29 Most Anticipated New August 2024 Book Releases by Genre

Most Anticipated New August 2024 Book Releases by Genres

The August 2024 book releases are here and I am so excited about this amazing list of books. I think it is so interesting how different months bring different trends in book publishing.

August is a transition month almost at the end of the beach read season and the very start of the thriller / mystery / fantasy season we see in the fall. In the most anticipated new August 2024 book releases you will see a mix of all three of these genres with romances mixed in. There are fewer fiction and historical fiction books on our list this month, but that does not mean I did not dig up a few great ones I cannot wait to read.

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Most Anticipated August 2024 Fiction Book Releases

Five Star Stranger

Five-Star Stranger by Kat Tang

Genre: Literary Fiction

Plot: Stranger is top-rated on the Rental Stranger app. It is a place where you can rent someone to pretend to be whatever you need- a fiance, a friend, a relative. When a nosy patron threatens a long-term role (as a father), Stranger begins to question why he feels so attached to his pretend daughter and what he really wants from life. This is a unique pick from the August 2024 book releases.

By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name by Jodi Picoult

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Plot: This pick from the August 2024 book releases is a dual timeline story that tells of two women both trying to make a name for themselves in a man’s world. Melinda Green has written a play that is submitted to her theatre under a male pseudonym. In 1581 Emilia Bassano began writing a play of her own and paid Shakespeare to front her work.

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August 2024 Book Releases: Historical Fiction

The Thirteenth Husband

The Thirteenth Husband by Greer Macallister

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This biographical fiction from the August 2024 book releases is based on the real-life heiress Aimee Crocker. Strong women like her were not common in the 1880s and this is the story of her public notoriety as well as her collection of husbands and money!

scandelous women

Scandalous Women by Gill Paul

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: I am so excited to read this biographical fiction novel. Both Jackie Collins and Jacqueline Susann faced criticism, sexism, and condemnation for being women who wrote about sex. Nancy White, an editorial assistant working on Valley of the Dolls, introduced the women while trying to make a deal with Jackie Collins in the United States. Will Nancy achieve her ambition and become an editor, despite the men who try to stand in her way? This pick from the August 2024 new releases is ultimately about women trying to make it in a man’s world.

The Paris Gown

The Paris Gown by Christine Wells

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This book from the August 2024 book releases is the story of three women in 1950s Paris and one stunning Christian Dior gown that brings them all together. Claire, Gina, and Margot parted ways only to be reunited in Paris years later. Will the gown be able to bring them back together or has their friendship come to an end?

the last light over oslo

The Last Light Over Oslo by Alix Rickloff

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This historical fiction pick from the August 2024 book releases is set in Norway and Sweden in 1940. Daisy Harriman was one of the first female US ministers. When her niece, Cleo, discovers that her lover has gone missing, she goes to her aunt for help. As they begin looking for answers, Germany invades Norway and the two women are now in danger. Daisy is given the role of escort to the Norwegian Crown Princess and Cleo’s lover returns with a story that does not add up. Based on true events.

The Seventh Veil of Salome

The Seventh Veil of Salome by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This is another historical fiction set in the 1950s, the Golden Age of Hollywood, from the August 2024 book releases. Princess Salome is the stepdaughter of Herod and the subject of the biggest movie in Hollywood. Everyone knows that the actress who gets the part will be rocketed to stardom. When Vera Larios, an unknown, gets the part, Nancy Harley will stop at nothing to make the part hers. We cannot wait to dive into the book from the best-selling author of Mexican Gothic.

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August 2024 Book Releases: Most Anticipated Fantasy/ Sci-fi

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth by Ava Reid

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Plot: How could we resist putting this gem on our most anticipated list from August 2024 book releases? This book is a reimagining of Macbeth from the point of view of Lady Macbeth. Was she really the villain they made her out to be?

