Lego Harry Potter Sets Are Back! Magic Fans Rejoice!

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When I was younger, I adored Legos but Legos weren’t really a “girl toy” so I would often play with my brother’s sets – building and rebuilding them over and over. In my middle-school years, Harry Potter Legos were released and I finally felt like there were Lego sets that were truly gender-neutral. I remember the Hagrid’s Hut set my sister got me for sibling Pollyanna that year. I cherished it and then lamented the fact that I was too old to ask for the Hogwarts Castle set. Fast-forward to 2018 when Lego is releasing all-new Harry Potter Legos! My boys are just getting into Harry Potter and I’m thrilled that I finally have an excuse to finally purchase Hogwarts Castle. I’ve already gifted my boys the Quidditch and Aragog sets —- they are BEYOND obsessed. Interested in getting the newest sets for your little one? See below for the skinny on all the sets.

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Harry Potter Legos – Aragog and Quidditch

Aragog made entirely out of Lego! Harry Potter Lego Aragog's Lair

Let’s start with the 2 sets my kids have already put together. My younger son asked for the Aragog’s Lair playset and OMG is it CREEPY. This spider is so detailed and large that I keep mistaking it for the real deal. My husband even freaks out when he sees it. The playset also includes a tree with lots of little spiders, a web shooter, and Harry and Ron.

Harry Potter Lego Quidditch Set Lego Harry Potter caught the Snitch! Snape and the Slytherin Quidditch Team.Oliver Wood Harry Potter's Keeper

We also got the kids the Quidditch set. My older son built this one. He didn’t love actually building it – the buildings are just 4 of the same build, but he ADORES playing with it. There are ball shooters, hidden slides, a way for the goalie to “fly” and a little golden snitch. The kids have been playing with this set non-stop!

Other Harry Potter Lego Sets

Since this post originally went up, we’ve collected almost every other Lego Harry Potter set. We are obsessed! I gathered all the Lego sets I could find below to make it easy for one-stop shopping.

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