Best New Thriller Books of 2024

Best New Thriller Books of 2024

I am so excited about all the amazing new thriller books of 2024. And while I know that we are not in the heart of thriller season yet, there are some FABULOUS books on the list already.

These new thriller books are full of so many twists and turns I never saw coming. The best part? The twists and turns are part of well-thought-out plot lines rather than an attempt to fool the reader. This feels so fulfilling as a reader who loves being surprised. I hate when I can immediately guess the end of a thriller.

I hope you love these picks as much as I did. Make sure to check back often because we will be adding to this list and we read more new thriller books.

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Best New Thriller Books of 2024

Best New Thrillers of 2024

first lie wins

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston

January 2024 Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

Evie Porter knows the rules for survival: the first lie wins. Her mysterious boss, Mr. Smith, will first send her a name and then a location. She gets one piece of information at a time and is never sure what the end game is. She knows that she owes Mr. Smithe everything.

This time, her mark is Ryan Summer. But she is starting to feel like there might be something real with him. But, she cannot make any more mistakes. She is already on thin ice because of how she screwed up her last job. Soon, she is following twisted pathway and is not sure who to trust. Can she even trust herself?

Why I Love It: This is unlike any thriller I have read. It is not a murder mystery thriller, but rather a fast-paced, secret-identity thriller where you will feel like you are one step behind the entire book. I listened to this on a road trip with my husband he loved it as much as I did. #gifted

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The fury

The Fury by Alex Michaelides

While you know within the first chapter that a murder has been committed, the book’s first half is a slow-paced development of the characters, the relationships, and their motives for being the murderer or the victim.

By 60%, the pacing changes into a non-stop action plot with twists and turns around every corner. It reached a furious crescendo that I did not see coming, but Alex’s books tend to do that to me!

Why we love it: I loved the settings – mostly gorgeous Greece, sometimes rainy London. I loved the characters (and by loved I mean loved to hate them all.) The book being in journal format was stellar storytelling, as was the audiobook narrator’s reading of it. #gifted by Celadon Books

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The Night of the storm

The Night of the Storm by Nishita Parekh

I finished this multi-genre book in one day. I simply couldn’t stop listening (the narrator is tops!). It was a fast-paced ride the entire time – from the hurricane to the family secrets, to the death, it was a shock and surprise around each corner.

Jai is forced to head to her sister’s family home with her son due to Hurricane Harvey. As she hunkers down with her sister Seema, her brother-in-law, his mother, and his brother and sister-in-law, family secrets come out in the most dangerous ways.

From potential affairs to the shocking reason Jai is divorcing her husband, it was a never-ending thrill ride. Add in the tensions between the sisters, Jai’s relationship struggles with her preteen son, and the brother’s drama and you’ve got one hell of a story.

Why we Love it: I love that the author was inspired to write a thriller that starred an Indian family like her own, and that her family and their experience during Hurricane Harvey was the inspiration for this story. #Gifted by PRH Audio

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Thrillers for the Beach

the resort

The Resort by Sara Ochs

Set on a secluded resort island in Thailand, the story is told by Cass, an ex-pat who is outrunning her former life, and Brooke, a travel influencer who isn’t quite what she seems.

When Cass discovers the body of a murdered resort guest while teaching her scuba diving class, their sleepy resort is thrown into chaos. Cass and her fellow ex-pats, known as The Permanents, will do anything to avoid media exposure, but as bodies pile up, Cass and Brooke begin to explore what dark secrets lie at the heart of the island.

Why I Loved It: This novel was a thrill ride from the opening murder scene. I was left completely unprepared for the conclusion and the final chapter had me gasping out loud! I can’t imagine a more fun tropical thriller.

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kill for me kill for you

Kill for Me, Kill for You by Steve

This is such a great thriller that will keep you on your toes. Amanda and Wendy meet for drinks after attending a support group for grieving parents. They devise the perfect plan to get revenge on the men who ruined their lives. They will each kill the person the other wants dead.

Meanwhile, Ruth has suffered a trauma of her own and is trying, unsuccessfully to get her life together. What starts off as a slower-paced story, sets the stage for a fast-paced, unexpected thriller.

Why I loved It: As the stories of the women come together, the brilliant plot development becomes evident and I could not put it down. I listened to this one on a road trip and it made the time fly by #gifted

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Very Bad Company by Emma Rosenblum

Aurora, a startup on the brink of sale, is hosting it’s annual executive retreat – a glorified party dressed up as work. From clubbing to paragliding, yachting to inappropriate relationships, it’s a wonder these execs had a chance to sign the merger papers.

And in the middle of it all, one of the top executives winds up dead – possibly murdered – and they all need to keep it hush hush for the sale to go through. Narrated from the employees’ perspectives, it was a riot to figure out motives and gain access to each one’s innermost thoughts.

Why I Loved It: The crazy cast of characters and their INSANE antics might be too much for some readers, but I loved to hate each and every one of them. The over-the-top work retreat, toxic culture, and every-man-for-himself attitudes had me gobbling this snarky, comedic thriller up like chocolate.

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Historical Fiction Thrillers

The Heiress

The Heiress by Rachel Hawkins

This dual timeline story is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a sprawling, secluded mountain estate. The present-day story features the heir’s return with his wife to the town and the dysfunctional, toxic family he left behind to put his late mother’s affairs in order and repair the house.

Interspersed throughout the story are letters written by his mother, Ruby. Widowed 4 times over, she was known as Mrs. Kill-More by the end of her life. Within the pages of the letters, she reveals the courtship, marriage, and deaths of each of her husbands, as well as multiple family secrets. It’s glamorous and dark all at the same time.

Why I Love It: Hawkins weaves a masterful story with twisted, flawed characters that I couldn’t put down. The secrets kept unfurling until the very last page. This is my favorite book of hers yet!

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The House on Biscayne Bay

The House on Biscayne Bay by Chanel Cleeton

Chanel Cleeton has written a gothic historical fiction and i am here for it! After focusing on the Perez family for several years, Cleeton has finally written another stand-alone novel.

In the era after The Great War, Robert Barnes and his wife Anna built a beautiful estate called Marbisa in Biscayne Bay, Florida. Decades later, Carmen Acosta visits the estate, now owned by her estranged sister and her husband, which looks like a paradise on the outside but is much more.

Told in a dual-timeline narrative, Carmen is out to determine if the murder of her sister is connected to the murders at Marbisa in the 1920s.

Why We Liked it: Marbisa came to life in both narratives – becoming a character in its own right. I loved reading Cleeton’s foray into the mystery/thriller genre, especially because I didn’t see the ending coming! #gifted by Berkley

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Ultimate List of Thrillers

Love Thrillers? This list is curated and carefully divided by sub-genre. These will definitely keep you on your toes.

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