9 Gorgeous Classic Book Collections

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I have a thing for gorgeous book covers. As I mentioned on Instagram earlier is this week, if a cover doesn’t appeal to me, I won’t pick up the book. (You were all SHOCKED that I hadn’t yet read The Red Tent or The Kite Runner for that very reason.) Since becoming a blogger, I’ve found my need to collect beautiful editions of my favorite growing more and more. I thought I would share my favorite book collections with you – both those I own and those I covet! 

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Collections I Own


Word Cloud Classics

I own all 6 World Cloud Classics Jane Austen books. They proudly live on my fireplace mantle at the moment, though I think I’ll be moving them to the shelves in my Guestroom. The pink and blue covers will look lovely in that room. This collection is easily distinguished by the word clusters on their covers. Each of the words or phrases are relevant to the book which I adore. World Cloud Classics has more than just Jane Austen though. Dante’s Inferno, Jack London’s Call of the Wild, Little Women and Dracula are just a few in the series.


Puffin in Bloom

I can not believe I found the entire Puffin in Bloom children’s book collection at my local HomeGoods! The 4 book box set features children’s classics I adore – Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, The Little Princess and Little Women. The covers were illustrated by Rifle Paper co. and they are beyond pretty! Mine are currently on display on the family room entertainment center.

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Puffin Classics

Ahh….the puffin classics. I just adore these little hardback books. I have a rainbow collection of some of the children’s classics decorating the top of the bookshelves in my children’s library. I had to collect them at various prices (new and used) on Amazon, but they were well worth the hunt. Their cheerful colors and quaint illustrations make me smile every time I see them.

Photo Credit: @everyday-reading

Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

I have been eagerly collecting these illustrated editions since the first one came out a couple years ago. I love how Jim Kay’s drawings bring JK Rowling’s world to life. When it comes to Harry Potter collections, there are quite a few others. I have the originals but other’s I’ve admired the ones included below.

Collections I Covet


Penguin Drop Caps Collection

This INCREDIBLE collection is 26 books from A to Z featuring a single letter on the cover and bold colors. While the whole set is a whopping $440 dollars, individual letters can be found for as little as $7. Imagine spelling out your child’s name with the covers. It would be incredible for their bookcase!

Photo Credit: @scrapnoms

Barnes and Noble Leather Bound Classics

I love shopping at Barnes and Noble with my kiddos. (Remember when I basically wrote a love letter to our local branch?) One of my favorite things to do is browse their leather bound editions. Many of them are only $10!

Photo Credit @Booksugar

Penguin Classics Hardcover

These editions look like more adult versions of the puffin classic editions I mentioned above. There is a wide variety of these as well. The Madame Bovary cover is probably my favorite of the bunch. I think I will probably collecting this set next.


Juniper Books

Sometimes I got onto the Juniper Books website just to look around. Honestly, they are BEYOND gorgeous. Seriously people. Look at these books! Basically, it works because they make cohesive covers over a full collection of either series or authors. The OutlanderAnne of Green Gables, Maya Angelo, and Chronicles of Narnia are my Faves. While most of the series need to be purchased book and jacket, a few are jacket only which makes the cost more reasonable. The Outlander editions I crave are $350 normally but they sell an $80 Jacket only set. I’ve decided to start looking for used hardback editions that I can then wrap the jackets in!

Folio Society
Folio Society Photo Credit @Parchmentgirl

Folio Society

You guys, how many gorgeous book editions can there be? They just keep coming and Folio Society is right on top. Their hardbound books are PRICEY – some editions are $75 each! They have beautiful covers and exquisite illustrations inside. They are perfect for the serious collector or anyone who collects one specific book.

From Penguin Classics to Puffin in Bloom - these volumes are worth collecting for your bookshelves! The most impressive and gorgeous book collections for any serious bookworms. Folio Society, Puffin in Bloom and Penguin Classics are just a few of the 9+ editions features.

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