31 Halloween Books for Kids: Thrilling Picture and Chapter Books

halloween books for kids
31 Halloween Books for Kids: Thrilling Picture and Chapter Books 41

Halloween is around the corner and its time to fill your shelves with Halloween books for kids!

Whether your child is into picture books, early readers, or chapter books, these Halloween stories will get them ready for spooky season.

From ghost stories to haunted houses, witchy tales to trick-or-treating tales, each of the Halloween books on this list will have your kids giggling with glee.

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New Halloween Picture Books for Kids

the good, the bad, & the spooky and other halloween books for kids

The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky by Jory Jon

Bad Seed LOVES Halloween but this year is different and he doesn’t have a costume. He is afraid that he will be out-costumed this year.

He decides to trick everyone into thinking Halloween is a different night. Can Pumpkin Seed help him embrace the Halloween spirit?

Trick or Treat Crankenstein and other Monster Books for Kids

Trick or Treat Crankenstein by Samantha Berger

Crankenstein is back with a Halloween adventure. Crankenstein’s favorite holiday is ruined because of all kinds of pumpkin, costume, and candy-induced problems.

Can Crankenstein get over his bad mood and turn this holiday around?

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vampenguin and other halloween books for kids

Vampenguin by Lucy Ruth Cummins

The Dracula family goes on a visit to the zoo in this charming tale. When baby vampire decides to hang out with the penguins and put a penguin in his stroller instead.

As the rest of the family explores the zoo, he experiences life as a penguin!

hardly haunted and other halloween books for kids

Hardly Haunted by Jessie Sima

The haunted house on the top of the hill is lonely. Can she find a family that will accept her that way she is to make her a happy haunted house?

The ghost family at the end of the book sure seems to love her!

Ghost Books for Kids

sir simon and other halloween books for kids

Sir Simon: Super Scarer by Cale Atkinson

Sir Simon is finally getting transferred to a home. He’s getting ready to do his ghost chores – slamming doors, flickering lights, and more.

But after his chores are done, he wants to slack off, so he’s hoping he doesn’t have any kids in the house!

The Ghosts went floating

The Ghosts Went Floating by Kim Norman

Set to the song “The Ants go Marching”, your whole family will love singing about the scary creatures marching down the street on their way to trick-or-treat.

It’s a non-spooky, adorable story.


Poultrygeist by Eric Geron

A chicken dies after crossing the road and he becomes a ghoul. His new friends are trying to convince him to scare the readers of the book, but he just wants to be a friendly ghoul.

He finally ends up scaring the old ghosts to get them to go away.

the scariest book ever by bob shea

The Scariest Book Ever by Bob Sheair?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=8a351ed9566afea85acf2c37d853976a& cb=1570140415837

The ghost narrating this book is trying to point out all kinds of scary things…except they aren’t scary at all!

From a dark hole with a bunny in it, so a dark black cat that just wants a little milk, this is a good book for more timid kids.

Classic Halloween Picture Books for Kids

room on the broom

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

A friendly witch takes to the night on her broomstick, but as the wind blows away her hat, her bow, and her wand, she finds some cute friends to join her on her ride.

Will her friends be able to save her from a hungry dragon?

Old lady Bat

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Bat by Lucile Colandro

A fun Halloween twist on the classic tale involves a little old lady swallowing all kids of Halloween creatures from a bat and a black cat to a wizard and a ghost.

If you love the original, this book is a must!

creepy carrots

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynoldir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=dbe83d4e901f65f9956099c8b8b21f23& cb=1570139442823

Both Creepy Carrots and it’s sibling book, Creepy Pair of Underwear, are favorites in my household. Jasper Rabbit loves carrots, but he soon thinks his favorite carrots are out to get him!

This funny tale is very Twilight Zone inspired and it’s awesome. The underwear version is funny too and it glows in the dark!

Vampirina Ballerina and other Halloween Picture Books

Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace

Vampirina wants to be a ballerina, but learning to do ballet is hard for every little girl. It’s even harder for a little vampire girl trying to learn with humans!

Will Vampirina be able to make her dream come true?

This is one of the Halloween books that’s been turned into a movie! Find all 16 family-friendly movies based on books here.


Bonaparte Falls Apart by Margery Cuylerir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=7f0cb02e6fd16c3869d30028b2780dfc& cb=1570141716496

Bonaparte, a skeleton, is falling apart and he needs all his monster friends to help him get put back together.

Franky Stein tries to screw him together, Blacky Widow tries to spin a web around him, and Mummicula tries to mummify him. Will they ever be able to help their friend?

More Halloween Picture Books for Kids

Snowmen at Halloween  and other halloween books for kids

Snowmen at Halloween by Caralyn Buehnerir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=e045379a9d23abd5bde8876b5593492b& cb=1570139052660

On a cold Halloween day, it snows. A pair of sisters make some snowmen and decorate them for Halloween. Then they make up all the adventures their snowmen will go on for Halloween.

From face painting to trick-or-treating and everything in between. I love this charming tale.

MR. Pumpkins Tea Party

Mr. Pumpkin’s Tea Party by Erin Barkerir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=86936b56e06e716e26ecce12a89b7102& cb=1570140042768

Mr. Pumpkin is having a tea party and all his spooky friends are coming with items to feed each other and decorate the table.

This one is a counting book too as it counts up from 1 to 20.

