37 Most Anticipated October 2024 Book Releases by Genre To Love

Most Anticipated October 2024 Book Releases by Genre
37 Most Anticipated October 2024 Book Releases by Genre To Love 49

The October 2024 book releases are here and I know you have been waiting for this list! And with good reason. This October, there are so many books that we cannot wait to read.

Our most anticipated October 2024 book releases list is filled with so many fun books. Of course, there are plenty of mysteries and thrillers like the newest installment in the Cheif Inspector Gamache series and new books from masters like Paula Hawkins and Blake Crouch.

There are some amazing fantasy books with stunning painted covers you will want to snag before they are gone. And, October is the start of the holiday reading frenzy here at Beyond the Bookends. Kirsten cannot get enough and her infatuation with this genre is contagious. I have added a few of these to my TBR.

So whether you love fiction, fantasy, or nonfiction books, there is a little something for everyone and we hope you can find a few of these books to add to your TBR. While you are at it, make sure you add these books into your “want to read” section of your book apps like Storygraph and Goodreads. This helps the authors.

To help even more, you can pre-order the books you know you will want to read. You can do this on any book website or at your local indie bookstore! Pre-ordering helps the little guys a lot.

Happy reading and let me know if there are books you are looking forward to reading that I should add to this list.

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Most Anticipated October 2024 Book Releases

Fiction // Historical Fiction // Fantasy & Sci-Fi // Thriller & Mystery // Romance // NonFiction // Young Adult // Holiday

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37 Most Anticipated October 2024 Book Releases by Genre To Love 50

Most Anticipated October 2024 Fiction Book Releases

The Love Elixir of August Stern

The Love Elixir of August Stern by Lynda Cohen Loigman

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Augusta Stern grew up in Brooklyn with her pharmacist father. Shortly after her mother passes away, her Great Aunt Esther moves in with her own remedies of potions and powders. August is torn between loyalty to her father and fascination with her Aunt. After dabbling with an Elixir that has horrible consequences, August rejects Esther’s potions. Now, she is a retired pharmacist in an active senior community who has just crossed paths with the man who broke her heart 60 years ago!

Dear Eliza

Dear Eliza by Andrea J. Stein

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Eliza never recovered from her mother’s death when she was 16 years old. Now, years later, she has a good job, an apartment, and a no-strings relationship that she wants. When her father dies unexpectedly, her aunt Claude arrives at the Shiva with a letter from her mom, and what is inside is a bombshell. As Eliza’s relationship with her brother, stepmother, and best friend falls apart, her brother’s best friend, Josh, steps up to become a support. This pick from the October 2024 book releases is on my TBR and I cannot wait.

How Does That Make You Feel Magda Eklund

How Does That Make You Feel, Magda Eklund by Anna Montague

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Magda is still trying to get over the loss of her best friend Sara. She has routines that help her get through the day. When Sara’s widower asks for help going through her things, Magda finds Sara’s journal in which Sara has given Magda instructions for a road trip together. Magda gets in the car with Sara’s ashes and heads across the country.

Because Fat Girl

Because Fat Girl by Lauren Marie Fleming

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Diana has always had one end goal: an Oscar. Now, for the filmmaker to get back in the game, she needs to take things into her own hands and go off-script. This looks like a hilarious pick from the October 2024 book releases

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October 2024 Book Releases: Historical Fiction

The Secret War of Julia Child

The Secret War of Julia Child by Diana R. Chambers

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Everyone knows Julia Child as the famous chef but not many people know that Julia worked as part of the Office of Strategic Services. And while Julia declared that she was not a spy, she certainly had an intriguing part to play in WWII. This book from the October 2024 book releases is on my TBR.

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October 2024 Book Releases: Most Anticipated Fantasy/ Sci-fi

A Song to Drown Rivers

A Song to Drown Rivers by Ann Liang

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: This is a fantasy from the October 2024 new releases that is based on the Chinese legend of Xishi. Fanli is a military advisor who recognizes that Xishi’s beauty can be used as a weapon to help infiltrate the enemy palace. He trains her to become the perfect weapon. Once inside the palace, the king is drawn to her and she rises through the court. But, one mistake can bring the whole kingdom crashing down.

