The 18 Chanel Cleeton Books in Order + Perez Family Series Guide

Chanel Cleeton Books in Order

Like many people, I was exposed to Chanel Cleeton’s novels after Reese Witherspoon picked Next Year in Havana as a book club pick. But she’s subsequently written more books about the Perez Family, so I wanted to create a guide to the Perez Family series and put all the Chanel Cleeton books in order of publication.

While I knew that the Perez family series was complete and Cleeton has since moved on to standalone novels, I had no idea that she got her start writing romances!

In clearing up her historical fiction works series order, I decided to also list her previous works in case you wanted to delve into her backlist.

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most beautiful woman in cuba

Chanel Cleeton Books

Who is Chanel Cleeton?

Chanel Cleeton is a Cuban-American writer who started with romance novels before switching over to historical fiction books inspired by her family’s exodus from Cuba.

What is Chanel Cleeton Known for?

Chanel Cleeton is most known for the first book in her Perez Family series, Next Year in Havana. It became a New York Times bestseller after it was chosen as a selection for the Reese Witherspoon Book Club.

Do You Have to Read the Chanel Cleeton Books in Order?

Yes and No. Her romances and the Perez Family series do need to be read in order, but she also has some standalone novels that you can read whenever!

Last Days in Barcelona

Chanel Cleeton Books in Order of Publication

  1. I See London (International School #1) – 2013
  2. London Falling (International School #2) – 2014
  3. French Kissed (International School #3) – 2014
  4. Flirting with Scandal (Capital Confessions #1) – 2015
  5. Playing with Trouble (Capital Confessions #2) – 2015
  6. Falling for Danger (Capital Confessions #3) – 2015
  7. Between Shadows (Assassins #1) – 2016
  8. Fly with Me (Wild Aces #1) – 2016
  9. Into the Blue (Wild Aces #2) – 2016
  10. On Broken Wings (Wild Aces #3) – 2017
  11. Next Year in Havana (Perez Family #1) – 2018
  12. When We Left Cuba (Perez Family #2) – 2019
  13. The Last Train to Key West (Perez Family #3) – 2020
  14. The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba (Perez Family #4) – 2021
  15. Our Last Days in Barcelona (Perez Family #5) – 2022
  16. The Cuban Heiress – 2023
  17. A Night at the Tropicana – 2023
  18. The House on Biscayne Bay – 2024

The Newest Chanel Cleeton Book

The House on Biscayne Bay

The House on Biscayne Bay by Chanel Cleeton

Chanel Cleeton has written a gothic historical fiction and i am here for it! After focusing on the Perez family for several years, Cleeton has finally written another stand-alone novel.

In the era after The Great War, Robert Barnes and his wife Anna built a beautiful estate called Marbisa in Biscayne Bay, Florida. Decades later, Carmen Acosta visits the estate, now owned by her estranged sister and her husband, which looks like a paradise on the outside but is much more.

Told in a dual-timeline narrative, Carmen is out to determine if the murder of her sister is connected to the murders at Marbisa in the 1920s.

Why We Liked it: Marbisa came to life in both narratives – becoming a character in its own right. I loved reading Cleeton’s foray into the mystery/thriller genre, especially because I didn’t see the ending coming! #gifted by Berkley

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Guide to Chanel Cleeton’s Perez Family Series

Kicking off with Next Year in Havana, the Perez Family Series is five books long. It revolves around the sisters of the family who were forced to flee Cuba in the 1960s because of Fidel Castro. Each sister gets her own story as do other descendants.

Each book can be read as a stand-alone, although the same characters do pop up across multiple books.

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton - A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick! #reesewitherspoonbookclub #nextyearinhavana

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

July 2018 Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

I picked up Next Year in Havana after Reese Witherspoon recommended it in July – I wasn’t disappointed! This historical fiction tale is about a young Cuban American woman, Marisol, who visits Cuba for the first time.

She’s arrived to spread her grandmother’s ashes but what Marisol thought would be a simple quest turns her world upside down as she uncovers secrets from her grandmother’s past.

Why I Loved it: Cuba becomes a character in this novel and it’s truly spectacular. I was so sad when my time with Perez Family ended, but I’m delighted that Chanel Cleeton decided to return to the family.

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When We Left Cuba by Chanel Cleeton

We are back with the Perez family in this sequel to Cleeton’s smash hit, Next Year in Havana. This time we get to explore the life and loves of enigmatic Beatriz Perez – a character I was intrigued by in the first novel.

The story of Beatriz’s life as a spy during the Cuban Missile Crisis was quite compelling. It was so interesting to see how the Cubans felt about America’s involvement or lack thereof during the time.

Why I Liked it: The love story was compelling and realistic in my opinion, though I know others who didn’t love it at much as the first book. I breezed through it quickly and happily. 

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the last train to key west

The Last Train to Key West by Chanel Cleeton

Book 3 of the Perez family series was different from the rest, because there wasn’t a particularly big Cuban storyline. Instead, it’s the story of three women impacted by a fierce Hurricane that hit the Florida Keys.

One woman, Mirta Perez, is on her honeymoon, one is a local, and one is in the Keys to save her family fortune. Their lives intertwine throughout the disastrous holiday weekend.

My Thoughts: Well, I was not expecting this doozy of a book. Chanel Cleeton’s Cuba book series is wonderful, but this one left me with mixed feelings.

I love the Florida Keys setting of this story and the elements of the hurricane in this novel. I was not expecting the domestic abuse one woman experiences (I mention this as it might be a trigger for some,) and while I liked most of the plots, I wasn’t a fan of the mobster storyline. Still, it was a fun read for a stormy summer day at the beach.

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the most beautiful girl in cuba

The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba by Chanel Cleeton

Chanel Cleeton is back with a prequel to the Perez family story. This time, she examines their ancestor, Marina during the 1896 war between Spain and the US on Cuban soil. This is one of our favorite Gilded Age books set internationally.

Evangelina Cisneros, dubbed The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba by the New York newspapers, and journalist Grace Harrington’s stories are also the focus of this biographical novel.

Why I Liked it: Cleeton’s vivid imagery and captivating stories make learning about Cuba’s tragic history compelling and helps give context to the Cuba we know today.

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our last days in barcelona

Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel Cleeton

The 5th book about the Perez family once again delivered. This time we get a dual timeline story featuring Isabel Perez and her mother, Alicia. The story is told decades apart in Barcelona where both women fled in the early years of their marriage.

Why I Liked it: I love the way the stories dovetailed at the end. The final page had me grinning ear to ear. If you are interested in Spain’s history and its impact on Cubans at the time, this is the Historical Fiction story for you!

More Chanel Cleeton Book Reviews

The Cuban Heiress

The Cuban Heiress by Chanel Cleeton

While this story is set in the same time period as some of Cleeton’s stories about the Perez family, this book is not about the family! It is inspired by the real story of the S.S. Moro and its fateful last journey.

Add in a woman pretending to be an heiress, a fiance who isn’t what he seems, a thief, and a passenger out for revenge and you have the perfect historical fiction beach read of 2023!

Why I Liked it: It was nice to finally get a standalone Historical Fiction from Cleeton! I’ll always love the Perez family, but I liked this departure and the unique cruise ship setting.

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What Chanel Cleeton Book Should I Read First?

We recommend starting with Next Year in Havana. It’s the first book in the Perez family series and the start of her venture into historical fiction novels.

What is your favorite Chanel Cleeton novel?

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