32 Most Anticipated New June 2024 Book Releases by Genre

Most anticipated new June 2024 book releases
32 Most Anticipated New June 2024 Book Releases by Genre 42

The June 2024 book releases are here and they are spectacular! June is the heart of beach read season and these books will not disappoint you.

We cannot possibly read all the books on this list but we can try. There are picks on here from our favorite authors like Ashely Poston, Jamie Brenner, Kirsty Woodson Harvey, Christina Lauren, Riley Sager, Elyssa Friedland, and more. There are so many amazing books on this list that we do not even know where to begin

We scoured many lists of books to bring you our most anticipated picks and we hope you love this list.

*Post contains affiliate links. Purchases made through links result in a small commission to us at no cost to you. Some books have been gifted. All opinions are our own.

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32 Most Anticipated New June 2024 Book Releases by Genre 43

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Most Anticipated June 2024 Fiction Book Releases

A Novel Summer

A Novel Summer by Jamie Brenner

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Plot: Shelby Archer is an author who wrote her first book while living in Provincetown, Cape Cod. She is sure her friends will be excited by the success of her book but instead, they feel exposed and betrayed.

Shelby is hurt and sad but tries to focus on writing her sophomore novel. When she gets a phone call from a sick friend in Provincetown, she agrees to go back and help run her bookstore. Now Shelby can begin healing the relationships but may have to choose between those friendships and success and her deadline looms closer with no book in sight. We cannot wait to read this book from the June 2024 book releases!

Swift River

Swift River by Essie Chambers

Genre: Coming-of-age Fiction

Plot: This pick from the June 2024 book releases is a family saga that is also about friendship, family secrets, and the relationship between Diamond and her mother. Since Pop disappeared 7 years ago, Diamond is the only black person in the town of Swift River. They are almost able to have Pop declared legally dead when Diamond receives a letter from a relative she has never met.

Seven Summer Weekends

Seven Summer Weekends by Jane L Rosen

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Plot: Yay. We are back on Fire Island with this book from the June 2024 book releases. Addison Irwin has had a Zoom disaster and lost her job. When she inherits a property on Fire Island from her aunt, she has to decide whether to stay or sell. Can the guests and the moody guy next door help her make a choice?

Jackpot Summer

Jackpot Summer by Elyssa Friedland

Genre: Fiction

Plot: The four Jacobson children reunite when their mother passes away and their father decides to sell the house at the Jersey shore and move to a Florida retirement village. When three of the four children enter a Powerball drawing and win, money becomes the focus and the family starts to fall apart. We love Elyssa Friedland and cannot wait to read this pick from the June 2024 book releases.

How to Age Disgracefully

How to Age Disgracefully by Clare Pooley

Genre: Fiction

Plot: I love Clare Pooley’s books and cannot wait to read this pick from the June 2024 book releases. Lydia has taken a job running the Senior Citizen’s Social Club and the members are unlike anything she expected. Age has made them invisible and they have learned they can get away with a lot. When the City council tries to sell the community center building, the Social Club members join forces with the daycare, a teenager, and a dog to save the building.

swan song

Swan Song by Elin Hilderbrad

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Plot: This is the last book in the best-selling Nantucket Novels and we cannot wait to read this pick from the June 2024 book releases. A 22-million dollar summer home is sold to the Richardsons who throw parties and flaunt their wealth. When the house burns down and their employee goes missing, the entire island is thrown off kilter.

Lula Deans Little Library of Banned Book

Lula Dean’s Little Library of Banned Books by Kirsten Miller

Genre: Fiction

Plot: From the author of The Change, comes this pick from the June 2024 book releases. Beverly Underwood is on the school board and Lulu Dean, her arch nemesis, has made it her mission to rid the public library of inappropriate books. Instead, she creates her lending library filled with appropriate books. However, she does not know that someone has replaced the books inside the dust jacket with literary classics, witch books, LGBTQ+ romances, and more. The truth comes out when Beverly and Lulu are running against each other for the town Mayor.