The Crescent Moon Tearoom

The Crescent Moon Tearoom by Stacy Sivinski

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: I cannot wait to read this fantasy pick from the October 2024 book releases. No book says “me” like a book about tea and witches. a family curse is trying to separate Anne, Beatrix, and Violet Quigley. Can they make a bargain with fate to save each other and save themselves?


Bloodguard (Old Erth #1) by Cecy Robson

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: This fantasy pick from the October 2024 book releases has amazing sprayed edges and looks gorgeous! Leith of Grey thought that becoming a gladiator would give him the gold he needed to save his sister. Now, the kingdom has taken everything from him. When Lieth meets an Elven royal who offers him a chance to win the title of Bloodguard along with his freedom, he must decide who to trust in a kingdom built on secrets and lies.

A New Least on Death

A New Lease on Death (Supernatural Mysteries #1) by Olivia Blacke

Genre: Supernatural Mystery

Plot: Ruby has just moved into her new Boston apartment that comes complete with her very own ghost. Cordelia Graves has been in the apartment since she died a few months ago and now she must depend on Ruby to help solve a murder! I love a good ghost book and this pick from the 2024 book releases is on my TBR.

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Most Anticipated Thrillers for October 2024

The Blue Hour

The Blue Hour by Paula Hawkins

Genre: Thriller

Plot: This is a psychological thriller from our October 2024 book releases you will not want to miss. When a present-day discovery links three people together, secrets will be exposed. This book set in Scotland asks questions about power, gender, and perception.


Run by Blake Crouch

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Five days ago, an epidemic of rage spread across the country and even the president’s pleas for peace would not be heard. Today, the names of people to be killed are being read over a broadcast system. Jack and his family hear their names and know that the only way to survive is to run.

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend by Freida McFadden

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Sydney Shaw is looking for the perfect man and thinks she has found her perfect man. He is handsome, charming, and a doctor. When a woman is murdered- another from a serial killer who dates women before he kills them, Sydney starts to worry that her new boyfriend may not be as perfect as he seems. This pick from the October 2024 book releases looks like a perfect fall thriller.

The Last One at the Wedding

The Last One at the Wedding by Jason Rekulak

Genre: Thriller

Plot: This is a thriller from our October 2024 book releases that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Frank has not spoken to his daughter, Maggie, in three years and is shocked when she calls to invite him to her wedding. When he arrives at the private estate, Frank is shocked to find out that Maggie is marrying billionaire Aiden Gardner. The family is not friendly, Maggie has no time for him and Frank needs to find out more about them before its too late.

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Mysteries from October 2024 Book Releases

The Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf (Chief Inspector Gamache #19) by Louise Penny

Genre: Mystery

Plot: If you know me then you know how excited I am to read this Inspector Gamache novel. Please take me back to Three Pines! Someone has tracked down the inspector at home. This is the first in a series of events that will take Gamache, Beauvoir, and Lacoste across through Quebec and across the border as they chase a creature that can have devastating consequences for everyone they love.

The Mistletoe Mystery

The Mistletoe Mystery (A Maid Novells) by Nita Prose

Genre: Mystery

Plot: I love Molly the Maid and in this novella from the October 2024 book releases, Juan Manuel decides he is going to make Christmas very special for Molly. When the Regency Grand Hotel holds a secret Santa gift exchange, Molly starts to question who she can trust. This is her most personal mystery yet.

The Puzzle

The Puzzle Box by Danielle Trussoni

Genre: Mystery

Plot: I am so excited about this new book by Danielle Trussoni. Mike Brink is a puzzle master invited to Japan to open the legendary dragon box. The competition is held every 12 years, in the year of the dragon. Every puzzle master who has attempted to open, the box has died trying. Now this quest will send Brink across Japan, but he needs to be aware that not only are there, booby-traps, and Poison’s, but there are two sisters, determined to open the box before him.

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Romance: October 2024 Book Releases


Variation by Rebecca Yarros

Genre: Romance

Plot: I am so excited to read this romance from our list of October 2024 book releases. This is a Second Chance Romance about a dancer who returns home to reconnect with a Coast Guard rescue swimmer and discover family secrets.

