28 Most Anticipated New November 2023 Book Releases by Genre

November 2023 book releases
28 Most Anticipated New November 2023 Book Releases by Genre 39

The November 2023 book releases are here and we are so excited about this amazing list of books that we cannot wait to read.

For the first time ever, we are light on contemporary fiction picks. But don’t worry, this month is jam-packed with historical mysteries as well as thrillers and non-fiction.

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Most Anticipated November 2023 Fiction Book Releases

Day A Novel

Day: A Novel by Michael Cunningham

Genre: Fiction

Plot: This pick from November 2023 book releases is set on April 5th in a Brooklyn brownstone. In 2019, Dan and Isabel’s marriage is unraveling. Amidst a global lockdown in 2020, the family’s struggles intensify as their daughter Violet’s fear of the outside world grows. In 2021, they confront the aftermath of the crisis, reflecting on their losses, lessons learned, and the uncertain path ahead. This novel is a family drama at its finest.

The wishing Bridge

The Wishing Bridge by Viola Shipman

Genre: Holiday Fiction

Plot: This pick from the November 2023 book releases is a novel centered around Henrietta Wegner, a once-successful mergers and acquisitions executive. Facing the possibility of unemployment, she promises her boss that she can convince her parents to sell their iconic Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan, to a soulless corporation. As she returns to her hometown and reconnects with the magic of the store and her loved ones, Henri begins to question her corporate ambitions and faces the dilemma of choosing between career success or a meaningful family holiday.

Before we Say Goodbye

Before We Say Goodbye: A Novel (Before the Coffee Gets Cold Series Book 4) by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Genre: Magical Realism Fiction

Plot: regulars at the café, know that it has the ability to grant them a trip to the past provided they follow the rules. They must return to the present in the time it takes for the coffee to get cold. This pick from November 2023 new releases has been translated from the original Japanese. What would you change if you could go back in time?

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November 2023 Book Releases: Historical Fiction

last night at the hollywood canteen

Last Night at the Hollywood Canteen by Sarah James

Genre: Historical Mystery

Plot: Lights, camera, murder! Step into the world of 1943 Hollywood and join Annie Laurence, the murder mystery playwright turned amateur sleuth, as she hunts for a killer at the Hollywood Canteen. With quirky characters, scandalous love affairs, and witty dialogue, this vibrant and utterly delightful pick from November 2023 book releases will transport you into a 1940s movie like never before!

The Little Liar

The Little Liar: A Novel by Mitch Albom

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This pick from November 2023 book releases by Mitch Albom is a powerful novel set during the Holocaust. It follows the journey of eleven-year-old Nico Krispis, who must confront a heart-wrenching decision that forever changes his life. Nico and his companions, Sebastian and Fanni, survive the death camps and search for each other. The story explores the consequences of deception, the struggle for survival, and the power of love. Narrated by Truth, this is sure to be an amazing pick. If you are looking for more of the Best Books about WWII: Historical Fiction, Romance, and More, head over to our list.

act like a lady

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord by Celeste Connally

Genre: Historical Mystery

Plot: In 1815 London, Lady Petra Forsyth boldly declares she will never marry after losing her fiancé She intends to enjoy her freedom and wealth. However, when she hears rumors of a friend’s death under suspicious circumstances, she uses her status to investigate further. Uncovering a private asylum where women are imprisoned, Petra becomes entangled in a dangerous quest for the truth, putting her independence and life at risk. This historical mystery from November 2023 book releases is definitely on my list of books to read.

The Butterfly Collector

The Butterfly Collector by Tea Cooper

Genre: Historical Mystery

Plot: In 1968, Theodora Breckenridge is an aspiring nature illustrator who stumbles upon a rare butterfly and aims to make a scientific breakthrough until her maid’s baby goes missing. In 1922, Verity Binks, a determined journalist, receives a mysterious parcel and delves into a dark and intricate mystery dating back fifty years. As the two women’s stories intertwine, secrets unravel, and they must confront the truth that has been hidden for decades. This historical mystery was a must for our November 2023 book releases.

We Must Not Think of Ourselves

We Must Not Think of Ourselves by Lauren Grodstein

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This historical fiction pick from the November 2023 book releases is a poignant novel set in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Adam Paskow, a prisoner in the Ghetto, joins a secret group of archivists aiming to preserve the truth of their experiences. Despite their living conditions and fear, Adam falls in love with his flatmate, Sala, leading to an impossible choice when he discovers a potential escape from the Ghetto. This heart-wrenching tale explores love, defiance, and sacrifice in the face of unimaginable circumstances, making it a compelling addition to the literary World War II fiction genre.

