22 Adventurous Ocean Books for Kids to Love

Amazing Ocean books for kids

The ocean is amazing and covers 70% of the planet. It is only natural that there are so many amazing children’s books about the ocean. The list below features some of our absolute favorite ocean books for kids. These books are perfect for bringing to an aquarium, a day at the beach, or just for reading at bedtime. You’ll find a mix of fiction and non-fiction picture books sure to delight your favorite little reader. 

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Ocean Books for Kids

Ocean Books for Toddlers

commotion on the ocean

Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae 

This is an adorable pick if you are looking for ocean books for that rhyme as well. This is a collection of poems about the animals in the ocean and it is a delightful book that is perfect for young readers.

Language Activity: See if you can pick out words that rhyme. Or, for a younger reader, you can identify the rhyming words for them.

Mr. Seahorse

Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle

Eric Carle books are always so wonderful and colorful. This book about the ocean is no exception. As the daddy seahorse cares for the eggs before they hatch, he meets all the other animal dad’s in the ocean caring for their young.

I love this adorable book.

pop up peekabook

Pop-up Peekaboo Under the Sea by DK

This pop-up book is an adorable choice from ocean books for toddlers. Striped fish meets other animals in the ocean as your toddler gets to lift the flap and see who is hiding!

Preschool Books About the Ocean

The Pout Pout Fish

The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

This is a classic children’s book about the ocean. This is the first book in the best-selling series. In it, Pout Pout Fish learns that it is not his destiny to always be gloomy. Add in some adorable rhymes and this book is rights up my alley.

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Wish for the Fish: All About Sea Creatures by Bonnie Worth

The second generation cat in the hat books are so educational and fun, I absolutely love them. In this children’s book about the ocean, your children will learn about the food chain, the different parts of the ocean, and so much more

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I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

This is one of the ocean picture books that not only teaches about the animals in the ocean but also teaches the concept of bigger!

Language Activity: Ask your child questions like “Who is bigger?” or “Who is smaller?”


Dude! by Aaron Reynolds

This pick from ocean picture books has been named Best Picture Books of 2018 by Kirkus Reviews. Beaver and Platypus are best friends who want to surf. But they cannot because there is a shark in the ocean!

You will not believe what happens when the shark approaches.

Children’s Books About the Ocean

Flotsam and other wordless picture books

Flotsam by David Wiesner

A bright, science-minded boy goes to the beach equipped to collect and examine flotsam–anything floating that has been washed ashore.

When he discovers an old underwater camera and gets the pictures developed, he is shocked by what he finds. David Wiesner is one of my favorite writers of wordless picture books ever.

Shark Lady

Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist by Jess Keating

This children’s book about the ocean is a remarkable and true story that was named Best Children’s Book for 2017 by Parents Magazine.

Eugenie Clark fell in love with sharks the first time she saw them in an aquarium and made it her life’s work to show the world what beautiful animals they are. This is a perfect book about sharks and the power of truth.

ocean meets sky

Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan

This Children’s book about the ocean has some of the most gorgeous illustrations. It is a book about a young boy named Finn who builds a boat to sail to the place where the ocean meets the sky in honor of his grandfather.

This is a must-read ocean book for kids. It is imaginative with a sweet message as well.

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Ocean: a Photicular Book by Dan Kainen

This is one of the picture books about the ocean that you have to see to fully appreciate. The photos are placed in such a way that they move as you move the cover. This is such a fun ocean picture book and we are sure your little one will love it.

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Yellow Kayak by Nina Laden

We love Nina Laden and this pick from kid’s books about the ocean is no exception. The lyrical prose and beautiful pictures make this one of the ocean picture books that is perfect for a relaxing read at bedtime.


Aqualicious by Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious and her family go on a trip to the beach for a day of fun and what could be more fun than finding a mini-mermaid?

Pinkalicios decides to help Aqua find her way home after showing her all the fun things there are to do at the shore. This children’s book about the ocean is silly and fun for everyone.

More Picture Books About the Ocean


Pearl by Molly Idle

This is a beautiful children’s book about the ocean written by Caldecott Honor author-illustrator Milly Idle. This pick from picture books about the ocean has the beautiful message that even the smallest actions can have a huge impact.
Pearl wants to care for the beaches and reefs and is sad when she is asked to care for a grain of sand instead. See what happens in this beautiful book.


Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne

Jacques Cousteau is one of the most famous oceanographers in the world. This is one of our favorite ocean books for kids. With gorgeous paintings and poetic text, this is the biography of the man who would forever change how we view the ocean.

layer by layer

Layer by Layer: Under the Sea By Anne Rooney

In this pick from children’s books about the ocean, your little one can explore the oceans in 6 interactive layered scenes. Each picture allows children to peel back a layer to discover the plants and animals below.

deep in the ocean

Deep in the Ocean by Lucie Brunellière 

This children’s book about the ocean is filled with gorgeous illustrations of the sea and all its creatures living below. This is one of the ocean picture books that is extra special because it has a free soundtrack that goes with it! You and your child can be fully immersed in the book (pun intended)!

The Brilliant Deep 1

The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs: The Story of Ken Nedimyer and the Coral Restoration Foundation by Kate Messner and Matthew Forsythe

This pick from ocean books for kids is the winner of the ALA Notable Children’s Book Award. This is the perfect pick from picture books about the ocean for kids 5-9 who are transitioning to longer books. It is written by conservationists who want to show the power of readers to help save the planet.


Ocean Toys for Toddlers

Experience the wonder of the ocean with your little ones! 16 Immersive Ocean Picture Books that are amazing.

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