14 Delightful Books About Queen Elizabeth II to Remember Her Reign

Books about Queen Elizabeth II.

Jackie and I are heartbroken over the loss of Her Majesty, The Queen. We wanted to book together a list of books about Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate the life of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

I’ve been a longtime fan of royal history and an avid reader of royal books. Jackie is a citizen of The Commonwealth having been born and raised in Canada.

Between the two of us, our love for royal books goes deep. We are processing the loss of The Queen by putting together this post and reading more books about QEII.

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Non-Fiction Books about Queen Elizabeth II

HRH: So Many Thoughts

HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style by Elizabeth Holmes

I’m an avid follower of Elizabeth Holmes’ account (you should be too) where she explains the significance of the Royal Family’s wardrobe. The nuance and attention to detail the Royals use when dressing is fascinating to me. I knew I needed to read this book about royals and fashion! This is such a feel-good nonfiction book.

Elizabeth breaks it down in an accessible and understandable way. ⁣ I’m thrilled that her book delivers everything I’ve come to expect from her and more. This in-depth look at The Queen, Diana, Catherine, and Meghan is informative and beautiful. This is the perfect coffee table book for any fashion lover and is a must for books about Queen Elizabeth II!

The Other Side of the Coin

The Other Side of the Coin by Angela Kelly

I had royal fever this month while working on our Royal Reads post, so it’s no surprise that when my library hold for this autobiographical audiobook came through, I dove right into it and absolutely loved this non-fiction pick from books about QEII.

Angela Kelly is the Queen’s head dresser and long-time companion. She details her process for dressing the queen, talks about some iconic looks, and even reveals a few personal stories about her time with Her Majesty.

Add this fashion story to your list of books to read if you like The Crown. This would be such a great book for book clubs to start a discussion of what it would be like working for the queen. This is one of my favorite feel-good nonfiction books.

elizabeth the queen

Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith

After reading Prince Harry’s memoir, I was keen to read a book about Queen Elizabeth II. Sally Bedell Smith examines not just the events of the Queen’s life but the people she was surrounded by as a way to explain how Elizabeth was shaped into a beloved monarch.

While the book was originally published in 2012, I found the background knowledge within the pages to be helpful in framing the events Harry explores in his own book about the royal family.

Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen by Bryan Kozlowski

I absolutely adore this non-fiction book about Queen Elizabeth II’s life. Told in 23 chapters each about a rule the Queen lives by, it’s one of the most unique looks into the Queen’s life I’ve ever read. Instead of a boring biography, we are treated to moments and stories of the Queen’s life relevant to the “rule” being discussed.

When looking at why one’s life needs order, we see the various influences which created a structure for the Queen throughout her life. Or on the section about defending the honor of the crown, appropriately called Off With Their Heads, we read about tidbits of the Queen’s tough love philosophy. This is a lighter book about the royal family for sure.

The Palace Papers and More  of the Best beach reads 2023

The Palace Papers by Tina Brown

This was like reading a JUMBO issue of People magazine. All gossip in the best way! It’s perfect for our beach reads 2023 list! Tina Brown goes deep into the scandals of the British Royal Family over the past 40 or so years.

I didn’t learn anything new, but I loved hearing the hot gossip laid out in book form. This is perfect for our list of books like The Crown and our Royal Reads roundup. This is definitely one of our favorite books about the royal family to take on vacation.

Historical Fiction Books about Queen Elizabeth II

before the crown

Before the Crown by Flora Harding

After all the royal reads I’ve read over the years, I can’t believe this is my first story about The Queen’s romance with Prince Philip. With the Jubilee coming up now in England, this was a perfect fictionalized biography to read!

I was wondering about how Philip won the heart of then Princess Elizabeth, and this fictional story filled in some fun details. Think of it as a prequel to the first episode of The Crown in the best way!

Every royal-obsessed person needs to add this pick from Books about Queen Elizabeth II to their TBR list and check out our list of books like the crown!