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November 2023 Book Releases: Most Anticipated Fantasy/ Sci-fi

Hunt of Dark Waters

Hunt on Dark Waters by Katee Roberts

Genre: Steamy Fantasy Romance

Plot: Evelyn is a witch who falls through a portal to another realm after she steals from her vampire ex. She is fished out of the water by the captain of a pirate ship and given the choice to join the crew or die. The captain has no memory of his life before, and now he and his band of pirates are patrolling the magical sea between realms. This steamy fantasy romance looks like a must-read from the list of November 2023 book releases.

The Future

The Future by Naomi Adlerman

Genre: Sci-Fi

Plot: This pick from the November 2023 book releases is from the best-selling author of The Power. a Group of friends plot to save the world from billionaire tech giants who threaten the destroy the world with their greed. You can check out more books like this on our list of 17 Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time.

iron flame

Iron Flame (Empyrean Series #2) by Rebecca Yarros

Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance

Plot: There are currently no details about book #2 in the Fourth Wing Series. It will be published on November 7, 2023. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? I will be receiving a hard copy and a Kindle version so I can read it easier and not mess up the physical version. If you have read Fourth Wing, you will want to make sure to pre-order this book from the epic series. This is the most highly anticipated pick from the November 2023 book releases.

What the River Knows

What the River Knows by Isabel Ibañez

Genre: YA Fantasy

Plot: Step into a world of historical fantasy set in Egypt Inez must rely on magic to uncover the truth about her parents’ disappearance. With rivals-to-lovers vibes and an infuriatingly handsome assistant, she sets sail to Cairo to uncover her parent’s secrets, unearthing ancient magic and danger along the way. Get ready for a thrilling adventure this pick from November 2023 book releases, the first book of the enchanting Secrets of the Nile duology!

The Kingdom of Sweets

The Kingdom of Sweets by Erika Johansen

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: This standalone novel from November 2023 book releases, is a dark reimagining of The Nutcracker. Two sisters, Natasha and Clara, are cursed from birth by their godfather, the sorcerer Drosselmeyer. While Clara thrives, Natasha lives in her sister’s shadow until one Christmas Eve when she’s given the chance for revenge. With the arrival of the enchanted Nutcracker and entry into the Kingdom of Sweets, Natasha faces a choice between earthly and magical forces, unveiling her true destiny in this tale of light and dark.

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Adult Fantasy Novels

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Most Anticipated Thrillers and Mysteries for November 2023

The Last Caretaker

The Last Caretaker by Jessica Strawser

Genre: Thrillers

Plot: Get ready for a suspenseful adventure in this pick from the November 2023 book releases! Meet Katie, a woman seeking a fresh start after a humiliating divorce. But her new caretaking job at a nature preserve takes a turn when mysterious events unfold. With quirky characters and unexpected twists, this page-turner will have you hooked till the very end!

The Engagement Party

The Engagement Party by Finley Turner

Genre: Thriller

Plot: In this heart-stopping. faced-paced thriller from November 2023 book releases, Kass is newly engaged to Murray Sedgemont. When his parents throw them a lavish engagement party, she realizes his family is one of the uber-wealthy, most powerful families in NC. When a dead body is found at the party, Kass is the prime suspect as an interloper. She must prove her innocence while avoiding the threats

The Fiction Writer

The Fiction Writer by Jillian Cantor

Genre: Thriller

Plot: In one of the exciting November 2023 book releases, Olivia Fitzgerald, a struggling writer, lands a lucrative ghostwriting gig for a reclusive billionaire, Henry Asherwood. Tasked with uncovering a dark secret about his grandmother and Daphne du Maurier, Olivia becomes entangled in a gothic mystery that challenges her notions of creative freedom and whose stories should be told.

The Mystery Guest

The Mystery Guest by Nita Prose

Genre: Mystery

Plot: Oh how I love Molly Gray, the Head Maide at the Regency Grand Hotel and I cannot wait to read this pick from November 2023 book releases!

When a renowned mystery author drops dead on the floor of the hotel’s tea room, Molly knows that it is up to her to solve the murder because if there is one thing she knows, it’s that secrets do not stay buried forever!

