The January 2024 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers to Enjoy Now

The Best Celebrity Book Clubs - January 2024 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers
The January 2024 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers to Enjoy Now 7

Looking for the January 2024 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers? You’ve come to the right place!

Imagine my surprise when I went on IG to ask for vacation tips for an upcoming trip, and I ended up with 2 celeb spoilers in my DMs! I love my sources!

We’ve rounded up the books that will be chosen by Reese Witherspoon, Read with Jenna, and the GMA Book Club for January 2024. These have NOT yet been officially released (as of now, they are all being announced on January 2) but we are fairly confident in our intel. We have a good friend in the book world who confirms every rumor we hear.

Still, we reserve the right to be wrong! Check back on January 2, 2024, to see if we got it correct!

In the meantime, we suggest using the January 2024 celebrity book club spoilers to put in your library holds early and get to the front of the list.

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January 2024 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers

January 2024 Reese Witherspoon Book Club Spoiler

Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club, Hello Sunshine, was really the first of the modern celebrity book clubs to catch on in recent years. Started in 2017, her list features thrillers, romances, historical fiction, YA, non-fiction, and modern fiction.

first lie wins

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston

January 2024 Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

Evie Porter knows the rules for survival: the first lie wins. Her mysterious boss, Mr. Smith, will first send her a name and then a location. She gets one piece of information at a time and is never sure what the end game is. She knows that she owes Mr. Smithe everything.

This time, her mark is Ryan Summer. But she is starting to feel like there might be something real with him. But, she cannot make any more mistakes. She is already on thin ice because of how she screwed up her last job. Soon, she is following twisted pathway and is not sure who to trust. Can she even trust herself?

Why I Love It: This is unlike any thriller I have read. It is not a murder mystery thriller, but rather a fast-paced, secret-identity thriller where you will feel like you are one step behind the entire book. I listened to this on a road trip with my husband he loved it as much as I did. #gifted

Find This Book in: Ultimate List of Beach Reads 2024 / Best New Thriller Books / Reese Witherspoon Book Club

You can see the whole book list, ranked, here.

January 2024 Read With Jenna Book Club Spoiler

Jenna Bush Hager started her book club on the Today Show back in the spring of 2019. They are often more literary than Reese’s picks and cover various thought-provoking topics.

the waters

The Waters by Bonnie Jo Campbell

January 2024 Read with Jenna Book Club Pick

This is a book like Where the Crawdads Sing in the sense that it’s focused on the inhabitants of the swamp lands of a rural community. But “Herself” is an herbalist who has cured local women for generations.

Her daughters though, are each as different from her as from each other. But her granddaughter, Donkey, is more like “Herself” – with her deep understanding of swamp life and the healing power of herbs. But Donkey, like her mother and Aunts before her, also wants a life outside the swamp. And more specifically, she wants a father.

Why We Like it: This family saga kept us intrigued with the constant unveiling of secrets, and the swamp was a character of its own. Yet the writing, while beautiful, seemed to drag in places and some of the events were too imaginative to be believed.

You can see all of Jenna’s Book Club picks here, where we ranked them.

January 2024 Good Morning America Book Club Spoiler

GMA’s answer to Read with Jenna was to host their own celebrity book club. This one launched in the Fall of 2019 and it’s probably the best one of the bunch.

the storm we made

The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan

January 2024 Good Morning America Book Club Pick

A spellbinding, sweeping novel about a Malayan mother who becomes an unlikely spy for the invading Japanese forces during WWII—and the shocking consequences that rain upon her community and family.

Malaya, 1945. Cecily Alcantara’s family is in terrible danger: her fifteen-year-old son, Abel, has disappeared, and her youngest daughter, Jasmin, is confined in a basement to prevent being pressed into service at the comfort stations. Her eldest daughter Jujube, who works at a tea house frequented by drunk Japanese soldiers, becomes angrier by the day.

Cecily knows two things: that this is all her fault; and that her family must never learn the truth….

For the whole list of GMA books, ranked, check out this post.

January 2024 Oprah Book Club Spoiler

Oprah doesn’t release her book club picks in the same way as the rest of the celebrity book clubs. She picks them when she likes – on no timetable. Her picks often span multiple months for reading and discussion as well. The January 2024 Oprah Book Club pick is below.