The Royal Governess and more books about Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Governess by Wendy Holden

Well, this was a juicy bit of royal historical fiction!!! I had no idea that Crawfie, Queen Elizabeth II’s governess wrote a book about their time together later in her life, essentially banning her from the royal fold.

This work of historical fiction is based on the information gleaned from that book as well as Mary Crawford’s own history. It was so interesting to see the lives of the Queen and her sister through the eyes of their governess. This is perfect for royal lovers!

The Royal Correspondent and more books about Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Correspondent by Alexandra Joel

I found this story about an Australian journalist’s rise in an all-male industry to be quite informative. I love historical fiction novels that look at groundbreaking women.

This novel had mystery, romance, and fierce female leads set against the backdrop of the 60s. The royal in the title is a little misleading as the royals come up as only minor characters.

Instead, we get to learn about the newspaper industry and just how hard it was for females to be accepted in journalism at the time.

Contemporary Fiction Books about Queen Elizabeth II

Mrs. queen Take the Train and more books about Queen Elizabeth II.

Mrs. Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn

Not a romance fan? This one is for you then. Imagine what would happen if Queen Elizabeth decided to just stroll out of the palace and hop on the train. This is a hilarious pick from our list of books about Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth is feeling particularly stressed out and wishes to visit her old pleasure yacht for the day. Watching her try to navigate the world on her own was quite amusing.

This novel was right on the mark and I adored it! For our Ultimate List of Feel Good Books, click HERE!

The Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot by S. J. Bennett

This cozy murder mystery was an absolute treat. I loved the Queen Elizabeth is the investigator in this mystery book (the first in a series) along with her assistant, Rosie.

Together they figure out who was behind the murder at Windsor Castle during one of the Queen’s Dine-and-Stays. This pick from books about Queen Elizabeth II is perfect for fans of Maggie Hope, Maise Dobbs, and the Royal Family.

Best Historical Fiction Books About 1940s Europe

More Books About Queen Elizabeth II as a Secondary Character

coronation year

The Coronation Year by Jennifer Robson

The coronation is happening at just the right time for Edie Howard to save her beloved hotel. But things start going awry with threats to the hotel and the Queen herself that have Edie and her long-term residents in the middle of the danger.

With interesting facts about the coronation, a romance sub-plot, and the thrilling race to ward off danger, this is the perfect royal read for fans of QEII!

The Gown and more books about Queen Elizabeth II.

The Gown by Jennifer Robson

I thought this was going to be a wedding book about Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip based on the cover, but I was wrong. Instead, it was about a couple of seamstresses who worked on the now-Queen’s wedding dress.

Part historical fiction, part romance, part mystery – this pick from books about Queen Elizabeth II reminded me a bit of The Lost Vintage. This story is definitely not a royal romance but instead offers brief glimpses into the wedding dress-making process.

The Other Windsor Girl and more books about Queen Elizabeth II.

The Other Windsor Girl by Georgie Blalock

I knew a little about Princess Margaret from what I gleaned from The Crown, but it was nice to focus on her as the main character. I can’t imagine what it would have been like had she been the Queen of England.

She actually reminded me a lot of Wallace Simpson. She was most definitely a royal rebel. She’s still not my favorite royal but this historical fiction biography helped me understand her life, personality, and pressures. This book about QEII will give you a different perspective on being a royal.

We included this pick as one of our favorite books about the royal family for book clubs! So it obviously needed to be in our list of books for book clubs as well.

princess elizabeths spy

Princess Elizabeth’s Spy (A Maggie Hope Mystery) by Susan Elia McNeal

I adored this story which takes place in Windsor Castle during the war when the Queen, then a princess, was a young girl. I loved the look at her as a young princess navigating WWII.

The second in the series is also a stand-alone but I recommend reading book 1 first.

Have you read any of these books about Queen Elizabeth II?

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