11 Fun Playground Books for Sliding into Spring

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11 Fun Playground Books for Sliding into Spring 16

Spring is here and with it, the giggles of children escaping to the playground to embrace the warmer weather. The perfect time to round up a list of playground books!

The playground books on this list are all fun reads for kids with moral lessons within. From playground etiquette to teamwork in building a new place to play, these stories are filled with colorful illustrations and stories to delight young minds.

Why not gift one of these playground books to a child in your life the next time they are getting ready for a playground adventure? We are sure they will please even the pickiest reader.

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Our Favorite Playground Books

rulers of the playground by joseph kuefler

Rulers of the Playground by Joseph Keufler

This charming playground tale is simply adorable. It teaches playground behavior by showing what not to do.

Don’t hog the swings, don’t refuse to share the slide, and don’t act like you are the ruler of the playground or a battle of kings may break out!

the buddy bench

The Buddy Bench by Patty Brozo

Do you know most schools now have a buddy bench? It’s designed so that when a child sits on the bench, it signals they would like to be asked to play. It’s a new concept for younger kids or those new to a school, so this is the perfect book to explain the school yard trend to little ones.

Playground Books about Imagination


Chalk by Bill Thompson

Three children discover a magical bag of chalk on a rainy day. As they begin to draw, magic happens and their creations come to life. This wordless picture book for a 5-year-old will delight adults too. It’s the perfect playground book for a lovely day.

Llama Llama Zippity Zoom

Llama Llama, Zippity-Zoom by Anna Dewdney

Introduce your little ones to Llama Llama in this fun board book about playground equipment! From scooters to slides, your child will delight in seeing Llama Llama’s playground shenanigans.


Playground by Mies van Hout

In this story, a group of friends uses their imagination as they adventure to the playground. They jump on clouds, sneak through monster caves, and more to get to the swings. But when they reach their destination, they decide to head right back out for another adventure!

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Playground Books about Friendship

Bruno Lulus Playground Adventure

Bruno & Lulu’s Playground Adventures by Patricia Lakin

This adorable beginning reader chapter book features friends Bruno and Lulu in two short stories. These friends play on the playground very differently – one with imagination and one with a more traditional feeling of adventure. This is great story for 1st and 2nd graders just learning to read.

David Jumps in

David Jumps In by Alan Woo

David is the new kid in school and nothing is scarier for new kids than recess. Who will they play with? Who will talk to them? It can be so hard to make friends, but with so many things to play with in the schoolyard, David makes friends quickly. This is one of the best books set at the playground for transitioning to a new school.


Tangled by Anne Miranda by Jean Reidy

This delightful tale is a two-in-one. It’s a story about friendship and working together to save friends AND it will help little kids learn their shapes!

I love the rhyming and illustrations of this picture book about shapes stuck in the jungle gym. It’s a must for any home library!


Swing by Michael Hall

Friendship books set at the playground seem to be a big trend and this one is no exception. Then 4 letters head to the playground, and they all learn to embrace each other’s differences so they can have a good swing. I adored how the letters spelled out LOVE at the end.

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Construction Books set on the Playground

Busy Builders Busy Week

Busy Builders, Busy Week!

Travel through the days of the week in one of our favorite construction books set on the playground! In this story, the animal construction crew tackles a different task each day until the playground is ready for children. A great choice for vehicle lovers.

pete the cat constrution destruction

Pete the Cat: Construction Destruction by James Dean

Pete the Cat is back with a groovy idea – to help fix the rundown playground! If your child loves construction books, they will go crazy for this story filled with cement mixers, dump trucks, and other fun vehicles.

Did you find any playground books to add to your home library?

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