  Add hearts and stars, letters or numbers.  It is a great gift.

Rebecca Minkoff BackpackEveryone needs a really great bag. Only recently, I rediscovered the ease and joy of a backpack. Its so comfortable, doesn’t slip off my shoulders and makes it so much easier to carry all the stuff I need.  The fact that this one is pink and has tassels is a bonus!

Owl figurine set of bookends– I am currently obsessing over different kinds of book ends.  I love how these are customizable with 19 different colors in addition to being so cute!

What did you think of my birthday list? Am I missing anything?

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