The Halloween Tree

The Halloween Tree by Susan Montanariir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=4e2d973a0b73c14c43f01795f4673044& cb=1570140437073

All the trees in the Christmas tree lot are excited to be decorated except for one little grumpy tree. When the tree lot goes away, the grumpy tree continues to grow and twist into a gnarly old tree.

The kids in the neighborhood love the tree and want to save it from being cut down and then the Halloween Tree is born!

pick a pumpkin and other halloween books for kids

Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Tohtir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=eb96bc065b4c2edc3709cd91565ae2b5& cb=1570140667569

This charming rhyming book is all about a visit to the pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin, then take it home to carve it and get it ready for Halloween.

The illustrations in this one really bring it to life.

at the old haunted house

At the Old Haunted House by Helen Kettemanir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=db2bd044136e8fb6de49ddc1c3225623& cb=1570140578335

At the old haunted house, there are lots of monsters, witches, and other Halloween creatures. When children come and trick-or-treat, they find out the creatures are friendly and welcoming. This counting book is fun for everyone.

Early Reader Halloween Chapter Books

Nate the great and the halloween hunt

Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat 

It’s Halloween night, but Nate’s friend’s cat is missing. Is he lost or hiding? Nate and his dog, Sludge, are on the case!

This is a wonderful early reader halloween book for the kiddos in your life.

Mercy Watson princess

Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise by Kate DiCamillo

Everyone’s favorite pig is back for some Halloween antics in this continuation of the Mercy Watson series. Mercy is ready for the treating part of the night with visions of her beloved buttered toast.

But the Eugenie Lincoln, next door, isn’t quite in the Halloween spirit…. especially when she see’s Mercy show up in a princess costume!

dragon's halloween and other halloween books for kids

Dragon’s Halloween by Day Pikey

Dragon loves Halloween in this spooky Halloween early reader book. Your younger reader will laugh outlaid as dragon tries to figure out how to be scary.

This is a great one for even the most reluctant early reader.

haunted hotel

A to Z Mysteries: Haunted Hotel by Ron Roy

There are tons of strange things happening at the Shangri-la Hotel as Halloween draws near. The guests are all leaving because they are too scared.

Ruth, Dink, and Josh are on the case as they try to figure out what’s behind the spooking.

Classic Halloween Chapter Books for Kids

bunnicula and other halloween books for kids

Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery by Deborah Howe

Chester the cat and Harold the dog are not happy that their family has a new pet – a rabbit named Bunnicula.

When weird things start to happen, they are convinced that Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit!

Howliday inn and other halloween books for kids

Howliday Inn by James Howe

Technically the sequel to Bunnicula, this read-aloud book can really be read as a stand-alone. Chester and Harold are being boarded while their family is on vacation, but they are convinced they are staying in a haunted hotel!

I remember laughing out loud as I read this book as a child. This one stands the test of time.

the Witches

The Witches by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s children book often skew towards the creepy side, but this one in particular is perfect for Halloween. A little boy and his grandmother come face-to-face with the Grand High Witch and all her evil minions.

When the boy is turned into a mouse, he needs to figure out how he can defeat them and turn back into human form.

51irO0dsQDL. SX333 BO1204203200

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s imagination never ceases to amaze me. In this book, Coraline steps through a door and finds a house just like hers, maybe even better!

She meets another set of parents who want her to be their little girl. Can Coraline escape these parents and get back to her ordinary life? I am so glad we were able to include Neil Gaiman on this list of best graphic novels of all time.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K Rowling

I was in university when this book was published and the first four were sitting on my younger brother’s bookshelf before I picked it up to see what the fuss was about. I read all four books in as many days and was married with a child before the final book was published. 

This is the book that introduces us to Harry, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger; our fearless trio.  We also meet the other favorite beloved and detested characters that make the Harry Potter book series so special. After all, what would Hogwarts be without Hagrid, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, and Draco Malfoy?

Harry Potter shows up on our list of books like Percy Jackson too! And if you love Harry as we do, check out our 17 Books like Harry Potter for Kids Obsessed with Magic or 21 Adult Books Similar to Harry Potter for Fans of Magic.

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Halloween Chapter Books for Kids


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children By Ransom Riggs

This series is full of magic and mystery.  The amazing combination of fiction with antique photographs leads to a truly unique story.

In this story, Jacob travels to a remote island off the coast of Wales searching for answers.  What he finds are more questions.

winterhouse  and other halloween books for kids

Winterhouse by Ben Guterson

This is a family mystery that everyone will love. While it technically takes places during Christmas, the spooky ghost story is actually wonderful for Halloween too.

This middle-grade mystery was as enthralling to me as it was to my boys. I loved the slight bits of magic in the story and the captivating setting of an expansive ski hotel on a snowy mountain at Christmas time. If you love a cozy mystery, pick this one up!

magyk and other halloween books for kids

Magyk by Angie Sage

Septimus Heap is the seventh son of a seventh son.  He disappears the night that he is born and his parents are told he is dead.  

That night, his father finds a baby girl in the snow.  This story sets up the adventures for the rest of the series with magic, adventure, and bravery.  

The Secret of Platform 13

The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson

Does your kid love the Hogwarts Express? Because this book features another magical world where the gateway is in an railroad station.

It features a wizard, an ogre, a hag, and a fey all sneaking around trying to save a prince who’s been kidnapped. It’s a stand-alone book, not part of a series, and my son gobbled it up in two days.

Did you find any Halloween books for kids to add to your home library this year? Do you have any recommendations for us?

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