What is the Best Kids Kindle? A Look at the Options

The best kids kindle options!
What is the Best Kids Kindle? A Look at the Options 14

If you were like me, you found the Amazon Kids Kindle options overwhelming to navigate. I get it. I was in your shoes the first time I bought my son a Kids Fire Tablet.

Since then, my sons have graduated from the Fire Tablet options to the Kids Kindle Paperwhite, so I’ve been through the process of choosing the right Amazon reading device more than once.

I’ve made this guide to help you find the best option for your family based on the age of your child, and the kind of reader that they are! I’ll also tell you my candid experience of when I moved my children from one device to the next (spoiler alert – it was based on their reading skill level, not their age.)

Let’s jump into the guide.

*best Kids Kindle options Post contains affiliate links. Purchases made through links result in a small commission to us at no cost to you. Some books have been gifted. All opinions are our own.

Kids Fire Tablet Options (Ages 3-12)

For young kids still learning to read, the ideal device is an interactive, tablet-style device for educational fun and pre-reading skills. Amazon makes a variety of Kids Fire tablet models that are perfect for beginning and new readers.

The best part is that their tablets are specifically designed to keep kids SAFE from the internet and outside influences. No Internet Access. No Social Media. Just the educational apps and books that you pick for them.

Every available app has been pre-vetted by Amazon to be age-appropriate in content and educational for each age group assigned. Every kid’s fire tablet also puts parents in control with the handy Parent Dashboard.

Amazon Kids 2-Year Worry-free Guarantee

Before we get into each of the options below, I wanted to point out a key feature of every Amazon Kids Fire and Kids Kindle device – their 2-year Worry-free Guarantee.

Each device comes with a guarantee that if your device breaks within the first two years of ownership, Amazon will replace it. If your child covers it in spaghetti, drops it in the toilet, runs it over with a tricycle, or throws it down the stairs – no worries! A new one will be in their hands in just a day or two.

And yes, I tested this after my youngest did, in fact, drop it down the stairs causing the screen to crack. I contacted Amazon and a new one was at my door the next day.

How does the Amazon Kindle for Kids compare to the Ipad?

Kids Fire 7, Fire 8 HD Kids, Fire 10 HD Kids Models

For children aged 3-7, you want to look at the various Kids Fire tablet models. This is age, they need ease of use right from the box.

With photo prompts at the ready, kids can easily search game, book, and video recommendations. They can also click on the character search to see all the options available starring their favorite characters.

Amazon Kids Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet

This option came on the market in 2022 and features a 10-hour battery, 16 or 32 GB of storage, and a protective case.

It retails for $109.99 but is often on sale for $69.99

kids fire 8

Amazon Fire 8 Kids Tablet

This option features a 13-hour battery, 32 or 64 GB of space, an 8″ display, and a protective case.

This device normally retails for $149.99 but it is often on sale for $99.99.

fire 10 kids

Amazon Fire 10 Kids Tablet

The latest Kids Fire tablet features a 10.1″ screen, a 13-hour battery, 32 GB of space, and a protective case.

It retails for $189.99 but is often on sale for $149.99

*Please note that the kids versions cost the same as the adult versions yet come with the worry-free guarantee, a free case, and one year of Amazon Kids+ ALL INCLUDED!

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro and Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Models

For the 6-12-year-old reader, you should look at the pro models of the fire tablets. They have the same ad-free content and parental controls as the non-pro models with a slimmer profile and longer battery life.

Kids Firepro 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet

New in 2022, this tablet features an 8″ HD Screen, 13-hour battery life, and 32 GB of storage, as well as an included case.

It retails for $149.99 normally but it often on sale for $99.99.

kids 10 pro

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

The latest Kids Fire tablet features a 10.1″ screen, a 13-hour battery, 32 GB of space, and a slim protective case.

It retails for $189.99 but is often on sale for $149.99

*Please note that the kids versions cost the same as the adult versions yet come with the worry-free guarantee, a free case, and one year of Amazon Kids+ ALL INCLUDED!

Is the Kids Fire Tablet better than an iPad?

For young kids, I will choose ANY Kids Fire Tablet over the iPad every. single. time. The worry-free guarantee alone is worth the peace of mind.

When you add the safety features, ease of use, and cost – last I checked, the cheapest iPad is $349 – the winner is clear. The Kids Fire Tablet is hands-down the better choice.

It gets a little less clear-cut when talking about the 10+ age range. For my family, I transitioned my kids to an iPad/Computer for gaming and social connection and grabbed them a Kindle Paperwhite Kids for reading around the time they entered 4th grade.

