The Best Fall Books to Keep You Cozy in Autumn 2023

Fall Books

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the crisp nights, colorful leaves, and celebrating Halloween. There is something so perfect about cozying up with a warm sweater and a great book next to a fire. So grab a cozy blanket, a hot cup of tea, and one of these fall books.

Whether you are looking for gothic fiction, thrillers, or classics, these books for fall have all the right vibes!

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Thriller Books for Fall

The Only one left

The Only One Left: A Novel by Riley Sager

Is there a chance that a new Riley Sager would not appear on a list of new-release books? I don’t think so. If you have been following us for a while you know we love Riley Sager enough to create The Best Riley Sager Books Ranked by Super Fans!

In this new mystery thriller book, Kit McDeere has taken a position as a home health aid for Lenora Hope who was accused of murdering her whole family years before. With no evidence, Lenora was never convicted and has lived in her home without leaving all this time. Lenora can only move her one finger and communicates with a typewriter.

Kit feels like there may be more to the story than anyone knows and wants to leave the crumbling mansion, but she has nowhere else to go. This is a perfect thriller book for fall.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware and more of the best fall books to read now.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

I was a fan of Ware’s hit novel Woman in Cabin 10. I thought it was a unique story and I was anxious to try another of her books.

This book is dark and gothic and the perfect thriller for a list of books for fall. The premise is that a girl is mistaken for the relative of a recently deceased woman and she goes to the estate to try to capitalize on the error. Obviously, things are not what they seemed.

Killing Me

Killing Me by Michelle Gagnon

Amber Jamison believes that she is smart and street savvy so when she is stuffed inside a white van, by a serial killer she is more angry than scared.

The next thing she knows, she is rescued but finds herself running across the country to escape her past and stay alive. She has to decide who she can trust and figure out why she is a target. This is a dark and creepy thriller from fall books. If you are looking for a book for fall that will keep you on your toes, this is a perfect pick.

Paris Apartment

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

An apartment haunted house book? Yes, please! Jess has arrived in Paris to stay with her half-brother, Ben while she gets back on her feet. While he reluctantly agrees to help, he doesn’t answer the door when she shows up to move in.

Soon she gains entry into his apartment and begins the hunt to find out what happened to her brother. With secrets lurking around every corridor and the other residents being shady and elusive, Jess begins to think something sinister happened to Ben.

The first half of this story was a little slow while the character groundwork was laid out, but once the big reveal comes halfway through, I was reading the rest of the chapters at lightning speed. This is the only thriller on our list of books set in France and it’s a doozy! Lucy Foley is always a great pick from summer reads 2023 and a great book for fall.


Ultimate List of Thrillers

Love these books for fall and want more? We created this list and carefully divided it by sub-genre. These will definitely keep you on your toes.

The Best Fantasy Books for Fall

Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing (Empyrean Series Book #1) by Rebecca Yarros

If you have not heard of this book and love fantasy, this is the book for you. Don’t be intimidated by the length of this dragon book for adults, I started and finished this 528-page bad boy in a day and a half. I cannot remember the last time I did that!

Violet Sorrengail had spent her life studying to be a scribe until her father died and her mother, the commanding general, ordered her to join the dragon riders. Violet will become one of the hundreds of candidates who fight to the death to be a part of this elite group.

Unlike the other candidates who have worked towards this their whole lives, Violet is small and brittle and never meant for this to be her path. And other candidates do not have the children of rebel leaders waiting to take revenge.

This adult fantasy book has everything and I loved every second. It lives up to the hype and then some. There are some very spicy parts of this romance toward the end so I would agree with the adult rating on this book!

Find this book in Adult Fantasy Books / Fourth Wing Series in Order / The Best Books Like Fourth Wing / Grumpy Sunshine Romance

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

This book for fall is definitely a feel-good book of the season. Mika Moon knows that she must hide her magic and stay away from other witches so their powers do not draw the attention of other people. She also knows that witches are destined to be orphans, a very lonely existence.

When she is asked to come and teach magic to three young witches, she finds the life that she had always dreamed of, even if it is temporary. But, does it have to be? Can she find the life she always wanted?

I listened to this charming witch book in one day and loved it. This adult fantasy book is a delightful pick from our list of ultimate beach reads 2023 and if you were waiting to read this one, it is a great book for fall.

The Book of Magic and more march 2022 novel ideas

The Book of Magic by Alice Hoffman

This is the last book in the Practical Magic Series and it might be my favorite one yet. The Owens family has been cursed for over three hundred years. When Jet Owens hears the deathwatch beetle chirping, she knows she will die and is determined to break the curse once and for all before the seven days are up.

