6 of the Best Fiction Books About the Romanov Family

Books about the romanov family

I’ve always been intrigued by the Romanov family. Perhaps it was because of the beloved Anastasia animated movie or my first time seeing a Faberge egg, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to books about the Romanov family.

I distinctly remember reading my first non-fiction book about the Imperial family in high school, but it took me another decade to start reading fictional books about the family.

Below you’ll find my favorite Romanov historical fiction novels and the books on my to-read list.

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lost roses

Books about the Romanov Family

Romanov Historical Fiction

The Tsarinas daughter

The Tsarina’s Daughter by Ellen Alpsten

I’ve been enthralled with the Romanovs since I saw my first Faberge egg. While most of my reading has focused on the fall of the dynasty, I was intrigued by this biographical fiction novel set after the reign of Peter the Great.

Why We Liked It It was FASCINATING to see the cultural backdrop of Russia’s imperial court. I loved learning about the court intrigue and the ruthless way power changed hands.

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romanov Empress

The Romanov Empress by C.W. Gortner

If you are into Historical Fiction or books about royalty, this is a great one for your list. I had no idea that the Tsarina Maria was such a force. She was the famed Tsar Nicholas’s mother and a key player in the Imperial court of Russia right up until the Revolution.

Why We Liked it: I loved listing to the inner workings of the royal marriage market and how the Russian aristocracy behaved. I’m more of an anglophile in general, but I really liked expanding my horizons to other monarchies around the world.

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Lost Roses

Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly

Martha Hall Kelly wrote a prequel to the bestselling Lilac Girls and features Caroline’s mother, Eliza! Set against the backdrop of WWI, this story once again features three narrators. This time the characters are American Eliza, Russian aristocrat Sofya, and Varinka a Russian peasant. 

It spans New York, Paris, St. Petersburg, and the Russian countryside. I knew little of Russia during WWI going into this book, so I was startled at how much destruction and turmoil took place during that time period.

Why We Like It: If you are a historical fiction lover, this is the book you’ll want to read. This book overlaps some characters with Lilac Girls but is a stand-alone novel.

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i was anastasia

Books about Anastasia Romanov and the Russian Revolution

i was anastasia by ariel lawhon

I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhonir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=2af6c0df9c7114809ed56abb46a9e7bb& cb=1560129911430

I’ve had an obsession with Anastasia since I saw the Fox animated classic of the same name. I was a firm believer that she had escaped the evil clutches of her captures when I was younger.

I later learned the truth, but I still choose to believe otherwise. This novel has a dual timeline from the perspective of young Anastasia and her most famous imposter.

Why We Loved it: In this story, we get glimpses into what really happened when the Romanovs were overthrown and what would influence a person to claim to be someone else.

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The lost daughter

The Lost Daughter by Gill Paul

I was OBSESSED with Gill Paul’s book Another Woman’s Husband ir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=3ced3ede7e538e6243e3c50134e534ed& cb=1569623666419when I read it earlier this year so I was eager to try another of her books. The Lost Daughter follows a similar format of skipping between two different timelines, this time exploring the Romanovs. The first tells the story of Grand Duchess Maria in 1918 and the second is set in 1973 when Val Doyle seeks to investigate her father’s dying words.

Why We Liked it: Maria’s story drew me in immediately, but I floundered a bit when it skipped over to Val’s portions. I just didn’t feel a connection to her and found myself wishing it would get back to Maria’s parts. Still, it was a good biographical historical fiction royal novel if you are interested in a lesser-known Romanov. 

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The Last Grand Duchess

The Last Grand Duchess by Bryn Turnbull

I love stories about the Romanov Dynasty. Ever since I saw a collection of Faberge eggs when I was a child, the story of the last members of the Russian Imperial family have always fascinated me.

This biographical historical fiction story revolves around the eldest daughter, Olga. Its dual timeline switches between the family’s life after the revolution and Olga’s childhood and the events that lead to the revolution in the first place.

Why We Loved It: We all know how this tragic story ends, so this book is all about the journey. I love that Turnbull focused on a sister other than Anastasia.

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More Books about the Romanov Family

What is the best book about the Romanovs?

romanov Empress

There are so many great books about the Romanovs, but my favorite is The Romanov Empress by C.W. Gortner

Which of these Romanov historical fiction stories have you read?

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