Mani Book Club: Match Your Manicure to The Best Fall 2021 Books

Olive and June's 2021 Fall collection.

We are total Olive and June nail polish addicts. Pre-pandemic, we weren’t nail polish junkies, but we learned that manicures can bring as much joy as books. So we thought it would be fun to create a mani book club with the best Fall 2021 books.

This is a VERY slimmed down version of our Fall 2021 new Releases list which has some 67 plus picks. The books on this list have all been read and vetted by us and feature some of the best books of the year!

The Best Fall 2021 Books and Olive and June colors to match.

Olive and June Fall 2021 Collection

Olive and June recently launched their Fall 2021 nail polish line and it’s so perfect for book lovers. It’s school-themed with a rainbow of cool-toned colors perfect for fall.

Their Mani Kit comes with all you need to do the perfect at-home manicure, including step-by-step instructions, beautiful polish colors, salon-quality tools, and a gorgeous keepsake box.

We have a full run down of the Olive and June Nail Polish, with a list of our favorite color combos and ombrés in this review post.

This kit is how we learned to do our nails and now we want to share our love of nails AND books with this fun set of pairings. Plus, you can follow us on Instagram and enter to win ALL 6 BOOKS AND AN OLIVE AND JUNE MANICURE KIT!!!!

Olive and June and the Best Fall 2021 Books

The Best Fall 2021 Books & Nail Polish Pairings

It just so happened that while reading some of our favorite Fall 2021 books we realized they matched our nails perfectly! So below you’ll see reviews of each book, why we love it, and a picture of it with the Olive and June nail polish we like with it!

Crossroads and the Best Fall 2021 Books

Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen Paired with Chemistry

Jonathan Frazen is back with this incredible book about a pastor and his family as they navigate who they are in the midsts of the tumultuous 70s.

As each character questions their relationship with their family, with god, and with their community at large, they also turn inward and try to remain true to themselves.

The depth of the characters is meticulous, the plot had me flipping the pages (which at 500 or so is saying something.) I can’t recommend this story enough. It’s truly wonderful.

We paired this historical fiction book with Chemistry because this almond creme is as groovy as this 70s cover. This is Kirsten’s favorite color in the collection.

The Vanished Days

The Vanished Days by Susanna Kearsley Paired with Study Hall

Susanna Kearsley is one of my favorite authors, and her book Winter Sea, is one of my favorites of hers. So imagine how excited I was to learn that this is a prequel to that book!

I read Winter Sea a million years ago and basically forgot all the characters, but this Historical Fiction dragged me right in. It’s absolutely a stand-alone novel too.

The Vanished Days is set between 2 timelines, 1707 and 1684. Lily makes a claim of marriage to a deceased soldier looking for her pay, but without proof of her marriage, Adam needs to investigate if he claim could be real.

Set against the backdrop of the Jacobite rebellion, this is perfect for the Outlander fans of the world!

We paired this historical fiction book with Study Hall because of how the vintage rose picks up the sunset colors on the cover. The color is romantic like the love story in this book.

BEautiful World

Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney Paired with World Lit

Sally Rooney’s stories are character-driven in the most delightful ways. This story revolves around 2 budding couples, as they figure out how to navigate adult relationships and their own places in the world.

Sally’s writing is exemplary as always and it was a treat to visit with this group of characters and see them grow.

We paired this literary fiction novel with World Lit because this mauve is the perfect match for the girl’s blouse on the cover. The most universally flattering shade in the collection, is perfect for this book that everyone will love.

Portrait of a Scotsman and the Best Fall 2021 Books
Potrait of a Scotsman

Portrait of a Scotsman by Evie Dunmore Paired with Art Class

This particular romance is set in 1920s England and is the third in Ms. Dunmore’s women’s suffragette series. Hattie Greenfield, artist extraordinaire, is forced into marriage with Lucian Blackstone, a self-made man (V frowned upon by nobles at the time.)

While the romance itself is swoon-worthy, it’s the depth of non-romantic topics that make it a joy to read. I learned so much about the coal industry and the perils to coal communities in the process.

We paired this historical romance book with Art Class because of how much the muted eggplant matches the cover. This unexpected color is Jackie’s favorite in the collection and it’s perfect for the quirky heroine of this novel.

Cloud Cuckoo Land and the Best Fall 2021 Books
cloud cuckoo

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr Paired with Social Studies

I didn’t know what to think of this book when I read the description. It is nothing like All the Light We Cannot See. But as soon as I started reading this book, I was sucked in.

We follow characters from the past, present and future as they discover the story “Cloud Cuckoo” and the stories come together. 

Each character is so vivid and unique. I absolutely loved this crazy book that is part historical fiction, part sci-fi, and part literary fiction. You have to let this story take you because it all comes together brilliantly.

We paired this futuristic sci-fi book with Social Studies because it’s set in space. The richness of this sunbleached navy is reminiscent of the sky – perfect for a book set in space!

The Graduate and the Best Fall 2021 Books
the last graduate

The Last Graduate by Noami Novik Paired with Geometry

Naomi Novik is a master of fantasy and this book is no exception. Every time I read one of her books, I am amazed at the worlds she is able to create.

The second book in the Scholomance series starts on the first day of senior year. El’s mother has warned her to stay away from Orion, the school seems to be out to get El and they have graduation to prepare for.

Fair warning, the ending of this book had me scream out loud and practically throwing the book against the wall. Don’t say I didn’t warn you but it was worth every second.

We paired this fantasy book with Geometry because it’s a perfect match for this Hunter Green cover. The gorgeous green of both is wickedly fun for fall.

For more Olive and June nail polish info… head to this post!

Did you like the format of this Mani book club? Which of the best fall 2021 books are you planning to read?

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