As the curse begins to take its toll on one more victim, the Owens family comes together to confront their past, uncover the truth, and end the curse for them all. I loved this conclusion to the series. It left me feeling good with no unanswered questions and true to Hoffman’s style, was a page-turner until the final word. Alice Hoffman books never disappoint! This witch book was a must-read book for fall.

Ten Thousand Doors

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix. E Harrow

I’ve never read a book quite like this and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. The writing is subtle, the plot is driven by character and intrigue rather than action-packed suspense. It also has a feel of historical fiction about it. Lovers of this genre may love this book as well. 

When January is seven years old, she stumbles upon a door that leads her to a different place.  When she is reprimanded for lying about the door, she eventually forgets about it until she finds the book “The Ten Thousand Doors of January” years later.  January becomes intrigued and the real story begins. 

The story alternates between the story of January and the book.  The concept is such a fun way to narrate the plot. At times, the plot moved a little bit slowly as one storyline stopped and another began in the alternating chapters.  This is such a unique and wonderful magical realism book and is a must-read from fall books.

The London Séance Society

The London Séance Society by Sarah Penner

I was so excited about this new book written by the author of The Lost Apothecary, a book on our Ultimate List of Best Historical Fiction Books, and this newest book did not disappoint!

In 1873, The Seance Society is looking for answers about the death of their leader and turned to a renowned spiritualist for help. Out of loyalty and obligation, she leaves Paris and returns to London with her trainee, a woman seeking answers about her dead sister.

If you love magical realism books, this book is a perfect pick. The story takes twists and turns and kept me turning the pages. It was just too good not to include it in our list of best fantasy books for adults as well. If you are looking for a great fall read, this one is for you.

YA Fantasy Header 1

Ultimate List of YA Fantasy

If you are looking for a great book for fall and you love fantasy books, then these are the perfect book lists for you. We carefully divided them into sub-genres.

Ultimate List of Best Adult Fantasy Novels to Read in 2023

If you are looking for more fall books, you can head over to this post!

Adult Fantasy Novels

The Best Mystery Books for Fall

Daisy Darker

Daisy Darker: A Novel by Alice Feeney

Daisy’s family is gathering for Nan’s birthday on a tiny, private, tidal island after not seeing each other for years. When the tide comes in, they will be cut off from everybody for 8 hours.

When Nana’s body is found dead with a creepy poem written on the wall beside her, they each begin to suspect each other- after all, one of them is a murderer. Soon, everybody’s secrets start to come out as the members of the family die one at a time.

This pick from isolation books had me guessing until the very end and definitely has the feeling of “And Then There Were None”. In the true Alice Feeney style, I had no idea what was going to happen next so, I stopped trying to guess so I could just enjoy the thrill of the ride. You will love this pick from the Ultimate List of Beach Reads 2023. It is a locked room mystery at its finest. If you are looking for books for fall to snuggle up with, this one will not disappoint.

The Secret History (Read with Jenna Book List) and other December 2022 Celebrity book Club spoilers

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

December 2022 Read with Jenna Book Pick

Richard is one of a select group of six students who have been hand-picked to work under the guidance of a classics teacher named Julian Morrow. Richard is narrating the story and he begins by telling about the death of one of the students named Bunny.

As the story progresses, it is clear that this secret society of students rides the line of morality. The strained friendships and sexual tensions continue to push the edge until Bunny is killed.

This is one of the books about secret societies that was deeply disturbing and difficult to read. It certainly earns its place on our list of dark academia books and books about cults! And as with most books set in college, this one is a perfect book for fall.

Fiction Books for Fall

the dutch house

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

October 2019 Read with Jenna Book Club Pick

Ann Patchett has done it again with this tale of sibling devotion. Danny and Maeve are victims of an abandoned mother and father who all but ignores them.

Danny narrates the coming-of-age story of their lives as it ties into The Dutch House – a storied mansion that their father purchased in Elkins Park. This home is the blessing and curse of their lives.

The sign of their father’s success and what ultimately breaks up their family. The siblings gather together on Thanksgiving in this emotional and complex family saga book that is a perfect fall book. It is on our best of 2019 list for sure.

Charlotte Walsh

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win by Jo Piazza

This political fiction book struck the perfect balance between lighthearted and serious. I was fascinated by the titular character’s quest to be the first female senator in PA. 

The dynamics at play when running for office drew me in, but I stayed for her marriage and her struggles to be everything to everyone. I loved the references to places I was familiar with making this a must-read for any local and a perfect pick for a list of contemporary fiction books and books about women in politics! And because the elections are in November, we knew this is a perfect book for fall.

The Creepiest Horror Autumn Books

The house in the pines and more January 2023 celebrity book club spoilers

The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes

January 2023 Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

As books with unreliable narrators go, this is the best I have ever read. Maya was days away from moving away to college when he best friend Aubrey mysteriously dropped dead in front of her. She blamed Frank, an older guy who she had been hanging out with that summer although there was nothing to prove that he had done a thing to harm Aubrey.