The Other Half

The Other Half by Charlotte Vassell

Genre: Mystery

Plot: This debut mystery novel from November 2023 book releases revolves around the murder of Clemmie, whose body is discovered after a lavish birthday party in London’s high society. Detective Caius Beauchamp, delves into the lives of the wealthy and privileged party-goers, navigating through a web of connections and secrets to uncover the truth behind the murder. Filled with biting humor, shocking twists, and a captivating portrayal of aristocrats and influencers, the book promises to be a compelling and suspenseful whodunit.


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Romance: November 2023 Book Releases

The Good Part

The Good Part by Sophie Cousens

Genre: Romance

Plot: Sophie Cousens never fails to disappoint with her fantastic books. In this pick from November 2023 book releases, Lucy Young is 26 and tired of terrible dates and horrible roommates. When she comes across a wishing machine, she wishes to skip to the good part of her life. When she wakes up, she is married, has beautiful children, and has her dream job. She then asks herself if she actually skipped her life or if she just cannot remember. And can she go back if she wants to? This romance is a definite must-read.

Artifacts of an

Artifacts of an Ex by Jennifer Chen

Genre: Romance

Plot: When heartbroken Chloe Chang gets dumped through the mail, she turns her breakup box into an art exhibit called Heartifacts, buying others’ boxes to join the collection. Along the way, she meets Daniel Kwak, a cute guy with a no-rebound policy, because he has been the rebound man one too many times. As they navigate love, art, and Instagram influencers, Chloe learns to embrace her art and prove to Daniel that she’s truly ready for a love story of their own! This pick from November 2023 book releases is sure to be a great romance.

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November 2023: Best Non-Fiction Book Releases

My Name Is Barbra

My Name Is Barbra Kindle Edition by Barbra Streisand 

Genre: Memoir

Plot: At last, we have a memoir from the living legend. Barbra Streisand’s career has spanned six decades and she has shown there is nothing she cannot do. This pick from November 2023 book releases is going to be an instant best-seller!

Class A Memoir

Class: A Memoir of Motherhood, Hunger, and Higher Education by Stephanie Land

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: Land’s first book, Maid was an eye-opening book into the lives of the working poor. This sophomore book takes us on a journey with Land as she finishes college and pursues her career as a writer. This book is a portrayal of motherhood and survival with the goal of pursuing higher education, despite poverty and food insecurity. This non-fiction pick from November 2023 book releases looks fantastic and is sure to find itself on our list on our ultimate list of nonfiction books.

Data Baby

Data Baby: My Life in a Psychological Experiment by Susannah Breslin

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: This is the true story of Susannah Breslin whose parents enrolled her in a laboratory preschool at UC Berkeley. She was one of the children who were the subjects of a 30-year study of personality development. Now, decades later, she is exploring her true self and the effects of being part of a decades-long psychological study. This pick from November 2023 book releases looks absolutely intriguing.

Best YA November 2023 Book Releases


Check and Mate by Ali Hazelwood

I am so honored that I was able to read a copy of this debut YA novel from master romance writer and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Love Hypothesis.

Chess destroyed Mallory’s family four years ago which led to her quitting the sport. Now, she supports her family with a dead-end job. When she plays one last chess game in a tournament and beats the current world champion, Nolan Sawyer, nobody is more shocked than he is.

The cash from the win encourages Mallory to keep playing as a paid fellowship but soon things become even more complicated than the game when she starts to love chess and have feelings for Nolan. This is one of our most anticipated November 2023 book releases and is one of the best YA romances I have read in a long time

With or Without You

With or Without You by Eric Smith

Genre: Young Adult

Plot: In this pick from November 2023 book releases, two teens are caught in the middle of their families’ Philly cheesesteak food truck rivalry. But, that rivalry is just an act for publicity. Jordan and Cindy are actually in love, but their loyalty is called into question when they find themselves on a reality TV show.

Didnt See That Coming

Didn’t See That Coming by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Genre: Young Adult

Plot: Kiki is a gamer girl who is totally confident with herself except when she’s online. To avoid harassment from male players, she plays as a guy online. Even her online best friend doesn’t know she’s really a girl. When she transfers to an elite private school and discovers her online best friend goes there, she has to figure out who he is and how would he react when he finds out her secret. This young adult book is a great pic from the November 2023 book releases.

Betting on You

Betting on You by Lynn Painter

Genre: YA Romance

Plot: In this YA romance from November 2023 book releases, 17-year-old Bailey starts a new job at a hotel waterpark and finds herself at the center of a bet. Bailey meets Charlie, an old acquaintance and the two spark up a friendship. Can members of the opposite sex be just friends? Soon, the lines between real and fake become blurred and the two will have to decide if their relationship was doomed from the start.

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