Our Favorite Kindle Apps For Kids

We've got a list of our favorite kindle apps for kids!

Last month we declared the Amazon Kindle Fire for Kids the best electronic device for our children. Since that post, we’ve gotten many requests from people saying that they have the Kindle but struggle to pick the best apps in the bunch. We wanted to share our favorites kindle apps with you and trust me, after suffering through this last week home with a flu-sick child, I have LOADS of experience in what apps are both fun and educational.

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For me, all of these apps are free on my Kindle for Kids because we have FreeTime Unlimited. If you don’t have the yearly service, you may need to pay for some of the apps listed below. I picked the best of the best because these are what my kids spend the most time playing!

Math Apps

Team UmiZoomi Math Racer

I don’t really know how to play this one, but my son tells me it’s math and racing. Oh and “it’s just awesome, mom.” Okay then…

Mickey Appisodes

These are favorites of my younger son. He likes the hybrid of watching a show and being able to interact and solve math, reading or logic problems depending on the episode. At $4.99 a piece, they can be pricey, but they are included for free with Freetime Unlimited!

Reading Apps

Endless Alphabet 

When it comes time to teach your kiddos their alphabet, the best app is this one. The funny little monsters are silly enough to entertain without your child realizing they are actually learning!

Endless Reader

I adore this one as much as my kids, they fill in the letters of a word, there is lots of repetition and then when a word is spelled, the child is rewarded with a cute animated skit explaining the word’s definition.

Squeebles Word Search

We discovered this one just this week, but my son likes playing “the placemat game” quite a bit actually. You can choose the level of difficulty based on your child’s ability.

Problem Solving Apps

PBS Kids Games

If you only download one app from the list, make it this one. It’s like 20 apps in one. Kids get to chose their favorite shows and download corresponding games. My son loves the Arthur and a few other games, but he hasn’t even explored the whole thing yet!


Yep, your kid can learn chess from an app! My chess-aholic LOVES to play and when he can’t play against me, the computer is a good substitute.


A fun problem-solving games connecting matching pipes without crossing one another. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. My kindergarten loves this (and so does my mother!)


If you like Flow, you’ll love this one which follows the same principles but adds a twist with bridges as well!

Just For Fun Apps

Toca Boca, well… anything!

Trying to pick a favorite Toca Boca game is like trying to pick a favorite child. Their whimsical animations, lovable characters, and funny interactions make any app by the company an instant hit. Kitchen, Hair, and Vacation are the three on rotation the most in my house currently.

Also, I can’t seem to link to them but there are LOADS of Disney Games included with Kindle Unlimited. We like Donald’s Counting app, Frozen Freefall, Frozen Build it, Mickey’s Colorsplash, Mickey’s Count along and more.

We recently proclaimed the Amazon Kindle to be better than the iPad when it comes to Kid's screen time. Now we included a list of our favorite apps! Team UmiZoomi Math Racers, Toca Boca Kitchen, Endless Reader and more make our list of best apps on the Amazon Kindle. Best, they are all free for Freetime Unlimited users!!!

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