26 Most Anticipated February 2024 Book Releases by Genre To Read Now

February 2024 book releases by Genre

The February 2024 book releases are here and we are so excited about this amazing list of books that we cannot wait to read.

February is often filled with romances in time for Valentine’s Day and we are all for it! This month, you will also find some great thrillers and mysteries that are perfect to cozy up with this winter.

If you are looking for book releases by genre or our complete list of new release books for 2024, we have those lists as well!

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Most Anticipated February 2024 Fiction Book Releases

14 days

Fourteen Days by Margaret Atwood and Others

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Each character from this novel has been written by a different, major literary voice including Margaret Atwood, Douglas Preston, Celeste Ng, Emma Donoghue, Dave Eggers, John Grisham, Diana Gabaldon, Ishmael Reed, Meg Wolitzer, Luis Alberto Urrea, James Shapiro, Sylvia Day, Mary Pope Osborne, Monique Truong, Hampton Sides, R. L. Stine, R. O. Kwon, David Byrne, Louise Erdrich, Neil Gaiman, Rachel Kushner, Candace Bushnell, Nora Roberts, Scott Turow, Tommy Orange, and more!

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February 2024 Book Releases: Historical Fiction

Queens of London

Queens of London by Heather Webb

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This historical fiction pick from February 2024 book releases takes place in London in 1925. Alice Diamond is the head of an all-female gang and she has big plans for the group. Unfortunately for her, Lillian Wyles, the first female detective at Scotland Yard has her eye on the Forty Elephants and she is looking for a way to bring them down.

The Women

The Women by Kristin Hannah

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Kristin Hannah’s newest book, takes us on a journey through the 1960s. It follows the coming-of-age tale of Frances “Frankie” McGrath, a good girl turned hero, as she navigates the chaos of war and a divided America.

This novel is true to Kirstin Hannah and shines a light on the forgotten sacrifices and courage of women who put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good. We cannot wait for this pick from the February 2024 book releases.

The Phoenix Crown

The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn and Janie Chang

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This pick from the February 2024 book releases takes place in San Fransisco in 1906, two women are trying to change their lives. Gemma is a soprano whose career is deteriorating and Suling is an embroiderer from Chinatown who is trying to escape an arranged marriage. They are both drawn into the world of Henry Thornton, a millionaire. When an earthquake rips apart San Francisco, Thorton disappears along with a relic from the Beijing Summer Palace, leaving behind a mystery.

The Hidden Life of Cecily Larso

The Hidden Life of Cecily Larson by Ellen Baker

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This pick from the February 2024 book releases is a sweeping family drama that spans a century. Cecily’s mother dropped her off at an orphanage when she was 4-years-old promising to be back as soon as she could. She never returns and Cecily is adopted into a family that runs a circus when she is 7. Now, in 2015, Cecily is 94 and is shocked when an at-home DNA test reveals secrets about her past and a love story she tried to keep a secret.

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February 2024 Book Releases: Most Anticipated Fantasy/ Sci-fi

The Bride

Bride by Ali Hazelwood

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Plot: Misery Lark is the daughter of a Vampyre councilman who is being forced into marriage with their mortal enemy (the Weres). Lowe Moreland is the Alpha of the Weres and he is keeping his eye on Misery. He does not trust her one bit. This paranormal romance from the February 2024 book releases looks like a must-read.

the warm hands of ghosts

The Warm Hands of Ghosts by Katherin Arden

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Plot: From the author of The Bear and the Nightengale comes a new WWI fiction that we cannot wait to read. In 1918 Laura and her brother Freddie are fighting in WWI. Laura is a field nurse who is injured and sent home. She soon receives word that her brother died in combat. Something doesn’t seem right and Laura heads back to Flanders to make sense of it. What she finds is something extraordinary. This pick from the February 2024 book releases looks like another win for Arden.

Neferura by Malayna Evans

Neferura by Malayna Evans

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Neferura is a princess and priestess whose mother is the great Pharaoh with people plotting to end her reign. Neferura must stop Thutmose at all costs- even if it means using the power of a tattooed wise woman who can be the end of Neferura and everyone she loves. This pick from the February 2024 book releases is unlike anything we have read.