Haunted Ever After

Haunted Ever After by Jen DeLuca

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Plot: Nick Royer owns the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop. He learned to embrace ghost tourism in his small Florida town in order to compete with Orlando for tourist money. Cassie moved into a house and she definitely is not rearranging the magnets on the fridge at night while she is sleeping. As Nick and Cassie get to know each other, Nick wonders if he will scare Cassie away for good.

born of blood and ash

Born of Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Have you been reading the Flesh and Fire series? This book is the long-awaited conclusion from the August 2024 book releases. Armentrout always delivers amazing romantasty and we cannot wait to read this epic conclusion.

Rules for Ghosting

Rules for Ghosting by Shelly Jay Shore

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Ezra Friedman can see ghosts which is difficult when your family runs a funeral home. When Ezra loses his dream job (away from the family) and his mother decides to run away with the rabbi, Ezra reluctantly comes home. Ezra also has the unfortunate luck of having a crush on Jonathan who is a volunteer at the funeral home and whose dead husband Ben is a talking ghost who is haunting him.

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Most Anticipated Thrillers and Mysteries for August 2024

House of Glass

House of Glass by Sarah Pekkanen

Genre: Thriller-Mystery

Plot: We cannot wait to read this pick from the August 2024 book releases. Stella Hudson is a best interest attorney who represents children in custody cases. Her newest client is Rose Barclay, a nine-year-old who witnessed her nanny’s murder and immediately stopped talking. Now, as Stella enters the Barclay estate, nothing is as it seems and everyone in the house is a suspect in the nanny’s murder, including Rse.

I need you to read this

I Need You to Read This by Jessa Maxwell

Genre: Mystery

Plot: I am so excited to read this book from the author of The Golden Spoon. In this pick from the August 2024 book releases, Alex Marks has just taken over the job of advice columnist after Francis Keen, the famous advice columnist of Dear Constance, is murdered. Francis’s advice helped Alex through her darkest times and with the murderer never apprehended, Alex starts her own investigation into the murder which may have deadly consequences.


The Examiner by Janice Hallett

Genre: Mystery

Plot: In the quintessential Hallett style, this story is told in emails and texts. Gela Nathaniel must find six students for her Multicultural Art program or risk losing her funding. But the students give her trouble from the start and when the examiner starts looking through emails and texts, he realizes someone is in danger. The question is whether they are dead already.

society of lies

Society of Lies by Lauren Ling Brown

Genre: Mystery

Plot: Maya is headed back to Princeton for a college reunion and her sister Naomi’s graduation. But the weekend quickly turns into a nightmare when Naomi turns up dead. Now Maya suspects that Naomi was involved with a secret society within the Sterling Club, an exclusive social club on campus. Secrets may be dangerous in this book about secret societies from the list of August 2024 book releases.

The Queen City Detective Agency

The Queen City Detective Agency by Snowden Wright

Genre: Mystery

Plot: Clementine Baldwin is an ex-cop turned PI who has just been hired to find a killer. Coogan was hired to kill and died under suspicious circumstances while in custody for murder. Coogan’s mother wants answers. Clementine digs into the case, she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of people who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets.

The Plus One by S. C. Lalli

The Plus One by S. C. Lalli

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Everyone is gathered in Cabo for the wedding event of the season. Radhika and Raj’s marriage will bring together two of the most powerful and wealthy Indian-American families. On the morning of the wedding, the bride and groom are found dead. Shay has come to the wedding with Raj’s best friend and she may be the only one to have enough perspective and distance to find the killer.

You will never be me

You Will Never Be Me by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Meredith Lee was a top influencer until her mentee Aspen Palmer ditched her. When Mer finds one of Aspen’s kids’ ipads, she decides to use it for a bit of sabotage. After all, Mer had it all first! Aspen’s influencer life starts to go downhill and Apsen knows she needs to find out who is behind it all. Then, Mer goes missing. I do not want to miss this pick from the August 2024 book releases.

Talking to strangers

Talking to Strangers by Fiona Barton

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Karen Simmons is murdered on Valentine’s Day and with her murder come those who think she asked for it by dating too much and those who protest violence against women. Detective Elise King is on the case and Kiki Nunn is a reporter who will stop at nothing to get the scoop. This pick from the August 2024 book releases is sure to be a page-turner.