Let Us Descend

Let Us Descend by Jesmyn Ward

October 2023 Oprah Book Club Pick

Let Us Descend is a reimagining of American slavery, as beautifully rendered as it is heart-wrenching. Searching, harrowing, replete with transcendent love, the novel is a journey from the rice fields of the Carolinas to the slave markets of New Orleans and into the fearsome heart of a Louisiana sugar plantation.
Annis, sold south by the white enslaver who fathered her, is the reader’s guide through this hellscape. As she struggles through the miles-long march, Annis turns inward, seeking comfort from memories of her mother and stories of her African warrior grandmother. Throughout, she opens herself to a world beyond this world, one teeming with spirits: of earth and water, of myth and history; spirits who nurture and give, and those who manipulate and take. While Ward leads readers through the descent, this, her fourth novel, is ultimately a story of rebirth and reclamation.

From one of the most singularly brilliant and beloved writers of her generation, this miracle of a novel inscribes Black American grief and joy into the very land—the rich but unforgiving forests, swamps, and rivers of the American South. Let Us Descend is Jesmyn Ward’s most magnificent novel yet, a masterwork for the ages. MORE

With over 100 book picks under her belt, we have her full-ranked list in this post.

So which January book club picks will you be reading this month?

celebrity book club

The Best Celebrity Book Clubs: What to Read in 2023

Looking for more of the best celebrity book club picks? We’ve got you covered.

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  1. Thank you! After reading almost all the Read with Jenna, GMA and Reese picks, I am now starting on the Oprah and Good Housekeeping Book Club Picks. Would you please, please consider creating a “complete list” of the Good Housekeeping monthly picks? I can’t seem to find one anywhere. Here’s what I have so far:

    *Welcome Home, Stranger…Christensen, Kate…Dec ‘23
    *The Comfort of Crows: A Backyard Year…Renkl, Margaret…Nov ‘23
    *Land of Milk and Honey…Zhang, C Pam…Oct ‘23
    *A Council of Dolls…Power, Mona Susan…Sep ‘23
    *To Have and to Heist…Desai, Sara…Aug ‘23
    *Holding Pattern…Xie, Jenny…Jul ‘23
    *The Celebrants…Rowley, Steven…Jun ‘23
    *The Last Animal…Ausubel, Ramona…May ‘23
    *Hang the Moon…Walls, Jeannette…Apr ‘ 23
    *A Small Sacrifice for an Enormous Happiness…Chakrabarti, Jai…Mar ‘23
    *Someone Else’s Shoes…Moyes, Jojo…Feb ‘23
    *The Bandit Queens…Shroff, Parini…Jan ‘23
    *We All Want Impossible Things…Newman, Catherine…Dec ‘22
    *Signal Fires…Shapiro, Dani…Nov ‘22
    *Our Missing Hearts…Ng, Celeste…Oct ‘22
    *On the Rooftop…Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson…Sep ‘22
    *All This Could Be Different…Mathews, Sarah Thankam…Aug ‘22
    *Fire Season…Krow, Leyna…Jul ‘22
    *You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty…Emezi, Akwaeke…Jun ‘22
    *I Kissed Shara Wheeler…McQuiston, Casey…May ‘22
    *Unlikely Animals…Hartnett, Annie…Apr ‘22
    *Chorus…Kauffman, Rebecca…Mar ‘22
    *Foreverland…Havrilesky, Heather…Feb ‘22
    *Wahala…May, Nikki…Jan ‘22
    *These Precious Days…Patchett, Ann…Dec ‘21
    *Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen…Abbs, Annabel…Nov ‘21
    *Harlem Shuffle…Whitehead, Colson…Oct ‘21
    *Seeing Ghosts…Chow, Kat…Sep ‘21
    *The View Was Exhausting…Clements, Mikaella & Datta, Onjuli…Aug ‘21
    *What a Happy Family…Dave, Saumya…Jul ‘21
    *Where the Grass is Green & the Girls Are Pretty…Weisberger, Lauren…Jun ‘21
    *The Music of Bees…Garvin, Eileen…May ‘21
    *The Little French Bridal Shop…Dupee, Jennifer…Apr ‘21
    *The Kitchen Front…Ryan, Jennifer…Mar ‘21
    *This Close to Okay…Cross-Smith, Leesa…Feb ‘21
    *The Book of Moods…Martin, Lauren…Jan ‘21