Now, years later, Maya is trying to overcome an addiction to the drug prescribed to help her overcome the loss of Aubrey. When she sees a video of a woman who drops dead in a cafe and Frank is sitting with her, she sets off in a spiral again and needs to prove that Frank is responsible. I love this book with a totally likable and yet, completely unreliable narrator. This is one of the best thrillers of 2023 pick for sure.

If you have not read this pick from ultimate beach reads 2023, run, don’t walk, to get it! It needs to be top of the list of your books for fall.

The southern girl's guide to slaying vampires and other vampire books

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

I do not usually like horror but I love thrillers, book clubs, and vampires so I decided to read this urban fantasy book. I absolutely loved every minute- even when I was completely scared out of my wits. This vampire book will have you on your toes.

This book really is Steel Magnolias meets Dracula. Patricia is a housewife with two kids who don’t appreciate her and a husband who travels a lot. She spends a lot of her time caring for her senile mother-in-law who lives with them. When her elderly neighbor attacks her one night, James comes to the rescue. James seems well-read and well-traveled but Patricia is convinced he is a monster in disguise.

Patricia knows what she sees but nobody else agrees with her. The psychological warfare in this adult fantasy book is next-level creepy – it definitely earns its spot on our best books of 2020 list and is one of the best urban fantasy books I have read! Be warned that this pick from adult fantasy novels is scary and creepy but is one of the best books for fall!

The Death of Jane Lawrence

The Death of Jane Lawrence by Caitlin Starling

Jane is a very practical woman. She has done her research and has found the perfect man to be her husband. She assured him that the relationship will be strictly business. But as her feelings for him grow, she starts to learn there is more to this hard-working and quiet doctor.

As a matter of fact, there is something strange going on at his house that cannot be explained and she starts to worry for her health as well as that of her husband.

I was looking forward to this gothic horror with a touch of fantasy mixed in. While I was unfortunately left disappointed, this pick from thriller horror books, is definitely creepy and is a must-read book for fall.

Best Autumn Books: Romance

The Dead Romantics

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

GMA Book Club Pick July 2022

This book was a complete delight to read from the very first page. Florence Day is a ghostwriter for one of the most successful and well-known romance authors in the industry. The name is apt seeing as how she can also see ghosts. But, after a terrible break-up, she no longer believes in love.

When her new editor will not give her an extension on her deadline, she is in a panic and is on the verge of losing her career. Now, the unthinkable has happened. Her beloved father has died and she must return home to bury him. When she sees the ghost of her editor outside the funeral parlor, she cannot understand why he is there with her, and her life is turned upside down.

If you are looking for a book for fall, I love this adorable paranormal book that is one of the best romances of the season. Ashley Posten is quickly becoming my go-to for summer reads.

the ex

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

This is the most charming Halloween romance book about witches EVER. I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it, but it’s perfect for the spooky season and a perfect book for fall.

Nine years ago Rhys Penhallow broke Viviane Jones’ heart and so she cursed him. Now he’s back in the town his family founded to infuse magic back into the ley lines but everything goes wrong!

As his curse takes over the town, Rhys and Vivi have to work to end the curse and restore the right magic back to the town…if they can keep their rekindled romance at bay long enough!

This is one of the most fun urban fantasy romance books on this list. This is one of the adult fantasy novels you will not want to miss. If you love second chance romance books, this is such a great pick.

My Roommate is a vampire

My Roommate Is a Vampire by Jenna Levine

I loved this vampire book. It was an absolute delight to read and very steamy in parts which I was not expecting. This book was so charming, funny, and such a nice change from the usual vampire/ human trope. This adult fantasy novel was a fun and quick read and is a perfect book for fall.

When …. needs a place to live and finds a too-good-to-be-true apartment, she has no choice but to take it. The only other choice is to move into her best friend’s couch. Soon, she discovers that her new roommate is a vampire who needs someone to teach him how to blend in with the 21st century. #gifted

ultimate list of romance

Ultimate List of Romances

If you love all things romance, and you are looking for more fall books, then this is the list for you! We have this list carefully divided by sub-genre.

Best Fall Books: Paranormal

sing unburied sing

Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward

This book is an award winner and the writing is undeniably wonderful. The story itself has elements of magic that add to the difficult subject matter.  It deals with drugs, violence, and poverty- all of which are completely relevant in today’s society. 

Why We Like It: The characters did not develop throughout the story as much as I would have liked, but this ghost book is a worthwhile read when considering the wonderful writing. The paranormal aspect makes this a great book for fall.