Same as It Ever Was 1

Same as It Ever Was by Claire Lombardo

Genre: Literary Fiction

Plot: We are so excited to read the sophomore novel is the amazing Claire Lombardo on our June 2024 book releases list. Julia Ames is a 57-year-old woman who has finally found stability in her life. She is therefore unprepared for a surprise announcement from her son, a separation from her daughter, and a seduction from her past.


Bear by Julia Phillips

Genre: Literary Fiction

Plot: This pick from the June 2024 book releases has been named the most anticipated of the year by CNN and Oprah Daily. Sam and Elena are sisters living on the island of the coast of Washington. When Sam sees a bear swimming on the channel one night and it turns up by their home, Sam immediately wants to leave the Island while Elena is enchanted by its presence. This is a mythical and imaginative novel.

A Happier Life

A Happier Life by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Plot: In the present day, Keaton is shocked when her mother tells her someone needs to put her childhood home on the market in North Carolina. Keaton did not know the house existed or the secrets inside. In 1976 Becks abandoned her life to move to North Carolina and get married. The two women are connected through the house and the secrets it holds. We cannot wait to read this pick from the June 2024 book releases.


Sandwich by Catherine Newman

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Rocky and her family have gone to a rental in Cape Cod for 20 years. This year, the vacation is different as Rocky is experiencing the joy of half-grown kids, aging parents, and menopause. As they spend the week together, Rocky comes to terms with the fact that she can no longer keep secrets from her family. This book about a family summer vacation is a must-read from the June 2024 book releases.

Pink Glass Houses

Pink Glass Houses by Asha Elias

Genre: Fiction

Plot: This pick from the June 2024 book releases is described as Big Little Lies meets Pineapple Street with diamonds in Miami. This is a peek into the lives of the uber-rich as women fight to be the PTA president in an exclusive elementary school.

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June 2024 Book Releases: Historical Fiction

Husbands Lovers

Husbands & Lovers by Beatriz Williams

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Mallory is searching for a donor kidney for her son and is forced to confront secrets from her mother’s past and her own: her mother’s adoption and her romance with her childhood best friend who is a famous singer-songwriter. in Cairo, 1951, a Hungarian refugee is married to a British Diplomat but has an affair with the manager of the Cairo Hotel. This pick from the spring 2024 book releases is a story of privilege, class, and the female experience.

Isabel and the Rogue by Liana De la Rosa

Isabel and the Rogue by Liana De la Rosa

Genre: Historical Romance

Plot: We cannot wait to read this historical romance from the June 2024 book releases. Isabel, Luna Valdes is the perfect person to find British intelligence to help Mexico during the French occupation. Serious is an agent for the British home office who befriends politicians and seduces ladies of the time to learn their secrets. When it comes to Isabel, serious has met his match.

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June 2024 Book Releases: Most Anticipated Fantasy/ Sci-fi

Foul Days

Foul Days by Genoveva Dimova

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: This is a fantasy rooted in Slavic Folklore from our June 2024 book releases. Kosara is a witch in the city of Chernograd. The source of her power is her shadow. When she is forced to trade it for her own safety, she becomes very ill and must face the Foul Days’ biggest threat and get her shadow back within 12 days.


Moonbound by Robin Sloan

Genre: Sci-fi

Plot: If you loved Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, you will love this new book from the June 2024 book releases that expands that same universe. This book takes place 11,000 years from now in a book filled with sci-fi, fantasy, and story-telling that only Sloan can write.

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Most Anticipated Thrillers and Mysteries for June 2024

Such a Bad Influence

Such a Bad Influence by Olivia Muenster

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Evie Davis has been a lifestyle influencer since the age of 5 when a video went viral. Now, she is 18 and a multimillionaire with a YouTuber boyfriend and influencer Frenemies. Her older sister Hazel seems to be the only one who cares about her well-being. When Evie disappears in the middle of a livestream, Hazel is horrified that her worst nightmare has come to fruition. We cannot wait to read this faux celebrity book from the June 2024 book releases.

