16 Sexy Royal Romance Books to Indulge In This Year

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Royal Romance Books are my FAVORITE. You all know my love for royal reads goes deep, but romances with royals are my favorite of all.

What’s not to love? Romance, princes falling in love with commoners, castles, tiaras…it’s all my favorite.

When I’m in a reading rut, these are the reads I turn to and the ones below are the best of the bunch. So check out the royal romance books below and let us know if your favorite made the cut.

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Best Royal Romance Books

The Royal We and more royal romance books

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Look no further than this royal romance. If you haven’t read this romance loosely based on Wills and Kate’s love story, read no further. This is the end-all, be-all of Royal Reads.

This novel spans from the time Bex and Prince Nick’s meeting in college until the night before their wedding. It goes through the ups and downs of the relationship and ends on a cliffhanger. But do not worry. The Heir Affair is already out and you can read that one next.

Once Upon a Royal Summer and more royal romance books

Once Upon A Royal Summer by Teri Wilson

Lacey is a princess by trade at a theme park that seems awfully similar to Disneyland. She adores her job and meeting all the guests, especially Henry who happens to be an actual prince of a small country.

Very G rated hijinks ensue and it was simply adorable. I hope Hallmark ends up making it into a movie.

Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday (The Wedding Date #4) by Jasmine Guilloryir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=bcefc84a9301bc8b83103c4e56beaebb& cb=1577585495622

Looking for a last-minute Christmas Read, New Year’s book, or the perfect holiday book? Royal Holiday was the perfect first read for winter break.

When Maddie gets Kirsten’s dream gig (styling a Royal or let’s face it, hanging out with a Royal), she brings her mom, Vivian, with her to England. ⁣Vivian meets a very handsome gentleman who happens to be the Queen’s private secretary.

Sparks fly but will this be more than just a holiday romance? This adorable read is a perfect holiday/vacation read, especially for those who love a royal romance, and is a must-read for anyone who loves Emily Henry Books. Whether or not you are reading the Jasmine Guillory books in order, this romance will be a perfect holiday read.

The Frog Prince and more royal romance books

The Frog Prince by Ella Lothlorian

Did you know there is a whole lot of displaced royals out there? These descendants of former royalty have high standards to live up to but no throne to sit on.

When Leigh meets and begins dating one of these ex-royals, her world shifts when her boyfriend’s throne is reinstated! This story got my back into reading when I was the mom of a newborn. Its like chocolate in book form!

Modern Royal Romance Novels

the Heir and the spare

The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright

I started this story the night before Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. It’s about the spare prince of Britain and his new American love interest. I mean – literally THE perfect book at the perfect time. I devoured it in 24 hours (totally picturing Meghan and Harry the whole time!) It’s a great one to pack in your beach bag if you love royal romances.

Suddenly Royal and other Royal Reads

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase

So many royal series, so little time! This one starts off with a woman who finds out she’s inherited an estate and is actually a duchess from a small kingdom. A trouble-making prince from the same kingdom is assigned to help her fit in. I loved this one too, probably the third in the series was the best for me though!

royal marriage market and more royal romance books

Royal Marriage Market by Heather Lyons

Sometimes after reading books about heavy topics like wars, racism, or murder, a reader just needs a break. Enter the Royal Marriage Market, a totally unrealistic novel about how modern-day royal love matches are really made.

I read it in one sitting! Was it believable? No. Was it cute and romantic and the perfect palette cleanser? Hell, yeah!

princess for christmas

Steamy Royal Romance Books

American Royalty

American Royalty by Tracey Livesay

This story is semi-based on Meghan and Harry’s romance. Prince Jameson is a reclusive royal who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. Dani AKA “Duchess” is an American rapper who wants to give up rap to focus on her beauty line.

When Jameson is tasked with creating a concert for the Queen, he books Duchess before listening to her music. Eager to take a break, Duchess ends up in London early and stays with Jameson in his castle. Romance blooms in a MAJOR way.