Ill be gone for Christmas

I’ll Be Gone for Christmas by Georgia K. Boone

Genre: Romance

Plot: This Christmas romance from our list of October 2024 book releases is an adorable house swap rom-com for fans of the movie “The Holiday”. Bee and Clover both have reasons to need a break from their lives. Soon, Bee is living in Clover’s cottage in Salem, Ohio and Clover is living in Bee’s San Fransisco apartment. They may find themselves and love!

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit by Clare Gilmore

Genre: Romance

Plot: Josie is the CEO of a brand she built in Austin. When her biggest investor wants her to hire a consultant, she is shocked when it is her ex-best friend’s brother. As the two of them work closely together, they realize there is a lot of attrition. But, the two of them have many reasons to stay away from each other including the fact that they live 1700 miles apart. Can Josie have it all?

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October 2024: Best Non-Fiction Book Releases

The Plan

The Plan: Manage Your Time Like a Lazy Genius by Kendra J. Adachi

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: If you are like me you know that managing all the expectations and demands can be daunting. This pick from the October 2024 book releases is for you. Using the acronym PLAN, you will learn to Prepare, Live, Adjust, and Notice all while taking things like hormones, personality, and live stage into consideration.

Dinner for Vampires

Dinner for Vampires by Bethany Joy Lenz

Genre: Nonfiction

Plot: This memoir written by One Tree Hill star, Bethany Joy Lenz is a fascinating glimpse into her life on the hit TV show as well as her life in a cult for more than 10 years. It was only when she became a mother that she was able to free herself and her child from the cult and begin to heal.

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YA Books: October 2024 Book Releases

The Judgement of Yoyo Gold

The Judgement of Yoyo Gold by Isaac Blum

Genre: Young Adult

Plot: Blum’s debut novel was a brilliant, must-read for every teen. This sophomore novel from the October 2024 book releases looks fantastic. Yoyo Gold is a Jewish girl who strives to be perfect by following all the rules. when a friend of hers is cast out of the community, she is outraged and makes a TikTok that goes viral. Now she must choose between herself and her community.

The Fate of Magic

The Fate of Magic by Sara Raasch

Genre: YA Fantasy

Plot: This is the long-awaited sequel to the Night of the Witch I have been waiting for! Fritzi and Otto have taken refuge with the witches of the black forest after they escaped Dieter, the leader of the witch hunters. Fritzi throws herself into serving the goddess and Fritzi throws herself into serving the goddess and Otto is sure his bond with Fritzi as her protector will heal old wounds. They have no idea that their bond might be the biggest threat of all.

The Debutantes

The Debutantes by Olivia Worley

Genre: Young Adult Mystery

Plot: Les Masques Ball is the event of the season among the New Orleans elite. Last year’s queen of the ball, Margot, was found dead but this year’s queen, Lily, is the perfect debutante, not a party girl. When Lily sends tests to her best friend, former frenemy, and boyfriend’s sister to meet her and she doesn’t show up, they realize that Lily may be in danger. There is something dark in the debutante world. Lily may be in danger and Margot’s death may not have been an accident.

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Holiday Books from the October 2024 Book Releases

The Merry Matchmaker

The Merry Matchmaker by Sheila Roberts

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: This holiday romance is inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma. Frankie Lane is a 50-year-old widow who knows what is best for everyone but herself. And then there is Mitch, a divorcee who needs his perfect match. This looks like such a great pick from the October 2024 book releases.

The Merriest Misters

The Merriest Misters by Timothy Janovsky

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: This looks like an adorable romance, from the fall, 2024 book releases. Patrick and Quinn have been married for less than a year, and it looks like their marriage may not make it until Quinn accidentally knocks out Santa Claus, thinking he is a burglar. Now Quinn and Patrick have to work together to save Christmas and become the new Santa Claus and Merriest Mr. Claus.

One Big Happy Family

One Big Happy Family by Susan Mallery

Genre: Holiday Fiction

Plot: We love a great holiday book and this pick from the October 2024 book releases looks like it will be hilarious. Julie Parker is excited to spend the holiday with her new younger boyfriend and skip a big family Christmas. But when her grown children decide they want to spend Christmas together at the family cabin, she knows she will have to introduce them to the man she has been hiding. Soon the guest list starts growing and they realize they can become one big happy family if they can let go of old wounds.