The Frame up

The Frame-up by Gwenda Bond

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: I cannot wait to get my hands on this pick from the February 2024 book releases. Dani Poissant is the daughter of the world’s most famous art thief who happens to be in jail because Dani turned her in. Now, ten years later, she is approached for a once-in-a-lifetime heist that can make up for her past mistakes and reunite herself with her mother’s old gang which includes the love of her life and her former best friend. Can she pull off the heist? Oh, did I mention that the secret to their success is magic?

A Fate Inked in blood

A Fate Inked in Blood by Danielle L. Jensen

I love Greek mythology retellings and recently have started reading mythology retellings from other cultures too! Outside of Marvel’s Thor movies, I don’t know much about Norse mythology, so I was particularly eager to dive into this book.

The first in a trilogy, the story follows Freya, who goes from being a fishwife to the kingmaker after her goddess blood is discovered. Sworn in oath to one man; but burning with passion for another, Freya is one of the fiercest heroines I’ve ever read.

Why I Love It: This STEAMY romantasy is filled with blood lust, battle scenes, and world-building. I was transfixed by Jensen’s ability to weave such a mythical world. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, especially after the way this one ended!!

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Most Anticipated Thrillers and Mysteries for February 2024

The Teacher

The Teacher by Freida McFadden

Genre: Thriller

Plot: This pick from the February 2024 book releases is a story of secrets and revenge. Eve teaches math at the local high school. It should be the same as every year except she has Addie in her class. Addie was the center of a scandal and Addie knows secrets. She will do anything to keep those secrets.

The Fortune Seller

The Fortune Seller by Rachel Kapelke-Dale

Genre: Thriller

Plot: This pick from the February 2024 book releases has been on our TBR for a while. Rosie comes from a middle-class upbringing and worked hard to fit in with her uber-wealthy friends on the Yale equestrian team. When a new girl joins their team, money disappears from bank accounts and tensions rise. After graduation, Rosie realizes there is more to the new girl than she thought and she needs to set things right.

The Guest

The Guest by B. A. Paris

Genre: Thriller

Plot: BA Paris never fails to deliver a great thriller and this pick from the February 2024 book releases is no exception. When Iris and Gabriel come home from a holiday to find Laure, one of their best friends in their house, they want to be supportive. After all, her husband had an affair and a secret child. But when her behavior starts to unravel- sleeping in their bed and rearranging furniture, they realize that things may be worse than they thought and some secrets are more dangerous than others.

End of Story

End of Story by A. J. Finn

Genre: Thriller

Plot: I cannot wait to read this mystery thriller from the February 2024 book releases. Sebastian Trapp is a reclusive mystery novelist who lives with his second wife, daughter, and nephew. He writes to an expert in detective fiction and longtime correspondent to come and tell his story before he dies. Soon, the story of his first wife and son’s disappearance 20 years ago comes to light and there are questions about Sebastian’s involvement.


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Romance: February 2024 Book Releases

a love song for riki wilde

A Love Song for Ricki Wilde by Tia Williams

Genre: Romance

Plot: We are so excited to read the love story from the February 2024 book releases. Ricki Wilde is the daughter of a powerful Atlanta dynasty. Her sisters are socialites and she does not fit in with the family as an impulsive, artistic person. When she is given the chance to move into a Harlem brownstone, she jumps at the chance and soon meets a handsome stranger. Their lives will soon be linked in inexplicable ways.


Author: Tessa Bailey

Year: 2024

Genre: Romance

More info: Big Shots #1

Spice Rating: 💋💋💋💋

Age Range: 18+

Wells Whitaker was supposed to be the next big thing in golf but his career has spiraled. Josephine Doyle is his biggest fan who is always there to cheer him on no matter what until the days he quits.

Now he knows he has made a huge mistake. He goes to find Josephine and begs her to be his caddy which she agrees to because she needs the money to rebuild her family’s pro shop after a storm.

I’d never read a golf romance before but was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it! As in every Tessa Bailey book, Josephine and Wells had chemistry in spades and the sexy scenes were HOT!