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Romance: August 2024 Book Releases

Four Weekends and a Funeral

Four Weekends and a Funeral by Ellie Palmer

Genre: Romance

Plot: Allison Mullally is 30 years old, post double mastectomy BRCA-1 carrier, and at her ex-boyfriend’s funeral. It is there, she finds out that Sam never told anyone that he had broken up with her. Now, she is playing the role of grieving girlfriend and agrees to spend four weekends, helping his best friend Adam clean out his apartment. When sparks fly between Adam and Allison, can she come clean or will her lie get in the way of a new romance? This is a debut pick from our list of August 2024 book releases.

Truth according the ember

The Truth According to Ember by Danica Nava

Genre: Rom-Com

Plot: This pic from the August 2024 book releases is on my TBR. Ember is having a hard time finding a job and decides to tell a half-lie and list herself as white on her job application. Nobody wanted to hire Native American Ember. Now she has the accounting job of her dreams and the hot, fellow Native American IT guy makes the job even better- even if there is a no-dating policy at work. When a colleague catches them in a compromising position and starts blackmailing Ember, she must decide to stay silent or tell the truth and risk everything.

The Break Up Pact

The Break-Up Pact by Emma Lord

Genre: Romance

Plot: Best friends, June and Levi, have not spoken to each other in 10 years. After they both experience embarrassing and public breakups, they become TikTok sensations for all the wrong reasons. When a picture of them together goes viral, they decide they will fake date to get their lives back on track. What can go wrong? This pick from the August 2024 book releases is a romance that has it all.

Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter by Katie Cotugno

Genre: Romance

Plot: Lacey is a superstar whose life is followed by paparazzi. She tries to show the world what she wants them to see to maintain some sort of private life. When she finds out, that her boyfriend has cheated on her and got another woman pregnant she becomes unclear how she will control this narrative. When she meets Jimmy Hodges, a superstar baseball player, he seems like the opposite of what she wants but sparks fly and Lacey learns she needs to take a chance. This looks like an amazing romance from the August 2024 book releases

Magical Meet Cute

Magical Meet Cute by Jean Meltzer

Genre: Romance

Plot: Faye Kaplan is a Potter in Woodstock, New York, and loves her life except for the anti-Semitic flyers she finds around her synagogue. Faye decides that the town needs a protector in the form of a Golem. When a gorgeous, perfect guy shows up the next day, he seems too good to be true. Is it possible she actually succeeded? This looks like an adorable rom-com from the August 2024 book releases and I cannot wait to read it.

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August 2024: Best Non-Fiction Book Releases

Wanted Toddlers Personal Assistant

Wanted: Toddler’s Personal Assistant by Stephanie Kiser

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: I cannot wait to read this pick from the August 2024 book releases. Stephanie Kiser tells the story about her decision to become a nanny for the uber-rich who buy their children Prada onesies and pay college tuition prices for preschool. Soon, the long hours start to feel overwhelming and she is forced to give it up in order to pursue her own life and dreams. This looks like an eye-opening non-fiction pick.

That Librarian

That Librarian by Amanda Jones

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: If you are looking for a nonfiction book from our list of August 2024 book releases, this one about librarian, Amanda Jones, is very apropos for the world in which we are currently living. Amanda has been called horrible names and faced threats to her life for simply trying to stop book bans. This is a battle that she is still fighting in her Louisiana hometown.

Best YA August 2024 Book Releases

My Salty Mary

My Salty Mary by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fantasy

Plot: Buckle up for this adventure that is a cross between The Little Mermaid and the story of the Lady Pirate Mary Read. In this pick from the August 2024 book releases, Mary is in love with the prince of Charles Town. Two things stand in her way. She does not love her back and she is a mermaid. When Mary finds herself aboard a pirate ship, she decides to become captain and take control of her life.

Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways by Wendy Wunder

Genre: Young Adult

Plot: Maya is a 17-year-old who knows everything about a person the minute she looks at them. All that knowledge has taken its toll. Maya was sent to the Whispering Pines Psychiatric Facility to help her not get down over the state of the world and humankind. When she meets Tyler at her new school, she starts to think that maybe her power is not the worst thing in the world.

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