I had to suspend belief a lot while reading this one. As someone that loves to indulge in many royal romances, I considered myself well-versed in the British Royal Family and royal reads. So there were many scenes I had to remember this was fiction because in no way would some of these scenarios happen.

Still, I was entertained and I loved the ending. I really hope there is a sequel to this one because I’d love to see this story expanded on.

royally screwed and more royal romance books

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

The first in a series, this one is QUITE steamy – so pass if you are under 18! When the arrogant prince meets a sassy waitress, sparks and pies fly.

Soon their steamy love affair had him questioning if he should give up his throne for love. This whole series looks at the love stories of the siblings in this royal family and it’s fun!

A Princess for Christmas

A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday

I loved this book from Jenny Holiday. It was one of the few holiday royal romance novels I’ve read. The charming setting of Eldovia in the snow with its various festivities made for a wonderful Christmas read. The male lead from NYC and his charming younger sister made for a good balance to the sheltered princess. I wasn’t expecting such a steamy book based on the description. This one is definitely not for children.

the royal treatment

The Royal Treatment by M.J. Summers

The May book challenge was a royal read.  This royal read and funny and entertaining.  It was the perfect light read to indulge in before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Tessa Sharpe is the Royal Watchdog and hates everything about the Prince. Now, in order to save his reputation and his thrown, Prince Albert must invite Tessa to live at the castle with him for two months. This hilarious royal read will leave you smiling.

If you love these steamy royal romance books, you might want to check out our favorite steamy college romance books.

Fantasy Royal Romance Books

An enchantment of ravens and more royal romance books

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

A stand-alone fantasy romance? These are few and far between, but this one is perfect for fans of ACOTAR.

This story of a human falling in love with a Fae prince has tons of elements for Sarah J. Maas fans to love. From Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn Fae courts, to enchantments and a forbidden love story.

I fell hard for Rook and Isobel. I think you all will too!

Red Queen

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I have been on some weird dystopian kick recently – which is funny because I had to be forced to read the Hunger Games. Now I can’t seem to stop! I’m sure I’ll switch gears this summer but right now I’m loving this story.

In this world, those with red blood are common and those with silver blood are elite with superhuman abilities. In the war against Silvers and Reds, Mare Barrow is special and so is this book. The ending was a total shock! I couldn’t put it down.

Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of Air #1) by Holly Black

When Jude was seven years old, her parents were murdered and she was taken to live in the high court of the Faeries with her two sisters. Now, ten years later, Jude is living as a human among faeries and trying to find her place in Court.

This is book is filled with angst, treachery, and drama that makes it completely addicting. I ordered the sequel the minute that I was done with this book, which is the first in a trilogy.

If you are looking for books like A Court of Thorns and Roses, this pick is tamer but addictive as well. This series should be on your radar for books that are more appropriate for the younger YA audience as well.

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American Royals and more royal romance books

YA Royal Romance Books

the selection 1

The Selection by Kiera Cass

We have talked about this series so many times for a reason.  It is so much fun- think Hunger Games meets the Bachelor. It’s a reality TV royal match-making contest in a dystopian world.

But, in this case, the bachelor also happens to be the future king.  Can you imagine if William held a contest to see who would be the future princess?

Why We Love This Book: This is one of our favorite books about royals. It also happens to be the reason that Beyond the Bookends exits, but that is an entirely different story.
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American Royals and other books in February 2021 Novel Ideas

American Royals by Katharine McGee

I finally got around to reading this YA fantasy royal romance! I’m a huge royal romance fan and this one is a great twist on the sub-genre.

What if George Washington had become America’s monarch instead of its president? How would his descendants be ruling the country today? I mean. What a fun plotline! This royal book was pure fun and honestly would make for a perfect beach read. in addition to a must-read YA fantasy romance book.

Red White and Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

We don’t think about royals and the LGBTQ community because we don’t usually see openly gay royals, which is so sad in today’s society. This charming romance was absolutely adorable. I crushed hard for their romance and found myself smiling the entire time. (Also love the nod to a female president…where do I sign up for one of those?) 

Did you find any royal romance books to add to your to-read list?

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