The Most Wonderful Time

The Most Wonderful Time by Jayne Allen

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: This is a Christmas book you will adore as Ramona and Chelsea switch houses for the most wonderful time of the year. This pick from the October 2024 book releases will be the perfect escape with a touch of self-discovery, holiday magic, and romance.

The Holiday Honeymoon Switch

The Holiday Honeymoon Switch by Julia McKay

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: You read it here first. The newest trend in holiday books this year is trading places/houses! Holly and Ivy are best friends who are so in sync that they look alike. When Holly’s fiancé breaks up with her, she is stuck with a nonrefundable honeymoon. She convinces Ivy to go on the Hawaiian honeymoon so it does not go to waste. Holly escapes to a rented cabin in the Hudson Valley. Now, Holly finds out the Airbnb owner is her high school rival and Ivy meets a hotel bartender who comes to her rescue. This is a must-read from the October 2024 book releases.

Love You a Latke

Love You a Latke by Amanda Elliot

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: A Hanukkah fake dating romance? You had me at Hanukkah. Abby is charged with putting together her Vermont town’s first Hanukkah festival. It is difficult because the people in her town do not understand that the three wise men are not part of Hanukkah, even if they are wearing Kippot. Seth, who has been coming to Abby’s cafe every day, offers to introduce her to all the vendors. She needs to make her festival successful if she comes home to New York City with him and pretends to be his girlfriend. This adorable pick from the October 2024 book releases is already in my TBR.

The wedding witch

The Wedding Witch (The Ex Hex #3) by Erin Sterling

Genre: Holiday Fantasy Romance

Plot: What is there not to love in this holiday fantasy romance from the October 2024 book releases? Bowen is attending a wedding at Tywyll House along with Tamsyn Bligh. She hopes to obtain one artifact (a priceless magical one) that would set her up for life. When a spell sends them back to 1958, they must face off with witches and hauntings to get back to their time.

A Winter Wish

A Winter Wish by Emily Stone

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: This is an enemies-to-lovers romance from the October 2024 book releases that is sure to brighten up the holiday season. Lexie has inherited half of her father’s holiday travel company which is a shock because they had not spoken in over a decade. The other half of the company will go to her father’s partner who is young and hot!

Most Wonderful

Most Wonderful by Georgia Clark

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: The Belvedere siblings are all at a romantic CrossRoads during the holiday season. Liz is a Hollywood showrunner who has a crush on the show’s star. Birdie is spending more time wooing than creating new material for her stand-up routine and Rafi proposes to his girlfriend in front of everyone only to be turned down. The three siblings head to the mother’s house in the Catskills to spend the holiday season. This looks like a fantastic queer holiday romance on our list of four 2024 book releases.

Eight Nights to Win her Heart

Eight Nights to Win Her Heart by Miri White

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: Andie Williams is not looking forward to spending Hanukkah alone. It is her first holiday since her father’s death. Leo lives across the hall and has always had a crush on Andy but never had enough courage to say anything. One night he finally offers to join Andi for the first night of Hanukkah. As the two fall for each other, they realize they might need a Hanukkah miracle. After all, Andie is supposed to move across the country for her new job.


Spectacular by Stephanie Garber

Genre: Young Adult Holiday Novella

Plot: This is a beautifully illustrated holiday novella that brings us back to the amazing world of Caraval. Tella, Scarlett, Julain and Legend are all back together again in this pick from the October 2024 book releases.

The Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown by Holly Cassidy

Genre: Holiday Romance

Plot: This looks like such a sweet holiday romance from the October 2024 book releases. Callie’s childhood sweetheart dumped her and the last thing she wants is to return home for the holidays where he will be next door. Callie’s sister, Anita, makes her a holiday advent calendar with fun activities for her to do. When she meets a charming baker who agrees to do the activities with her, sparks might fly.

Christmas with the Queen

Christmas with the Queen by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: in December 1952 Queen Elizabeth II prepared to carry on her father’s tradition on a Christmas Day radio broadcast. Meanwhile, Jack Deveraux, a new royal chef, and Olive Carter, an aspiring reporter, meet. They will continue to meet every Christmas for the next 5 years. This looks like such a great historical fiction holiday pick from our list of October 2024 book releases.

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