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When Grumpy Met Sunshine

When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

Genre: Romance

Plot: Can you think of a better book for our 26 Grumpy Sunshine Trope Books? In this pick from the February 2024 book releases, Alfie is an ex-footballer (soccer) who needs a ghostwriter to write his memoirs. In walks Mabel Willicker who can sunshine her way into all aspects of Alfie’s life. Soon the two begin fake dating…can they find their happy ending? If Alfie is anything like Roy Kent, then I know this is a must-read romance.

The Catch

The Catch by Amy Lea

Genre: Romance

Plot: Who can resist a romance that takes place in a rural Canadian fishing village? Not me! In this pick from February 2024 book releases, Mealnie Karlsen is trying to revive her influencer status. Evan is a grumpy lobster fisherman who is left unconscious after a boating accident. In a case of mistaken identity, they think Mel is his fiance. Mel agrees to a fake relationship but soon feelings become real. Can she leave her Boston life behind for a chance at true love?

Till There Was You

Till There Was You by Lindsay Hameroff

Genre: Romance

Plot: If you are looking for a romance from the February 2024 book releases that has everything, this is the pick for you. We’ve got restaurants, musicians, celebrities, and a second-chance love story all set in the backdrop of New York City.

right on cue

Right on Cue by Falon Ballard

Genre: Romance

Plot: Emmy Harper is the daughter of a celebrity couple and has made a name for herself in screenwriting. When her newest move doesn’t have a leading lady, she is chosen to play the part. The problem? The leading man is to blame for many things including the end of her acting career a decade earlier. Will sparks fly in this pick from the winter 2024 book releases?

The Partner Plot

The Partner Plot by Kristina Forest

Genre: Romance

Plot: Violet Green is a celebrity stylist who just had a public breakup. Xavier Wright is a high school teacher and basketball coach who rarely leaves New Jersey. When the two high school sweethearts bump into each other in Las Vegas and accidentally get married, it seems that their fake marriage might be a benefit at first. But, soon old feelings come back and they have to decide if they can make it work. This pick from the winter 2024 book releases is a romance to remember.

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February 2024: Best Non-Fiction Book Releases

My Side of the River

My Side of the River: A Memoir by Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez

Genre: Memoir

Plot: This pick from the February 2024 book releases is the gripping memoir of Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez and her experience living in the U.S. when her parents were forced back to Mexico when she was just 15 years old. Elizabeth was left responsible for both her and her brother.

Last to eat

Last to Eat, Last to Learn: My Life in Afghanistan Fighting to Educate Woman by Pashtana Durrani and Tamara Bralo

Genre: Memoir

Plot: This stunning memoir is the story of Pashtana Durrani, an Amnesty International Global Youth Ambassador who is a young Afghani activist fighting for the right to educate women. This is a book that shows how one person can be the force of great change. We cannot wait for this pick from the February 2024 book releases

Best YA February 2024 Book Releases

if only I had told her

If Only I Had Told Her by Laura Nowlin

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Plot: This pick from the February 2024 book releases is a love story told from three perspectives. Finn has always loved Autumn but Sylvie is his girlfriend. Jack, Finn’s best friend has seen Autumn and Flinn together and wonders how she doesn’t know his true feelings. This is a love story that is not to be missed.

The Eternal Ones

The Eternal Ones (Gilded Ones #3) by Namina Forna

Genre: YA Fantasy

Plot: This pick from the February 2024 book releases in the third book in the Gilded Ones series. It picks up weeks after confronting the Gilded Ones. Deka is running out of time to save herself and an entire empire. We cannot wait to read this epic YA fantasy.


Snowglobe by Soyoung Park

Genre: YA Dystopia

Plot: This February 2024 book release is perfect for fans of the Hunger Games. Earth is a frozen wasteland with only one warm place left: Snowglobe. Inside, the residents have fame, fortune, and safety from the outside elements in exchange for broadcasting their lives on 24/7 live programming. Chobahm dreams of getting into the globe. Her dreams come true when she is chosen to replace Goh Haeri, the globe’s biggest star. But, nothing is at it seems once she is inside. This award-winning book has been translated from Korean.

Which of these are your most anticipated February 2024 book releases?

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