One of Our Kind

One of Our Kind by Nicola Yoon

Genre: Mystery

Plot: This is the first adult novel by Nicola Yoon and we cannot wait to read this pick from the June 2024 book releases. Jasmyn and King Williams move to the planned, Black Utopia of Liberty community, hoping to find a place where their family can thrive. King settles in right away but Jasmyn’s only friends in the community are people like her who are more concerned about the world’s troubles than booking spa treatments. When Jasmyn discovers a truth, she is wondering if it will destroy her.

The Next Mrs. Parrish

The Next Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Daphne and Amber are back together again in this game of cat and mouse. If you loved The Last Mrs Parrish, a best-selling Reese Book Club pick, this book from the June 2024 book releases is a must for your TBR.

Middle of the Night

Middle of the Night by Riley Sager

Genre: Thriller

Plot: We have read and ranked all of Riley Sager’s books so you know that this book from the June 2024 book releases is on our TBR. Ethan Marsh’s best friend Billy disappeared 13 years ago and now Ethan is still plagued with memories from that night. Even worse, he is seeing signs of Billy everywhere. Who could be playing such a terrible prank?

The Midnight Feast

The Midnight Feast by Lucy Foley

Genre: Thriller/ Mystery

Plot: This is a locked room mystery from Lucy Foley and we cannot wait to read this book from the June 2024 book releases. It is the opening weekend at The Manor, a luxury resort. Five people are in attendance and not everyone will leave.


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Romance: June 2024 Book Releases

A Novel Love Story

A Novel Love Story by Ashley Poston

Eileen Merriweather loves a great HEA storyline and her life can use some romances with a guaranteed Happily Ever After. Her fiance broke up with her a week before the wedding and left her to pick up all the pieces. She still has not recovered completely. To make matters worse, all her friends from her romance book club cannot make it to their annual retreat this year.

Eileen decides to go on her own, but her car breaks down and she finds herself inside her favorite fictional town of Elaraton. She has no idea how it happened, but she is inside a fictional town that is in limbo. They are stuck between the author’s previous book and the unfinished last story. When she meets the grumpy bookstore owner, she thinks that he must be part of the last story and she unknowingly starts changing things in the town.

Why We Love This Book: Ashely Poston’s books are so original and this one was no exception. I love the idea of a romance story within a story. The book is magical without seeming impossible. It was delightful and difficult to put down #gifted

Summer Romance

Summer Romance by Annabel Monaghan

Ali is a newly single mom and a professional organizer whose life could not be messier. When her mom died, she couldn’t get over it and her already failing marriage could not recover.

When she meets Ethan, she decides that a summer romance would be the perfect thing for her to start the next chapter in her life. She does not realize that Ethan might turn into so much more.

Why We Love This Book: Same Time Next Summer and Nora Goes Off Script were both books we loved and could not wait to read this book. This is a slow-burn romance that also deals with the loss of a parent, the loss of self, and how to move forward one step at a time. Throughout the book, Ali moves through the stages of grief, mourning the loss of her mother. It was poignant and moving with the HEA you expect #gifted

The Rom Commers

The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center

Genre: Romance

Plot: Emma Wheeler finally has a chance at the career as a screenwriter she has always dreamed of. She has a chance to re-write a script for Chalie Yeates, the famous screenwriter and she cannot wait. Her younger sister agrees to help take care of their dad while she is gone.

The only problem is that Charlie not only doesn’t want to write with anyone, but his script is horrible and he has already turned to his next project. This pick from the June 2024 book releases looks like the perfect summer read.

Not in Love

Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood

Rue Siebert is a biotech engineer at Kline, a start-up business where she works with her best friends, Trish and Florence who is also her boss. Rue has had a difficult childhood and has difficulty letting people in. She prefers one-night stands with no strings attached.

