The Gorgeous Olive and June Spring 2023 Collection

Olive and June Spring 2023
The Gorgeous Olive and June Spring 2023 Collection 9

The Olive and June Spring 2023 collection is here and it’s making my mouth water! Olive and June is big into food references (hello Cafe O&J and Tea party collections) so it’s no surprise that this collection follows the theme.

Meet the O&J Farmer’s Market set below. It’s inspired by fruits and vegetables to create some gorgeous colors.

The Olive & June Spring 2023 collection includes colors that embrace the spring nail trends for the year too. The sheers in this collection are perfect for lipgloss manicures and pastels are always en vogue in springtime.

Purple, particularly lavender, has been a nail trend for a while, but green is quickly gaining popularity too!

For the full details on the O&J Farmer’s Market collection and a 20% off discount code, read below!

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OJ Spring 2023
The Gorgeous Olive and June Spring 2023 Collection 10

Do you have an Olive & June Discount Code?

Yep! Use code KirstenB20 for 20% off your first Olive & June kit order!

OJ Spring 2023 1
The Gorgeous Olive and June Spring 2023 Collection 11

What’s in the Olive and June Spring 2023 Manicure Kit?

In addition to the gorgeous nail polish colors we discuss below, the Olive and June system comes with a farmer’s market coin purse! It also comes with a limited edition chartreuse poppy and a berry collector’s box. 

The coin purse is only available to the first 5,000 customers, so be sure to get your order in early!

Manicure System contains the following tools as well.:

  1. Straight-edge clippers
  2. A dual-sided nail file
  3. Nail buffer
  4. Polish remover pot
  5. Clean-up brush
  6. Poppy
  7. Cuticle serum
  8. Super Glossy Top Coat
  9. Plus the Olive and June nail polish of your choice (1 or 6)

Get our full take on the manicure system in our Olive and June review post.

OJ Spring 2023 3

What Nail Polish Colors are in the Olive & June Spring 2023 Collection?

The Spring 2023 Olive and June nail polish collection features 6 food-inspired colors. For the sheer colors, I tried to give you an idea of their opaque counterparts. For opaque colors I let you know where they fall between existing favorites.

The Full O&J Farmer’s Market collection includes:

  • This Lettuce is Radicchio – a sheer magenta, similar to Wild Orchid
  • Strawberries are in Season Right Now – a sheer crimson, similar to XOXO
  • Lavender Stems- a sheer lavender, similar to You’re Invited
  • Carrot Juice- a coral orange – falls between Stinson Sunset and Glow
  • Berry Basket- a soft turquoise – a much brighter version of Honest & True
  • Not Kale – a chartreuse green – if Energize and Bright & Focused had a baby it would be this color.

As we mentioned, when it comes to spring nail trends, this collection delivers!

OJ Spring 2023 2
The Gorgeous Olive and June Spring 2023 Collection 12

What is in the Olive and June Spring 2023 Press-On Collection?

In addition to the polish colors, Olive & June is also releasing limited edition press-ons as part of the Olive & June Spring 2023 Collection. They are:

  • Butterfly Party – Extra short round
  • Periwinkle Vampy Heart – short round
  • Strawberry French – Medium Almond

So that’s the full O&J Farmer’s Market collection. Did you find any 2023 spring nail trends you want to embrace?

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