What Happens When Your Child Out Grows that Kids Fire Tablet?

Jackie’s kids – ages 12, 15, and 17 – each still have and love their Kids Fire Tablets. They don’t have iPads but have continued using the same tablets.

Once your child turns 13, you can simply use your parental control password to turn your Kids Fire Tablet into a regular Fire Tablet! You just need to log out of Amazon Kids.

While each of Jackie’s kids have phones and computers, they use the Fire Tablet to watch movies when traveling, as well as, to access games and books.

Kids Kindle E-readers (Age 10+)

Once your child is into chapter book reading, I recommend moving them over to the paperwhite for a variety of reasons.

I don’t want them distracted by games or videos, the Kids Kindle is smaller and more easily transported, and the battery lasts for much longer than the tablet version.

Kidnle Kids

Kindle Kids

Released in 2022, it has 16 GB of storage, and the battery on this one lasts weeks! It’s distraction and ad-free, content can be controlled in the parent dashboard, and the resolution makes reading easy on the eyes.

It retails for $119.99.

Kids paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite Kids

The newest Paperwhite has 16 GB of storage and a battery that lasts 10 weeks. It is also waterproof, making it my pick for kids! No more worries about dropping it in the pool!

It retails for $169.99 but is often on sale.

Amazon Parent Dashboard

The Amazon parent dashboard is easily accessed in your amazon account. Each device you own is on the dashboard. You can set up a profile for each of your children and the devices they own.

Within the Parent Dashboard you can set:

  • Limit screen time amounts
  • Manage Content
  • Set educational goals. An example would be a child needs to read for 30 minutes before having access to videos or games.
  • Set hours Amazon devices can’t be accessed. Think of it like a tech-time curfew!
  • You can even add books from your personal library to your child’s Kindle if you find it appropriate. My 12-year-old just read my copy of Remarkably Bright Creatures!

I love the dashboard because it allows me to set different limits for different kids and it automatically updates new limits to each of their devices!

Looking for the perfect educational tool for "screen time"? Here is the full rundown of the Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kids+ Guide

Regardless of what device you have chosen for your kids – Fire Tablet or Paperwhite – if you get the Kids version of a device, it comes with a year of Amazon Kids+ which replaced the previous iteration known as Kids Freetime Unlimited.

Amazon Kids+ is a digital subscription to unlimited books, videos, games, and even Alexa skills. Think of it as Amazon Prime for children. If you get an Amazon Kids Kindle or Fire Tablet, the first year is free and you will be billed monthly or yearly after that.

Amazon Kids+ Cost

The current cost of Amazon Kids+ is as follows

  • Monthly – $5.99 for Prime Members or $7.99 for non-Prime Members, billed monthly
  • Yearly – $48 for Prime Members or $79 a year for non-Prime Members, billed once

Once you have a subscription, there are no ads and no in-app Purchases! Goodbye to my days trying to explain to Apple that I didn’t authorize the purchase of extra lives for $6.99. And I don’t have to constantly turn down the kids requests for more $2 apps.

Amazon Kids+ Content

The content your child has access to is based on the age group you set for them. They are broken into 3 ranges — 3 to 5-year-olds, 6 to 8-year-olds, and 9 to 12-year-olds. I can tell you from firsthand use that kids in different ranges do not have access to the same things.

Included in Amazon Kids+ are:

  • Thousands of books
  • Original content from Disney, Nickelodeon, Lego, Marvel, PBS Kids, National Geographic, and Amazon Studios
  • Offline access to pre-loaded books and movies
  • Educational games and apps featuring favorites like Dora, Daniel Tiger, Batman, Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Barbie, Harry Potter, Toca Boca, Sonic, and more!
  • Parent Dashboard
  • Access across multiple devices – including Alexas, Kindles, and via Android and iOS phones

So What is the Best Kids Kindle Model?

The best Kids Kindle model is the one that makes the most sense based on your child’s reading ability and gaming needs.

I switched my kids to a Kids Kindle Paperwhite when they were each 10-year-olds so they could read regular chapter books without the distraction of the apps and games on the device. Around this age, they received an iPad (with heavy parental controls) so they could play Roblox and Minecraft with their friends online.

I traded in their old Kids Fire Tablets via the Amazon Trade-in Program and put the credits towards a new device. If you use the trade-in program, you will also get 20% off a new Amazon device!

Did you find this Kids Kindle guide helpful? Do you want me to make further posts about the Amazon Trade-in Program or Parent Dashboard? Let me know!

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