When Rue’s almost hook-up with Eli Kilgore is interrupted by her brother, she is relieved when she finds out that Eli and his partners have started a hostile takeover of Kline.

But even though Rue never has a second date, she makes an exception for Eli, if only to get him out of her system. Soon they are both torn between their attraction to each other and their loyalty to their respective companies.

Why We Love This Book: If you love Ali Hazelwood Books, this pick from the spring 2024 book releases will not disappoint you. It is a very steamy pick, even when compared to Hazelwood’s other romances. Her books always depict women in stem and we love a strong female protagonist.
Trigger Warnings: This book talks about food insecurity and its lasting effects
Find This Book in Ali Hazelwood Books: The Best Stem Romances

Tangled Up in You

Tangled Up in You (Meant to Be #4) by Christina Lauren

Genre: Romance

Plot: This book from the June 2024 book releases is a retelling of Disney’s Tangled. Ren has been raised off the grid on a homestead and has finally achieved her goal of going to college. Fitz has a plan to graduate college at the top of his class and get his criminal record wiped clean. When the two end up on a road trip for their immunology seminar, they realize that maybe their dreams are sitting next to them in the car.

A Love Like the Sun

A Love Like the Sun by Riss M. Neilson

Genre: Romance

Plot: Laniah Thompson runs a natural hair store with her mother and they are struggling to pay the bills. Her best friend since childhood, Isaac, is an internet star. When he comes home for the summer and sees Laniah struggling, she decides to tell everyone they are fake-dating until she gets back on track. The problem is that the line between friendship and romance has always seemed very thin. We cannot wait for this fake-dating romance from the June 2024 book releases.


Daydream by Hannah Grace

Genre: Romance

Plot: In this college romance, Henry Turner, the captain of his hockey team; and bookish Halle who is a brilliant student who also runs a book club and is an aspiring novelist find that Henry may be just the thing she needs to cure her writer’s block. This is sure to be a steamy pick from the June 2024 book releases

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June 2024: Best Non-Fiction Book Releases

When Women Ran Fifth Avenue

When Women Ran Fifth Avenue: Glamour and Power at the Dawn of American Fashion by Julie Satow

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: This pick from the June 2024 book releases is the true story of three women who changed the world of fashion. This nonfiction tells the story of Hortense Odlum, Geraldine Stutz, and Dorothy Shaver. These women were revolutionary.

The Impostor Heiress

The Impostor Heiress: Cassie Chadwick, The Greatest Grifter of the Gilded Age by Annie Reed

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: I absolutely cannot wait to read this nonfiction book pick from the June 2024 book releases. Cassie Chadwick was one of the most successful con artists of the last century. She convinced people that she was the illegitimate daughter of Andrew Carnegie and swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting men.

Best YA June 2024 Book Releases

Heiress Takes All

Heiress Takes All by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

Genre: Young Adult Mystery

Plot: This looks like such a fun pick from the 2024 June book releases. It is a cross between Inheritance Games and Ocean’s 11 that will have you on the edge of your seat! Olivia Owen is not happy that her dad is getting remarried- especially since he has already cut her off from her inheritance. She creates a plan to redistribute all his money during the wedding if only her ex-boyfriends, European cousins, and a vengeful second wife do not interfere with the heist.

With Love Miss Americanah

With Love, Miss Americanah by Jane Igharo

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Plot: Enore Adesuwa is 17 years old and about to be a high school senior when her father dies and her mother decides to move from Nigeria to America. Her cousin, Adrian tells her to prepare for the move by watching teen movies. Now, with the help of her crush, her sister, and her new friends, Enore might just give herself a cinematic year. This teen romance looks like a must-read pick from the June 2024 book releases.

We LOVE to support independent bookstores. You can shop our entire list of New books for June 2024 on bookshop.org

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