Find this book in Fall Books / Jazz Age Books / Ghost Books

under the whispering door

Under the Whispering Door by T.J Klune

How many stars can I give? T.J Klune has done it again with the wonderful book. House on the Cerulean Sea was my favorite book last year and I am not sure that anything will top it. I read it in a day and loved every minute of this wonderful book.

Wallace is dead. When the reaper collects him at his funeral and brings him to a strange tea shop, Hugo is waiting with the promise of helping him cross over. This light fantasy will make you smile until the last page. If you are looking for a book for fall, this ghost book is five stars.

lincoln in the bardo

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

Strange, but probably one of the most imaginative novels I have ever experienced. It’s about the night that Abraham Lincoln buried his son and takes place entirely in the cemetery.

I listened to this full cast audiobook which was great because it used 166 voices including David Sedaris, Lena Dunham, Ben Stiller, Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon, Kat Dennings, and Don Cheadle among others. As ghost books go, this one is not to be missed! it’s truly one of the best fantasy audiobooks ever! If you are looking for a book for fall, this pick is fantastic.

Home Before Dark and other July 2021 Novel Ideas books.

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

It is so strange that I have read four paranormal fiction this month! Maggie Holt spend three weeks in a house that became the subject of a best-selling novel written by her father.

During the three weeks in the house, the family was haunted by ghosts before there were eventually forced to flee. 25 years later, Maggie is shocked to learn that her father still owned the house when he died and the house is now hers.

As Maggie returns to the house to find out what really happened, she might be in for more than she bargained for. Even though this is last in our list of Riley Sager books, it was definitely a fun read that we would highly recommend.

Chilling Gothic Fiction Books to Read this Fall

thirteenth tale

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

I adored this gothic story when I read it on vacation a few years back. A young biographer is called to help a reclusive author of 12 books tell the story of her life.

In the process, she learns there is a thirteenth tale after all. It’s a gothic romance, a mystery, and a story about family ties all in one. Although it is a long one from the best mystery books,  I absolutely adore this book for fall. It’s the perfect book to snuggle up with on a chilly autumn day. If you love historical mystery books, this one is a must-read.


Tidelands by Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory is back with a new non-royal series, this one is actually a book about poverty in Renaissance England. Tidelands is set in 1648 in the midst of the English civil war. The king has been overthrown and the country is in turmoil, but in the marshlands of the South, the villagers are worried about survival.

Alinor is a healer whose services are both respected and feared. She carefully toes the line between a wise woman and a witch as she struggles to feed her family. One fateful night she decides to help a catholic priest to safety without realizing the danger this secret would bring to her family. Philippa Gregory books are epic and this one is a perfect book for fall.

Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

A young girl is abandoned on a ship headed to Australia. When she arrives, the only thing in her possession is a suitcase with some clothes and a book of fairy tales. The dock master and his wife adopt Nell and tell her the story of her arrival in Australia on her 21st birthday. She goes back to England on a quest to find her lost identity.

Unsuccessful, her granddaughter later takes up the search and tries to assemble the pieces of her grandmother’s mystery and unlock the secrets of her past. I adored this family saga story. This historical mystery book set in Cornwall swept me away. This is a gothic fiction that is a perfect book for fall.

For more books for fall, check out our list of Kate Morton Books Ranked.

Classic Autumn Books


Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

The OG psychological thriller book, Rebecca is a book set in Cornwall that will leave you checking behind you when you walk down a dark hallway. 

The new Mrs. de Winter is haunted by her husband’s first wife, Rebecca.  The deceit will have you second-guessing everything you read while you yell at the pages.

One of the most acclaimed psychological thriller authors, this novel is Daphne Du Maurier at her best. It is a chilling novel about a naive second wife discovering the truth behind the wife who came before her.

The Netflix book adaptation stars Lily James – and it reignited this popular thriller book’s success. If you have not read this book, it is a perfect book for fall.

Find this book in Best Mystery Novels / Popular Thriller Books / Unreliable Narrator Books / Best Classic Books

Dracula and other vampire books

Dracula by Bram Stoker

This is the book that started it all. Jonathan Harker is a young English solicitor who finds himself in Count Dracula’s castle in Transylvania. Count Dracula has strange customs and mannerisms and things go from strange to scary to completely horrifying.

The story of Dracula is timeless and has been remade into countless movies. But, in my opinion, none have been able to capture the truly terrifying essence of this book. It is truly a disturbing thriller horror book. If you love vampire books and have not read this one, it is a must-read that will scare the pants off you and is a perfect book for fall!


Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

This iconic book for fall was a must for the best sci-fi books of all time. Viktor Frankenstein and his monster are more than they appear on the surface.

This classic sci-fi book is also a story of triumph and tragedy. It brings up many philosophical questions that are still relevant today. Just because we can, does that mean we should? This awe-inspiring book is imagination at its finest is it is a perfect classic book for fall.

What are your favorite fall books?

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